Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday Funny

Come on! That is hilarious!! I saw Papa at Books-A-Million last week while getting confirmation and graduation gifts. How funny is that?!

So far I have only seen a Solar Queen and Solar Pope...

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that you have made itlife if you become solar. I haven't seen a Solar Prez, yet... Just sayin'

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lazy May Days

While I am working on the boys "Year Books" - organizing pictures and such, here's a look at what we have been up to during these lazy days of May. Enjoy!

 We kicked off May with one of best friend's birthday parties! 

 Austin has decide that he is definitely a big kid...

...and can drive a car. 

We had MANY wonderful days of sunshine! Which, of course made for MANY great picnics!

 Peanut butter and honey? Yes, please!

Lunch with a best friend? Absolutely!

Dinner outside, too? Why not?

Of course we had MANY bike rides, as well. 

 Sometimes just after breakfast to beat the heat.

Or just after dinner to beast the heat (but i won't complain...not after our winter...)

And, when we aren't eating outside or riding bikes, the boys are in the sand box.

Or enjoying the heat from the inside:

 He's my little kitten :)

 Hope everyone is having an awesome start to their summer!!

Wordless Wednesday

The Cone of Shame

If you have little kids or have a sweet spot for Disney movies, then you probably saw Up a bit ago. If not, go rent it (is that still the term to use?). Super cute movie! Here's a quick clip to see where I'm going with this:

Anyway, our sweet mini schnauzer, Max is about 12..13...? We aren't 100% on his age as he was a rescue from Schnauzer Love Rescue back in 2008. They said he was 3. Papers said 5. We took him to the vet once we brought him home and suddenly he is 7. Funny, huh? I know dogs age faster and all, but wow! We love him bunches, so whatever! :)

A few weeks ago our allergy season took a toll on ALL of us. Our normal meds weren't working for anyone. Absolutely ridiculous. But, poor Max suffered the most maybe. Poor puppy... He was scratching like crazy and the next thing you know I had to take him to the vet because he could barely walk - he was THAT itchy!

After a trip to the vet (while racing another round of storms the next day...), he was given a bunch of meds, some allergy pills, and this:

The Cone of Shame...

Poor Max...

Even Austin was not a fan...

Let me tell you a story about these two stinkers. The above 2 pictures I took about 15 minutes after we got home. This last one was taken about an hour later. I told Austin "no no" but, of course, he is 6 months old.. I told Max "no no" and he did the slow walk sadly out of the room. While I was fixing dinner, I can hear the cone being messed with by someone - who I wasn't sure. But, I found out.

Mr. Max has really kept his distance from the bigger boys since they started crawling. But once he figured out that the tiny human could possible take that stupid thing off, maybe he will hang out with him more. Austin was pulling and pulling with all his might. And Max - who would have either gotten annoyed rather quickly or ran or growled or something at the other two - pulled in the opposite direction!! WHAT?!


No, Austin was not able to get the cone off and Max was sent to his little bed in our room until further notice.

Weeks later, Max is 100% and Austin is now all over the house most days. But, Max has started to stay closer to Austin. I guess they formed a bond. So sweet. 

Those cute stinkers of mine...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hiding Out in the Laundry Room

No, it's not what you think. That's not my actual hiding place for the times I have the need to pull out all my hair.

This was a hiding spot for another reason: tornado warning!

Not fun. Not fun at all.

But, when you are a mama to three little ones and a dog... And, you husband is sent out of town on business for a day or so... You are obligated to make it fun. No matter what.

Three years ago on April 27th, we had a tornado warning. And it hit much of our neighboring town just 7 minutes from us.

