Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rewind: April 6-14

What a week! Rainy days, a soon-to-be crawler, playgrounds, and traveling! I know. Wears you out just reading it, huh? 


 Happy 5 month old day! 
Austin is quite the little "talker" these days. I really think he is trying to copy the sounds of the wild boys while the play. It is so cute!! He sits up like a pro now and is working his way to crawling. He has two tiny bottom teeth...and two more making their way slowly into the world... He is eating solids and seems to love a good, ole fashioned banana while we are out and about. And, he sleeps pretty well most nights. Good times!

 Rainy days are great for making your latest masterpiece!

 See?! Oh, he is trying SO hard. But, for now, he only goes backwards...which really annoys him. 


Wild jumping boys at the park!


 Waiting for Daddy to get home so we can drive to Nana & Papa's. Jason went to the Master's - again! And, we took an opportunity to visit with grandparents. Fun!


 This little guy must have been tired! He "slept in" until about 8. I dared myself to grab this pic of him. So, sweet! He loves his Baby Fox.

 The boys thought Nana and Papa's new walking path was cool. Very pretty! We had a hill incident, but no worries! That's what helmets are for, people. So, wear them! And, if your kids are too cool for a helmet...then, your kids are too cool to ride a bike or anything of that sort. Just saying. Anyway, they had so much fun!

 The birthday boy enjoying a banana for breakfast

 Almost home. We made a pit stop at a Taco Bell. A few of the girls that worked there came over to see the baby. Alex told them that he's the big brother and the little brother and that's his baby Austin. Then, tells them that it is his birthday. Those sweet girls, brought him a cookie - and one for Andrew, too. So sweet of them!

Alex is 3!!!!

 Welcome to Alex's 3rd birthday! Can you believe it?! He requested that he have a Pizza Planet party complete with Toy Story Alien cupcakes. Super cute!

 My sweet husband put together the goody bags while I baked/decorated the cupcakes.

At first, I was really going to leave their mouths off - eyes only. But, it looked weird. And, you can't go, "OOOOOoooooo!! The claaaawww!" without a mouth. Of course, black food coloring is never in stock and I didn't think to grab a tube of writing icing. So, Jason found my silver sprinkles. Voile!

 Sweet group of friends on a great day!

 One of the sweetest sets of brothers! And, don't you love that face that B makes on the right?? So cute!

 "Happy birthday to you!!"


 Another perfect end to a great day!

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rewind: March 23-29


Rainy days = tape fun! Thanks, Ma & Dave for the cool tape!


Did some rearranging. Also, that cork board is now a dry erase menu planner :)

Put up some more springtime pretties and added in some Easter.

My happy little helper guy keeping me company while the boys were playing trains. 


Two of my favorite things: a happy baby and coffee = happy mommy!

Speaking of this little guy...

Some one learned how to sit up that week!! WHAT?! Right on time, too (based on my other ones anyway).

Gasp! This means he will be crawling soon. Very soon. Too soon. 

Better keep on squeezing him for now :)

Teaching Baby Austin all about Lightning McQueen with the help of Mac the Truck. 

This must have been either another rainy day or one of those odd cold days. They were ALL ABOUT playing games and puzzles on Thursday!

Connect Four - OCD Style ;)

And, while they were occupied with that, I FINALLY set up our smart I have Pandora! Woot! Oh, and I totally programmed our minivan to open the garage door. That's right. Go me!
(Also, does anyone else out there get that obnoxious urge to just sing that first opening line of The Lion King song? No...?)


Alex might almost be 3 in this picture and think he is still a big boy... But, he is still my sweet baby who will climb into my lap to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to me.

Love Austin's smiles!


 Andrew and I running some errand. This was taken at Fresh Market...aka the Candy Market for these guys. He chose gummies in shapes of the ABCs. 

Ending the weekend with a couple rounds of Candy Land. They have gotten so good at this game that they now play it by themselves most days. So sweet.

Rewind: March 16-22

Note: Don't Worry! You didn't miss the week before this one. We went on that crazy road trip, remember? Click here to see those pics!

1. Austin was teething like CRAZY all of March it seemed. Now it is April and he has two tiny bottom teeth. His two top ones are not far behind! These teething cookies by Plum Organics are the BEST!
2. Home sweet home after our mega road trip enjoying my coffee. This is as close as I want to be to Minnesota for a long time...
3. Austin's 4 month old check up happened that week. He was (on that day) 17 pounds!! Yep. He loves to eat. Eating is his favorite. 
4. Taking a nap in the shade of a gazebo at the Botanical Gardens
5. Chilling out in the bumbo with his very messy bib. 
6. Austin loves his pears, peas, and broccoli! Yum!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mother's Tea/Luncheon 2014

s  In March, Andrew's class celebrated mothers with their annual Mother's Tea/Luncheon. I shared thi sweet picture a week or so ago. Are you ready to see more?

Portions of my invitation - love his artwork!

You may need to click the picture to read this, but it is all about me through Andrew's eyes. Adorable!

Flowers made by my little man. And the place mat, I actually use everyday. Andrew sets the table for dinner and makes sure that I have my place mat. So sweet. The package on the left is a cookie that he made!

The luncheon has begun! All the children brought out their mother's plates and drinks. It was the cutest, sweetest thing!

During our lunch, we were entertains by these little sweeties. Andrew is not a huge fan of singing. But, he seemed to like the triangle. Haha! So cute! (If you are viewing this post via email, you may need to click here to see the video)

 Dessert! I love our little Andrew!!


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