Thursday, May 3, 2012

April's Top Posts

Another month has flown by and another one freshly started!I was talking to a friend today and the thought of the end of the school year approaching scared us. Only, she knew what day it was going to happen. Me? I'm living in la la land and didn't even realize it was coming up. So, thanks to her I will be coming up with some things for the summer time for these two monkeys that live here. I'm sure the zoo and the playground will be at the top of the list. Here recap of what was going on around here this month:

March's Top Posts - 19 Pageviews
Called to Witness - 16 Pageviews
Menu Plan - 13 Pageviews
Picnics - 13 Pageviews
Spring Mantle - 11 Pageviews
Quick Organizing Project - 11 Pageviews
Super Blake Book Winner! - 10 Pageviews

A month filled with:
quiet morning coffees
yummy breakfasts

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  1. I took my last final of the semester this morning and have the entire summer off—no classes—yahoo! I’m really looking forward to catching up on all the blog reading I’ve missed out on lately. Be sure to write up a little tidbit about one of your favorite posts, or blogs—or share something of your own on “Pay It Forward” for May. I’ve appreciated your participation in the past. I’ll be making the rounds and seeing what everyone has been up to while I’ve been cramming for tests and writing essays … I can’t wait!


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