Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Challenge

I do not know how many of you have heard of the fabulous "Rookie Moms" blog/website, but it is FABULOUS! I followed that site everyday when it was just me and Andrew. But, I sort of left it on the back burner when I knew Alex was coming along. See, I was under the impression that just one more tagging along would be easy.

Um, no.

I don't have a clue how to do anything with two...a toddler and an infant. Are you kidding me? Yeah, I got the whole changing diapers thing down. I can get to a drive-thru. And, I can push that bus stroller all over my neighborhood. But, doing real things, like going to a grocery store or something. Oh, no. Nah-uh. No way.

Until I found the weekly challenge list from Rookie Moms - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I may not technically be a "new" mom, but this whole mama of 2 thing is new. I mean...WOW.

I did have a chance to do a very scary thing before stumbling upon the list, thanks to some awesome friends - the Fabulous Rachel and Kristi! Rachel got me to go to the pool last week. Yes, with both kiddos. EEK! I seriously thought she was crazy. But, she told me she thought it out and had a plan and everything. Kristi (who was prego at that moment - CONGRATS!!!) held Alex while Andrew and I played in the pool with Rachel and her kids. It was great!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!! They may scare me at time with wild ideas such as that, but they are wonderful!

Now, back to the weekly challenges. It began at the beginning of the year, so I'm catching up. I did the challenge from week 5 yesterday - GO TO THE GROCERY STORE.

Are you out of your mind?!

I needed to grab a quick dinner off to Publix we went after nap time. Let me tell you that as I was approaching Publix, I was beginning to freak out. I can do anything with just one. Two? I really wasn't sure about that. But, I had to do it. I have to learn how to do these things, right?

So, Alex got all comfy cozy in the Baby Bjorn. Then I got Andrew out of the car. And, then, we went inside. I guess I seemed calm, because Alex fell back asleep before we got to the doors and Andrew was all excited because he knew that he was getting cookie from the bakery.

Anyhoo, we did it! I got dinner - fried chicken, sweet rolls, and apple pie. Even a pretty potted plant :) And, to make things so much better, the cashier told me how good the boys were and how cute they looked! I told her that this was our "learning how to go out outing" and she said told me that she thought I was a great mom for doing this with them and that the big brother would learn how to be a bigger help. That just made my day!

Checking out which cookie he wants to get :)

Nervous...can you tell? LOL

Next week's challenge - I'm going to a mommy and baby yoga class! YAY! Andrew will get to play in the playroom and Alex and I will have a little bonding time. I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Terrific job. That is totally scary, but it only gets easier with practice...


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