Monday, January 19, 2015

Through Andrew's Eyes

Once again it was time to upload and delete all the stuff Andrew took pictures and videos of with his Leapster. And, of course, that means time to share!

Selfies are fun!

1. The "Because I'm happy!!" selfie
2. His off to the side for that effect selfie
3. CLOSEUP selfie
4. The "Not thrilled about whatever mom just said 'no' to" selfie

Apparently these are the cool people at Grandma's house. Especially my dad. He is pretty cool for a Patriots fan! Love you, Dad!

And while in Florida, he got a little artsy with the camera!

A photo take that I didn't know about. And made me happy :) 

This was taken on our way to Mass this past Sunday and I love it. This is where our babies were born. :)

And just one more awesome one!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes {Wishes for snow, my new sous chef, and a bed of nails}


Back to school! Well, alright... Back to the kitchen table!

I must have chosen some good things these past two weeks, because wow! These guys LOVED Katy and the Big Snow (last week) and are enjoying The Snowy Day (finishing today). They are so funny these guys of mine. It has been very cloudy, yucky, and cold days... I honestly don't know when we saw the sun last. But they have wished for the big "S word" every day due to these stories. No, thank you.


My little gamers :)

On the days where they are just too cold to go out, they sit at the table and play a few rounds of Catan Junior while Austin naps. Love this so much! (thanks again, mom and dad!)


I've hired a Sous Chef!

Alex in the kitchen isn't big news, but this part is:

He wants to be a chef when he grows up. Oh, and have his own restaurant called the Orange Cafe. He will have a variety of orange-inspired (and infused) menu items such as "delicious sandwiches with orange slices in the middle and orange chicken (what we had for dinner last night).

He is so cute! He asks all kinds of things, too. Like, why he doesn't really like onions but the onion powder tastes good when we make something. And, whether or not we will be using the liquid measuring cup or the solids measuring cup. I love that kid.


Speaking of cooking and whatnot...

Pregnant mama snack...Tomato, Guacamole, and Brown Rice Bread. It's actually really yummy!

Over the summer, after trying out that Fast Metabolism Diet with my husband, I figured out that I have some sort of intolerance to gluten...or wheat...or both. And, I've become more lactose-intolerant than before. Then, December rolled around and I asked around for a good gastro doctor because it was getting way worse. Like, painful-this-is-how-I'm-going-to-die.

And, then I found out I was pregnant. Oh... That could be it? Well, I'm almost 8 weeks and oh my, ouch. Yeah, all of it is gone. Not going to eat anything with that stuff included anymore. And, we shall be talking to my favorite doctor next week at my prenatal check about what to do. Not. Fun.


In the meantime, there's Costco!

Look at what I found!! And, it is so good!! Organic Red Lentil Rotini! When I head back there, I shall get another box. Yum!


But back to the REAL fun!

We headed to the McWane Center yesterday. And, I'm not totally sure what it was, but they had more fun than ever. And, the trains and giant blocks weren't even there (they are doing a new exhibit soon on that floor)! They tried out all kinds of new-to-them-for-today things and had a blast!


They even tried out the "scary" bed of nails!!!

Note: If you reading this in an email, you may need to click through to watch! Enjoy!


Friday, January 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes {New Year = New Books & a Surpise}


Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim's Tale by Ian Morgan Cron

I must say this book was fabulous - for many reasons. This books was great! I loved reading more about St. Francis through a non-Catholic's eyes. Living in the South, it is HARD to be Catholic. There are so many around us that give the eye-roll, the cold shoulder, and more... It is really sad, honestly. I mean, Jesus said no judging, but whatever... This book was great. It tells the story of a mega church pastor who is falling apart in his faith and tries hard to get back on track. He learns about St. Francis through his Franciscan monk uncle in Italy. Yes, you read the way he thinks, "Ugh, what is up with all the bells and rituals?" We do have a lot of that. But, we have our reasons. Anyway, if you ever want to get a glimpse of the Catholic faith or want to read bits and pieces about St. Francis, read this one.


A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot

This book was recommended by Olivia, from To The Heights, and I'm glad I read this before the new year started! This is fantastic! I needed some order around here and being the planner person, this was perfect. This is basically taking the Rule of Life used by religious orders (priests, nuns, etc) and fitting into the life of a mother. Mothers need prayer like we need coffee! Fitting it into the day though when there area MILLION other things to do can be difficult. But thanks to this Holly's book, I now have order in the house (most days). Our days are scheduled from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. Sounds crazy, I know. But, guess what? I found that I actually have more time than I knew I had. I not only have a clean house, but I actually have time to play with the boys. They are happy and I am happy. And that means Jason's happy because we are all smiling people when he comes home (again...most days).


Living Well, Spending Less by Ruth Soukup

Loving this one, too! It's probably safe to say that all these books are going to be awesome. I've been a follower of Ruth's blog for a while now. The stuff she writes is great and hits you where you need it. This book I'm currently reading/working through. I'll let you know how the rest of it turns out and my plan of Living Well and Spending Less, too!


The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

This is another current read. Actually, it is the one we are reading for my book club the next couple months. I tried to read this last year, or maybe the year before that, but was warned in the beginning of the book that you really need to have older kids to fully know their love language. Since Andrew is about 5 1/2, I figured I'd give it a go. We are also reading/working with The Five Languages (adults), too. Good stuff.