So, on April 28th of this year, I was not going to take chances. So, at 9:29pm, I yanked the boys out of their beds (after every warning on my phone, tv, and actual tornado siren was yelling at us that it is our time) and sent them to the laundry room. Complete with their pillows and babies. Alex, my grumpy pants, was NOT a fan of being woken up. But, who is?? Austin wasn't sure what was going on. But, my sweet Andrew (at 4.5 years old, by the way) turned into a big boy in an instant. Alex was so scared... Andrew tried to make him laugh, sing to him, hold his hand. Everything. We even made funny faces:

Now, that first warning was really more of a "watch out" it seemed only because it was lifted pretty quickly. Only, they shouldn't have done that.

Twenty minutes later I get the boys back in bed. As I shut their bedroom door, the tornado siren begins blaring. My phone is buzzing and beeping out of control. The warnings are going off on my phone from Google, the Weather Channel, Fox6, and some emergency alert system. Jason is texting me everything he is seeing on the Weather Channel from Mobile. My mom is now texting me, too. My friends are texting me. My neighbors are texting me.

Well, this isn't good.

By 10:15, I tell the boys run to the laundry room. I grab Austin while Andrew rounds up Max and we listen. By this point, I get Fox6 live streaming on my phone and we are watching in the laundry room with pillows over our heads.

At 10:22, Jason writes "Next tornado heading right for you. It's on the ground and it is big."

Not something you want to read...

As I get Jason's text message at 10:31pm that read, "Buckle up" it gets crazy.

The wind had stopped for a moment, then it seemed as if all hell was breaking lose. Stuff was flying into house (later we found out it was a bunch of branches from the trees on the hill behind us), hail was hitting our roof and windows, our house was literally shaking (our safe spot in the central most locating and surrounded by pipes as it is the laundry room), and then all stopped just as quickly as it started.

Around 11, I was able to get the boys back into bed. They were not fans of that. Well, Alex wasn't. But, Andrew talked him to sleep it sounded like. They were worried about the storms - as it was to continuing raining the rest of the night. But, I taught them a little way to figure out if the storm is going away or not. Maybe this could help you kids, too, when there are bad storms. You most likely already know it.

     When you see lightning, start counting "1001, 1002, 1003..." until you hear the thunder.
     Then you will know how close the storm is and if it really going away. 

Andrew thought it was the coolest thing. And, Alex started laughing when Andrew would get higher up in number. Finally the house was quite and back to sleep once more. Austin did pretty good being woken up and such. He is such a good baby!

This mama needs a treat...

Thank God, that nothing more than that happened to our neighborhood or our town. Just horrible winds and rain.

However, a few towns just north of us didn't fair so well. Kimberly, a small town maybe 15 minutes north or so, lost a good portion of everything - a church, many homes, many businesses, etc. A few weeks have gone by and they are in the rebuilding stages. But, please keep these people in your prayers.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Funny

Man, he can jump!!

Maybe you need to look again... I didn't see it at first either. And, I don't even know how my computer did it. Hahaha!

Rewind: April 14-20 {Easter Sunday}


Looking for Waldo after dinner


Some bunny loves it when I make shaped sandwiches... Happy Easter Lunch :)


"I think I can. I think I can."
He wants to crawl SO bad...

A million toys and they all want the stacking cups. So funny!!

Down at my parents house for Easter! And, of course, our trip would not be complete without a round or two of Catan! 

Good times! My husband's face of on the left. Then it is Brendan, Christopher, William, and Sean. Four our of five brothers...and, yes, they are all now taller than me. Oh, dear. 

Easter baskets after Mass! I love how Austin is practically IN his basket! We made them very simple this year as we had a lot from grandparents. 
Andrew and Alex both got a set of Micro Planes, sidewalk chalk, and M&M minis
Austin got a new toy - a sweet little monkey.

Egg hunt time!! Since the boys are still small and everything is a competition these days. My mom had a super awesome idea to get the same number of eggs for the boys in their colors. Perfect! No fighting over who got to what egg first, no sad faces because they didn't "win", etc...They loved it!! They even helped each other out in finding their eggs! So cute!!

Happy Easter, everyone!! We hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


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