Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's Get This Party Started! {Alex Turns 2!!]

Wowza! Alex is 2 already?! Where on EARTH did the time go?

We started off his birthday extravaganza on Friday afternoon when Jason got home. We opened up all the cards from grandparents, put the pizza in the oven, and got out his presents from Mommy, Daddy, and Andy.


 Opening cards from Grandma, Nana, and Ma! 

Awesome castles and knights!!! Ok, the gray castle - my brothers had one just like that when they were little! I was so excited when I found this whole lot on Craigslist!! These guys LOVED that they could shoot cannons at the other castle and capture people in their dungeons. So funny!

After our pizza party, I brought out his birthday cookie cake.

 Such a big kid! He blew out his candles and picked out his piece. Love him :)

After we got everyone all cleaned up, we played some more until it was time to get ready for tomorrow's adventures... Sleep well, birthday boy! You have a big day in the morning!


One happy birthday boy ready to start off his day with a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel!! Complete with a "Birthday Boy" button, of course! 

We did not tell them where we were going - only that it was a cool place. Along the way, we handed out different items to help them guess. After breakfast, we gave them each a Thomas hat - it is going to be a sunny day! Half way there, we handed them each a wooden train whistle. We asked them, "Wow! You guys have a lot of Thomas stuff... I wonder where we are going..." Andy figured it out and the squeals began! "Thomas!!! Thomas!!!"

They are right! We are off to spend a day with Thomas the Tank Engine!!

 Here is that famous blue engine pulling into the station just as we are walking up to show our tickets.

 Can you feel the excitement?! He was giggling the WHOLE way from the car to this point...and beyond!

 We had a little time before getting in line to board our car, so we headed over to one of the areas to play with the endless options of Thomas toys. Stuff ranging from Mega Blocks for the younger crowd to the TrackMaster items for the "bigger" crowd. Lots of fun!

 Playing in the maze before heading over to Thomas

 Waiting in line for our ride! That's right. Mama got car #1 - right behind Thomas. Parents, this thing sells out FAST. I followed our rail road museum closer than a stalker to ensure I got these tickets the second they went on sale. I suggest you do the same, if you plan on doing this with your children. They say purchase tickets in advanced...they aren't joking. Do as they say or you aren't riding!

 Our car

 First ones in line and ready to ride the rails!

 Waiting rather patiently (but slightly annoyed) for the rest of the passengers to board the train

 Holding on tight while the Thomas takes us through the woods, over a bridge, and behind a golf course. 

Snacking on the train ride

 Tired and ready for lunch, Alex waits in the grass for Daddy to return

 Yum! Hot dogs!

 Putt-putt! We think Andy is going to be a lefty with the way he holds his club all the time. Alex needed a little help to get started. But had a ton of fun!

 Bye Thomas!! Thanks for helping us make some great memories for Alex!!

On our way home, we stopped for a snack at Krispy Kreme. You just can't pass one and not stop... If you do, then something is just wrong in the world. They loved watching the donut being made while they ate theirs.

What a super fun day!!

One happy birthday boy!!

We love you SO much, Alex!! You have such a wonderful laugh and one of the best smiles. You are a fantastic little brother. We just know that you are going to be an amazing big brother, too!! 

Hugs and kisses!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! Looks like it was a fun weekend with lots of Birthday celebrations :)

  2. That's great! You got some really awesome photos. Happy Birthday to Alex!


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