The Waste Lands (Dark Tower #3) by Stephen King

I know. I just gave you whiplash with that title. Oh, and I lied when I said all these books are awesome. I love my husband and I promised I would read these with him. So there. The first Dark Tower book...I still do not know how Stephen King was allowed to continue with this series. Dark Tower 2 was kind of boring. This one, I'm still not sure. I'm only on, like, page 87 (they just got to the portal, if you have read these books). And, it's ok... But, we will see. How many of these books are there?! But, again, I love my husband and he reads the book that I pick out for us. it is only fair, right? <3


A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy by Sarah Reinhard

It's funny. When I got this book, I was in the 3rd trimester with Austin. Now, I'm in the 1st trimester!



Christmas present from Jason <3

Yep. We found out the Saturday before Christmas that Baby Woyak #4 is due in August!! Holy moly. 4 Kids. Jason said he feels like Jim Gaffigan - LOL!!! (you may need to click through the see the video below)

Well, that's all for now! I'll keep y'all posted on this Baby and everything else crazy that's going on!

Happy Friday!!


Monday, January 5, 2015

12 in 2014: The Year of "Super Fun Times"

2014 What a year!! I had to name it the Year of "Super Fun Times" since I apparently used that phrase quite a bit. Haha! Anyway, here is a look back at our year!! Enjoy!

Snowed Alabama?! That's just crazy talk. But, it did happen and there is quite a story to go along with it! The boys thought it was pretty cool while us grown-ups weren't too excited. Thankfully, we are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Andrew's K3 class put on a Mother's Tea & Luncheon in February. It was SO cute!! The kids turned into little ladies and gentlemen for the morning. Andrew was so proud of himself for putting together some ingredients, baking cookies, and keeping things a surprise!

March was probably the best month of the year! We did a MAJOR road trip with our three little men and had a blast! Andrew and Alex were Ring Bearers for Justin and Kate's wedding. And, we made some amazing memories along the way!

April was interesting. Austin started sitting up for real on his own. Alex turned 3 (eek!). The weather was this day, freezing the next... Which, of course, meant a lovely tornado. In the middle of the night. While my husband was out of town. Where I had to huddle all of us in the laundry room. I'm glad to say goodbye to April... Sheesh!

See those 4 "grown-ups" in that photo? We are all proud to call ourselves alumni from Pace High School! Go Patriots! This was the month of graduations, for sure. Christopher graduated from high school and is now in college. Andrew graduated from K3 and he is currently working hard at nailing the end of his preschool era to start kindergarten Fall 2015 (basically around the corner! GASP!).

We took MANY trips up to the US Space & Rocket Center this summer - well, actually this year. We love that place!

7. It's our number. Jason and I got married on 07/07/07. And, this year, it was our 7th anniversary! It's been wonderful and I can't wait to see what the next 7 bring!

August was great!! We went on a super fun boating adventure with Jason's family. And...we found out that we are going to be an Aunt and Uncle in March 2015!!! Awesome!

I have been told that this was the year I joined the "old moms club" since I now have a 5 year old. I say, "no way!" 1. I am not (yet) 30. And, 2...he is not in kindergarten yet. So there!

I think this was the month that the boys really became best friends. Austin could do a lot more since he started walking. Alex was slowly coming down the hill of turning 3 (still counting down...4 months to go!). And, Andrew was turning into this big kid more and more each day. 

There are no baby-babies in the house now. Austin turned 1 this year! What?!

The month of magic... Explosive imaginations. Way too many Christmas cartoons, movies, and goodies. But, who cares? The boys loved every moment of this month. We have the rest of the year to worry about that other stuff. For this month, we just had fun times. Super fun times!

HAPPY 2015!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!

How on EARTH is it 2015?!

I  remember back in the 4th grade, we had to write an essay about what we thought the world would be like in 2015 - that's when most of us in the class would be 30. GASP! I will be 30 this year?! Well, of course...I wrote about flying cars and robots and living on the moon. Things like that... Well, 2015? You best be getting a move on! I'll give you until June to give me a trip to the moon in my flying car piloted by said robot, ok? Ok.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Eve & Morning {In Pictures}

Note: There was a LOT of throwing of paper, jumping, etc... Maybe I should use "sport shot" next year! Haha!

Christmas Eve = Pajama day!

Puzzle fun

Time for Christmas the witching hour of 4pm... We say it every year that we wont do that again. Yet, here we are. Haha! Maybe next Christmas we will go at a better time!

Milk and Cookies are out! Come on, Santa!!

Of course, I had to do proper North Pole packaging, according to Andrew and Alex... Did you know it is hard to find BASIC red and white stripe paper?!
While eyes wake up, Jason reads from Luke :)

Batman hat from Andrew to Alex

NOTE: I Get "AWESOME WIFE OF THE YEAR AWARD" for that one.... I am NOT an Alabama fan. That one is. And, I love him to death so I did it. War Eagle.

Checking out the new threads...
Austin taking it all in

This is my box. I shall claim it by sitting on top of it before ripping it open. LOL

Wondering what that "battle plan" was that Andrew asked Santa for?? Here it is! Santa, also brought that Wizard's Tower :) 

Checking out the Christmas loot
Showing off all the goods - Alex with his Batman Robot, Andrew got the Wizard Castle/Battle Plan, and Austin has an airport and a bunch of things to go with it. Super fun times ahead!!

 If you are viewing this in the email and have trouble, please click through to the post. Thanks!

Austin loves his new BabyLit book! His Christmas Carol one is about to be put away soon...

Oh what fun!! Merry Christmas everyone!!


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