Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blueberry Pickin'

Today, we headed out with Amanda and her little boy to the blueberry farm! It was so much fun! Honestly, I wasn't really sure how this would work out since I would not be bringing the stroller AND I would have TWO toddlers running around.

They did great! All 3 boys loved the freedom of going from bush to bush. They picked blueberries for a while until they all realized that they could eat them right then. We have Alex to thank for that. He would put a few in his bucket and then have a few to eat. After a bit, he quit putting them in his bucket! Too funny!

Andrew loved picking his own berries. He thought it was so cool! He would run to one place, pick a few, then call us all over to show us where the bigger ones were. Hehe!

Alex loved going in between the bushes carrying his bucket around while eating 500 more blueberries!

They did eventually get tires - and hungry (shocking, I know...). So off we went for lunch at McDonald's. It was such a fun day. I think U-Pick farms have been added to the permanent list of things to do!

Our loot from the morning: a huge box of blueberries! That giant bowl? Well, the owners offered Amanda and I the veggies for FREE!! Woot! They had so much stuffed in their freezers that they didn't have any more room. So, what did I do once the boys were down for a nap? That's right! I added some recipes to my "to-do list" for this week. Amanda and I traded some that we found and cannot wait to trying everything out :) I'll let you know how it goes!

Have you been to any farms this summer?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are They Twins?

I get this question at least 3 times a day (when we are out - if we walking the neighborhood, some one ends up asking, too). It makes me laugh because my mom got the same question with 2 of the 5 boys - Christopher and Brendan. Years ago, you really couldn't tell the difference until you were close up, but today there are a few similarities.

Here are my boys - what do you think?

I do see it sometimes. And, I do call them the wrong name, too. But, for the most part, I'm not too sure I can say, "Hey, they are just like twins!"

Mommies of more than 1 child, do you get this question a lot too?

Family Circus

Family Circus comics have always been a favorite of mine. Now that I am a mom a live some of these jokes on a daily basis, they are even funnier.This past weekend, I busted out laughing and said, "SO TRUE!" Jason agreed that it was pretty funny, too :) 

LOL!! It would be dark...if it were winter. But, of course, i'd be complaining about the fact that I love in the SOUTH and I'm supposed to be enjoying heat, right?

What is your favorite Sunday comic?

Spray Bottle Freeze Tag {Toddler Style}

I am loving these activities that Camp Sunny Patch put together for this month! Ready for some crazy pictures from our spray bottle extravaganza?

1 spray bottle per person
stickers (optional)

 I got our spray bottles at the Dollar Tree in the travel section. I had the Nemo stickers at home from one of the coloring books Andrew had. So just $4 for this project :)

This was a lot of fun! It was nasty hot out and - once again - the boys had just got up from their nap. So, they were cranky and wanting dinner shortly. 

 Jason and the boys had a blast getting each other! 

Are you joining in the summer fun?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Pirates

Are y'all enjoying your summer?

We are!

We are joining in on the fun that Melissa & Doug is offering with Camp Sunny Patch. Over the weekend, we put together some pirate ships and set sail on an exciting backyard adventure.

Construction paper for the sails
Bendy straws for the masts
Different containers to make the icy ships

After nap time, the boats were ready and it was grillin' time. It was great to have this activity going while dinner was being made. :)

They LOVED playing with the little boats. Of course, they also enjoyed splashing in the water with every toy they could find that fit in the box. LOL :) Good times.

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Wordless Wednesday

This Week's Goals

Here's a look at what's going on this week!

Movie night
Work on the Letter A - Apples, America, Alabama, and Airplanes
Work on the colors blue and green
1 workbook page per day with Andrew
Water play outside- Week 3 of Camp Sunny Patch

Blueberry Farm

Wake up at 5 - workout, morning routine
Read for an hour before bed


Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu Plan


Check out what we are cooking up this week:

Dinner: Taco Night

Dessert: Apple Nachos


 Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad Dinner

 Inside-Out Spring Roll Salad

Breakfast Pizza and Roasted Asparagus

 Dinner: Leftover Night

 Breakfast: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches
 Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Zucchini Boats

What are y'all cooking up this week?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Jubilee

Yeah, this is my birthday month. And, just like the Queen, I celebrate the entire month, too. At least, that is what my mom always says. Love her!

