Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Week with Justin

Justin came for a visit this week!! We had so much fun having him hang out with us. The boys definitely loved it!!They were so excited to show him all the cool toys in their rooms and the fun things we do around town. Come see what we did!

Justin and Alex chillin' after nap time/quiet time on Monday (which is the most boring day of the week since that is grocery/laundry/I-don't-want-to-but-I-have-to day LOL)


Tuesday was MUCH better - we went to the McWane Center!!

Andrew and Alex playing a game together while waiting to head out.

Funny story. NOT A SOUL was on this floor. We had the whole place to ourselves. We played and played building a fort with these huge blocks. And, then...the summer camp kids showed up and DEMOLISHED our fort with in a few seconds. Justin said it was like watching ants go after some food! Crazy!!
Playing with the giant light-bright. I made a heart for my hubby since he couldn't come along. 
Working the crane :)
Can you tell who is who in these pictures?? So funny!
Left - Andrew
Center - Alex
Right - Justin

Mr. Piano Man ;)

Alright...for those of you who get on me about NOT posting any baby bump ya go! Sheesh! Me at 20 weeks and 5 days. I know! It's not a good one...but it's one!

Dino Alex!

Alex making some gear art with Justin

My little extreme-angler-wannabe checking out HIS catfish (click here to see what I mean)

Ales pulling as hard as his little arms can pull!! Look at that face!!

On Justin's favorite floor of McWane - playing with the hoses where you try balancing the balls on the air and water. The boys like the Nano exhibit, too, that was on this floor. It was pretty cool to see how small some things really are!

Doesn't this look fabulous!? Summer Squash Bake!! Easy peasy, too!
Squash, zucchini, season salt, lemon pepper seasoning, and some monty jack cheese :)
Bake at 350 until the cheese is browned a bit. 


Wednesday was, of course, Zoo Day!!

 Hanging out by the macaws and being closely watched by a peacock. Justin was the bravest and went over to the stinky thing. Kristi, all the boys, and I...yeah, we stayed back. No thank you, Mr. Peacock! 

 Zoo train!!

 Going back in time to see the dinos! So strange...this time Braxton (just ahead of us with his mama) got scared (which didn't happen last time), then Alex flipped out, and Andrew just plain didn't look at them. What is going on here?!

After that dino ordeal, we headed out of the zoo to have a picnic in the shade. Another fabulous day at the zoo!!


Thursday was Justin's last day with us. And, we want to say thanks!! Thanks for mowing the lawn (again, you so didn't have to do that!)! The boys were watching you and Alex said, "He go fast fast!." Andrew told him, "Daddy's bigger so he is not fast fast, Alex." LOL!

We had a great time with you and hope we get to do this again next summer!! Have a safe trip back home and a great last year of seminary!!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! And look at that baby belly! So precious! Thanks for the yummy new recipe too! Cant wait to try it! :)

    1. We did!! And, oh, I know! Austin apparently wants to "beat" his big brothers in the birth weight contest LOL Oh, my. Enjoy that dinner!


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