Thursday, September 10, 2015

While Andrew is at school...

I had just under two weeks between Andrew's first day of school and Aria's arrival. We definitely made sure to make the most of it! Library cards, playground fun, baking, and naptime games were all checked off the list. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rewind: First Day of Kindergarten

Another major life change to check off: The first day of kindergarten for my first...gasp!

Really, Andrew has been ready for this day since finding out the date that school was scheduled to start. Once the week of the big event came, we watched about 30 YouTube videos of kindergarten kids riding the school bus - wait what?! Yep, my baby is riding the big yellow school bus. Ahhh!! He loves it though!! He was definitely nervous to get on once it showed up at our driveway, but by the end of the day he was so happy he did it!

Quote of the day: I, of course, asked Andrew how his first day was and wanted to know everything... He tells me all about his new friends and his teacher, all the things they did, and how cool the gym and lunchroom were. Then he says, "I do have one bad thing to tell you, Mama." (Enter me thinking, what kid do I have to punch?! Or, what did YOU do?! Just kidding!) "Mama, that bus does NOT have air conditioning!!" LOL I love him!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Well, that was a much longer break than expected. I must let you in on a secret, though... First, I apologize if this post looks funky or anything. Second, I'm using the Blogger app...on my phone. Ugh. We have no internet yet. That's the secret. Yep, some internet providers are being rather difficult.

Anyway, we shall try out this Blogger app and see where it takes us!

We moved into our gorgeous new home on July 24th and have LOVED being here!! It is such an amazing home. We are just so, so happy here!!

We have had many visitors in the past weeks since moving in and it's been wonderful. Just having space for people to actually feel more welcome is nice! We even had out first game night with my brothers, including Brendan!!!

Side note: Brendan left for Basic Training at the beginning of August. My mom has been writing to him every day since getting his address. She has even received a few phone calls! I started writing to him once I got back from the hospital. Any family friends out there interested in sending one awesome brother of mine mail, let me know! He loves getting mail!!

As I have said, I'm using this Blogger app...and am going to attempt to share some photos. I hope this works! Stay tuned for more posts as I learn to navigate this thing!


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