Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Baby Woyak

This morning I headed over to see Dr. Foster and I got to meet our newest family member. I even got some more news! I'm actually only 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant! WHAT?! And, my due date is now April 19th. So, I will be having a Spring Baby! Want to meet Baby Woyak?

Baby Woyak's home for the next 33 weeks (Yes, that puts me at 39 weeks. I'm having a scheduled C-section. Many of you already knew that - so it is out now!)

Baby Woyak View 2

Baby Woyak's Fetal Heart Rate - good strong heartbeat. Sounded like Andy's did, so I think I will be ok to think it is a boy until 15-16 weeks from now ;)

It's a cute little blob, isn't it? Haha! Well, that is the update for now. Come back soon, y'all!

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