Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Great Party for Some Great Friends

Thursday evening, Wo and I hosted a going away party for some great friends of ours - Adam, Jessi, & Sam. Adam was recently offered a position with his company to the Mobile area - and, well, where the Daddy goes, the Mommy and kids tag along :) We will miss them bunches, but luckily they aren't too far from where our family already travels every other month or so! Jessi and I have become good friends through a play group that we have in our neighborhood - Sam and Andy finally able to play together for a few weeks now since Andy has "grown up" a bit. So, it is sad, but we know we will get to see them soon!

The evening's menu: Party Chicken (my mom's famous recipe - if you have ever been lucky enough to even smell it then you know it is goooood!), Veggies, and Chocolate Cake Balls (yum!).

Here are the pictures from the festivities. Oh, and if you are wondering about our beads...well, hello?! They are moving to MOBILE! MARDI GRAS! Whoo!! Hoo!!

Yum, chocolate cake balls!

Theme 1 - A Mardi Gras Send Off :)

Theme 2 - Baby Girl :) This adorable owl outfit and bib set was from Patrick, Lindsey & Brinley. So cute!!

This play blanket was from us. Yes, this was my secret project I was working on that I couldn't post pictures about.

Sam the Man! He is such a cutie!!

Brinley wanted to get in on the picture-taking extravaganza, too!

The Mamas

The Mamas & their babies!  Just like kids, eh? Mine's kicking Sam. Sam is watching Brinley. And, Brinley is making her Mommy sparkle with more beads. But we look great, Mamas!

We will miss you guys!!

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