I had a fantastic 27th birthday - eek! 3 more years until my 1st year anniversary of turning 29. Thought I was going to say 30, huh? Nope. I'm not turning 30. You still get presents and dessert on an anniversary...

Anyway, like I said - it was FANTASTIC!!

This week started with me tearing open birthday cards and presents that Jason was teasing me about opening before my actual birthday.'s my jubilee, dear ;)

My mom sent a fun box in the mail! It's our thing we do - send boxes of random, but useful items to each other :) So fun!!

 Mom sent me a fun "birthday girl cup" to use when I'm chillin' outside with the boys. We have this thing in our family that every drink should be "fancy" no matter what it is. Sweet. :) She also sent me a new banner for my little garden pole out front and a key ring with a great message on it :) I took a close up pic:

That's right! I am PROUD to be a mom!! :D

Jason parents sent me a Starbucks card that I have been using like crazy and Jason's grandparents sent me a CLAY MATTHEWS tee! WOOT! That's right. Go Pack Go! 

After breakfast Friday morning, I headed out with to boys to do some birthday shopping. Gotta use up those birthday coupons! So, off we went to Old Navy and Panera Bread :)

 Got my party skirt! A working skort, socks, and a fun to-go cup. I had to get to that $50 mark to use my coupon. Lame, but, hey, I can ALWAYS use to-go cups!

Before headed to lunch with my tiny dates, we got to meetup with Kelly for a bit. Her little man is getting SO big!! It's amazing how time flies. I still can't get used to it in my own house! She is such a sweetie, too! Look what she got for me :D

Fave lotion, note cards, and the sweetest pineapple! See, we are both Hospitality Majors. And, if you're in that loop and/or are a Southerner, you know that the pineapple is the symbol for hospitality. I got her one for her birthday, too! Great minds, right? ;)

 My sweet boys having birthday lunch with me at Panera Bread :) They were SO good! We were surrounded by businessmen/women with their laptops, but we got a bunch of smiles from them - yay! Best birthday gift from these 2 little guys! Of course, I did tell them that we would go to Barnes and Noble for a prize... :) 

We headed home to play for awhile before taking a nap. Well, they guys took a nap while I got ready for an awesome evening with my little family. Once they woke up, we got everyone ready and back into the car for mommy's birthday dinner. Andrew kept calling it my birthday party. And, you know, he is SO right. It was the best party, too! We had a yummy dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant - Surin West. BEST. SUSHI. EVER. But, of course, kids aren't going to eat that stuff, so I made sure to grab Chick-Fil-A kid's meals to bring with us. 

Note: Yes, if you want to enjoy your meal at a "grown-up" restaurant and are bringing your kids, then bring them something that they will want to eat. No fuss. No problems. The management will thank you for it, too. No one wants to hear screaming kids because the chef doesn't make chicken nuggets. 

 Waiting for Jason outside his work 

 Once again, 2 wonderful little boys. And, guess what? Alex tried sushi and loved it! Don't worry, I gave him part of my bagel roll - rice, seaweed, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. Yum!

 Sushi extravaganza! Yes, these 2 plates are MINE. Jason had 2 plates, too! Telling you - BEST. SUSHI. EVER. On the left: bagel roll and spider roll (soft shell crab). On the right: the red one is the rainbow roll (a few different kinds of fish) and the California roll. Jason got the California roll, too - but he had the Super Crunch roll, Spicy tuna roll, and a regular tuna roll. See? Sushi extravaganza. AND! Almost forgot, we had crab angels for an appetizer. Andrew and Alex both loved those, too.

 Birthday drink! Pomegranate Martini - oh, so good!

