Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days of Real Life with Boys!!

The ups, downs, and everything in-between. How I do it (or not do it depending on what the day holds). So, as my husband says, "Hold on to your hats!"

Welcome, welcome!

Can you believe it? It is October. October, people. You know...pumpkins, boots, sweaters...

Weren't we JUST in the pool??

Anyway, within the many festivities that October brings there is one that I have never been a part of, yet always wanted to try out.

Welcome to our 31 days. Yes, 31 Days of Real Life with Boys!

Starting tomorrow evening there will be a post for the next 31 days on our lives as parents to 3 boys. I know this is a new thing, but maybe the tips and trick that I have to share can help you in your life with boys. Maybe on the days I write in CAPS LOCK will give you the nudge to leave a comment to help out that terrible day.And, yes, we have those. Who doesn't?

So, welcome! Welcome to the ups, downs, and everything in-between. Here's the "How I do it" (or
"not do it" depending on what the day holds).

And, as my husband says before crossing 4 lanes of traffic, "Hold on to your hats, boys! This here's going to be wild!"


Day 1: Peaceful Takeoffs & Crash Landings
Day 2: I Got $5 for Dinner...or $6
Day 3: How We Do It: The Morning Routine
Day 4: How We Do It: The Library
Day 5: Weekend Recap 
Day 6: The Day After 
Day 7: Busy, Busy Day! 
Day 8: The Slow Start to Fall Cleaning 
Day 9: Pumpkin Patch in Pictures 
Day 10...oops, missed that one!
Day 11: Saturdays: Just as Busy 
Day 12: Sunday Prepping
Day 13: Extra Post: What's in the Bag? 
Day 14: Wordless Wednesday
Day 15: Backtracking a bit.... Tuesday - Just Like "Old Times" 
Day 16: Making Up Thursday - Zoo
Day 17: Friday's Funny
Day 18: Saturday's Duties 
Day 19: Sunday Sweets 
Day 20: Even Dinosaurs Need a Fresh Start 
Day 21: Sick N Stuck
Day 22: Wordless Wednesday
Day 23: 2 Weeks and Counting 
Day 24: 7 Quick Takes 
Day 25: Sabotage! 
Day 26: Boo at the Zoo 2014 
Day 27 Didn't Happen...
Day 28: It's the Hangry Preschoolers!
Day 29: Wordless Wednesday
Day 30 Didn't Happen Either
Day 31 Ditto - Happy Halloween!

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