Monday, February 21, 2011

There's A Big Boy in Our House Now

The moment has come. The moment when your little baby becomes a big boy. A for real big boy. No longer does Andrew (17 months old now - wow!) have to think he's one because he is one. He totally knows that a change is happening to his room other than just a big boy bed, too. He wonders about the other bed and just who this "Alex" person is that we talk about. But, he will know within 7 weeks! :D For now, we have 1 big boy in our house!

Oh, what a mess! But, a good one!

Aw, how cute!! It looks pretty cozy, too! Wish I could take a nap... ;)

I had to do it. I took a pic during his nap. Hey, it was his first time sleeping like a big boy. What a cutie! I wish the binky hadn't been in his face, but I was already risking waking him up so I didn't move it. He looks quite comfy!

This morning, after breakfast, we played and played! Now that he has a big boy room, he is always in here! Don't worry. All the toys are neatly tucked away in his closet during sleepy times. No access = no trouble (thank you to my mommy friends who told me that trick!).  Oh, and this is just the first of many shared room pics to come. The dresser is on the wall to the right, facing the window. And the crazy lamp has one more light on it with a green shade. Nice that I didn't have to change that. Oh, and art work and accessories are coming soon. Isn't their room going to look great!?

Now for a fun pic...
This cracks me up! I knew I couldn't see my feet really, but to "lose" a kid under there! HAHAHAHA!
*No kid was actually lost during this picture LOL

Crazy About My Baybah


  1. He does look really comfy! Thanks so much for linking up with us!
    Crazy About My Baybah

  2. New follower! Looks like he enjoys his big boy room.

  3. Super cute - I am featuring you tonight at TT (This weeks topic is snacks)

  4. New follower from TTT!

    What a cute room & bed.. he looks really comfy! LOL @ the lost picture, too funny!

    Happy Thursday!


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