 As we were leaving, one of the street vendors was having trouble selling his flowers. So, Jason got me one :) Love it! If you are wondering...Jason got my my fabulous laptop for a birthday/wedding anniversary present :)

Of course, no birthday is complete without dessert. So, we headed to Mountain Brook Creamery for some frozen yogurt! Andrew immediately chose BLUE. It was called "C is for Cookie" and is basically a cookie dough ice cream that is blue. It is so funny though, because I got the blueberry cheesecake in a waffle cone. Though, I was not near as messy. Jason got regular cookie dough and shared with Alex - who really isn't a fan of really cold treats.

Love that kid!

Well, that was my birthday! Another year has flown by, but it has been an awesome one! Thank you to all of my friends and family for the birthday wishes and gifts. Love you all!


Simple Things

My 2 railroaders :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introducing....Melissa & Doug's Camp Sunny Patch!!

All the fun of summer camp . . . right in your own backyard!

Camp Sunny Patch from Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever virtual summer camp: Camp Sunny Patch!

All season long, our blog will feature exciting original play ideas to help you add a little bit of structure and a whole lot of fun to summer vacation. Each weekly camp activity, written by our favorite bloggers, features a creative new way to get your kids moving their bodies and using their imaginations in the great outdoors . . . and you never have to leave your own backyard!

Just check out the weekly activity online to get inspired, then get outside and start having a blast. 
Download a weekly badge for each session your kids complete, and you can paste it on the printable Camp Sunny Patch poster (available exclusively on our blog and to our email subscribers!).

We’ll have special camp-themed surprises throughout the summer for Melissa & Doug Facebook fans, too. Remember to sign up and tune in to get the latest on giveaways, albums, contests and more.
Best of all, camp is just around the corner–June’s activity calendar will be available in just a few short days. It’s free. It’s fun. And it could be the start of the best summer ever.

See you at Camp Sunny Patch!

For all things Camp Sunny Patch see our Camp Sunny Patch Guide.

At Melissa & Doug we strive to produce the highest-quality educational toys for children. From puzzles to puppets, plush to play food, magnetic activities, music and more, Melissa & Doug is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of educational toys and children’s products. Started in 1988 in their garage, Melissa & Doug has something for everyone, with over 2,000 unique and exciting products for children of all ages.

The Day Before Summer

The last official day of Spring was celebrated outside. Running around, playing sports, having a picnic, and popsicles.

 Could he be cuter? I love all the faces he makes!

 The other little guy cracks me up, too. Once again - yep - he is telling me to eat my dinner and stop taking pictures LOL

Andrew has the Popsicle Power and Alex thinks it's too cold

 Popsicle is dripping down his chin

Pretty calm, huh?

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Someone got a little crazy before dessert... Alex decided to jump off the picnic table. Poor guy... He wants to be EXACTLY LIKE ANDREW. Andrew can jump - no, not off tables. That's not allowed. Alex just squats really fast. maybe he thought that if he was already off the ground it would work out better? He is fine. He actually laughed instead of balling. Such a trooper!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rice Play

Last weekend I got down to business and crossed off most of my to-do list. Luckily, I had gather most of the items needed to put together this toddler activity basket. All, I really had to do was write down the activities that went with all the stuff.

Yesterday, we took out the rice boxes to play with. On Lindsay's blog, she has the list of activities to go with all of this great stuff. We used most of it, just changing a few things to fit our needs. For the rice play, this is what she writes:

Activity #5 - Dirt, Sand or Rice Play
Place dirt, sand, rice or beans in a large bowl or pan. Use various measuring cups,
shovel, spoons, and assorted containers to scoop and pour. Allow child to feel and
explore. Discuss how it feels. (Play outside or in a pack n’ play for easy clean up)

We used some kiddie spoons and those tiny containers for dips/small snacks. The boys really enjoyed this little activity and were both very quiet for almost an hour. Wow. I tried asking them stuff about what they were doing, but Andrew asked me to stop talking so he could work. Oh, my. 

Yes, they did make a bit of a mess, but it's ok because I got to use my new toy. LOL

I love this thing. I use it every day before the kids get down and play after eating. 

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