Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Randoms {and a video!}

Happy Veteran's Day 2015

Andrew enjoying his day off from school with his brothers <3

Such a cute little stinker

Andrew lost his first tooth!!

Having coffee with Mommy, Daddy and Mr. Will at the very grown up coffee shop :) Kidding, it's just milk!

When did he get so big??

This is a video of Alex. One day at the playground he saw some big kids running as fast as they could from one end and all the way up the slide. Now, everything we go...he tries to do this trick. He gets closer and closer every time! Maybe one day he will make it to the top!

Thanksgiving All Over The Place

Thanksgiving was crazy fun this year! It was quite the semi-planned extravaganza! With my brother, Brendan, now a Soldier, you never know which plan of the many will work out. Luckily, we kind of had it all!

First, my mom and youngest brother, William, came up on Monday before Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun going to lunch, grabbing some Starbucks, and hitting up Costco.

Note: Thanks mom for grabbing some photos that I stole from your Facebook page! LOL Love you!

And, an added bonus - I was able to have lunch with Andrew on Tuesday!! He introduced me to all of his classmates and they are just the sweetest little kids. I was so happy to see his little face light up when he saw me waiting for him outside the lunchroom. Love him!

Speaking of Tuesday, that is when my Dad and the other guys showed up! Christopher and Sean, that is. Unfortunately, James had to work. Darn you, Black Friday! (By the way, every time I write my brothers names... I ALWAYS have to hit backspace because I keep typing in Brendan's name after Christopher. LOL It's getting annoying...)

All the guys hanging out in the kitchen. And, yes, I apparently have 2 small Soldiers-In-Training of my own!
Oh, and while on the topic of Soldiers... We found out on Monday on our way to Costco that we were able to see Brendan for Thanksgiving! So, Thanksgiving got moved to Wednesday for us here in Alabama.

Tired parents LOL But, hey, at least we got our First Thanksgiving in our new home photo!!

Love this guy! My youngest brother with my youngest baby! <3

After we had everything heating up in the ovens, I took some of us down the trail behind our awesome neighbor's house to the Cahaba River. Love it!

This guy. LOL He is so silly, but he is pretty awesome, too. This is another one to be proud of. He is headed to the Navy in April. He is going to work with nuclear subs!!! (I'll get his actual job title soon.)
Thursday morning we woke up, packed up and headed to Augusta, Georgia to Fort Gordon to have Thanksgiving fun with Brendan!

Of course, we couldn't leave with out grabbing a Thanksgiving Photo!

Oh, and we couldn't leave without coffee... Fun cups are found at Target, people! Ok, everything fun is found at Target!

Brendan!!!!! How awesome does he look?!

This photo must have been after we left to get the kids to bed. I can only imagine the jokes that were being cracked at The Huddle House! I mean, come on... Look at those smirkity-smirks. What are y'all talking about!?
Friday, we headed back over to Brendan with lunch (mom, dad, and the guys stayed just a few blocks from Brendan's barracks) and games!

Lunch time!

Game time!!
Afterwards, we all headed out to see the cool Army tanks and other vehicles. Very cool. The boys loved it!

I love this pic. Really. I mean this is the truth right here. Trying to get everyone together for a pic when you have this many people is hard. But, it is imperfectly perfect, ya know?

"Family: We may not have it all together 
but, together we have it all."

Of course, a picture will be had, people! So, snap to it and smile!

From the left: Dad, Christopher, Jason, Austin holding Brendan's hand, William, Andrew, Sean and I, Aria, and Alex

Wow, what a week!!
My family and fun times at our house!
Thanksgiving Day lunch at Fort Gordon's Huddle House with Brendan!
And, a fun weekend with Jason's family!

Graphic via casa de lewis

Note: I'm terrible... I know... We had so much fun with everyone doing everything that other than the few pics I snapped and the ones I stole from mom... I totally missed taking any pics of the rest of the week. Jason may have taken a few. So, perhaps an update to the post will appear soon. :)

Elf Fun Run 2015

Another day, another race!! And this one was a bit colder!

Before the race & getting excited!

Alex is pretty pumped! LOL

Aria and Austin ready to cheer for their brothers

The Elf (Alex on the far right ready to go) Just4Running photo

Listen up! Just4Running Photo

And, they are off! Just4Running Photo

Just4Running Photo

1st lap, 2nd long straight

Ending the first lap Just4Running Photo

Start of the 2nd (and last) lap. I love how they are sticking together through this! So cute!! Just4Running Photo

Final turn to the finish line! Just4Running Photo

The finish line!! Yay!! (I don't know who the runner guy is, but he is awesome for helping this mama out!) Just4Running Photo

End of the race treat - chocolate milk! Yum!!

Me and my little racers!! Next race, we are all going now that Aria is big enough and loves the jogging stroller :) Just4Running Photo

Tiny Race Trainee #1 Just4Running Photo
Tiny Race Trainee #2

We can't wait for the next one!! Wanna run with us!?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Austin!!

Can you believe he is already 2?! It seems just like yesterday he was this small:

Austin 7 months old :)
He may be just a little bit bigger, but he still seems to have a thing for fire trucks!

So, of course, we had to pull off an awesome fire truck themed birthday party with our favorite little friends!

FYI - Target cakes are awesome. I just told the baker what I wanted. Done.
But, wait... You can't have a fire truck party without some special guests? How about some firemen? And....a fire truck??? Um, yes, please!

That's right. There is a massive fire truck coming up our driveway!

The kids absolutely loved this!! I mean, who wouldn't?! This was awesome! Austin, of course, was decked out in his own fireman's jacket and hat.

Checking out the awesomeness!

Had to show y'all the 9/11 plaque <3 - Yes, we will ALWAYS remember.

Austin and Andrew
Ok, y'all. These next photos crack. me. up. Austin was SO into this. You'll see. 


He copied this firemen almost the whole party. It was SO cute!!

A HUGE thank you these firemen! They were awesome!! The whole crew hung out the entire time and it was just amazing! These guys put their lives on the line whenever those sired go off, so we were thrilled to have them here to party it up with Austin! Y'all made this little guy of ours have the best day of his life! :)


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