Friday, July 19, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I feel like I just wrote about June coming to an end...and now we are a bit over half way through with July! We had a few outings this week (and last). We have also made a few changes around the house as the summer moved along.

They boys have been enjoying their bunks so much! But, as we have had them sharing a room once before, we knew what we were we getting ourselves into. We were hoping that they were big enough to know a bit better, but...well, being almost 4 and a bit over 2 is tough work. Luckily, I remembered this clock I saw a good while ago at Barnes & Noble. And, a few friends have been using similar types of clocks for their little ones. Have you heard of the OK to Wake Clock?? It is GREAT!

Source - Amazon

While I was looking for the clock, Andrew and Alex played with the legos. Afterwards, we headed over to the Starbucks and got a goodie. Funny story... I told that that B&N is really a grown-up store and the people like to read their new books and have coffee QUIETLY. I told them we could sit in the cafe, too, but they had to be really quiet. It was amazing... They whispered how good their M&M blondie was and how other mommies that were there had hair like me or a stroller like Alex's. It was so funny. We may need to go there again when this mama needs the peace restored.

Anyway, back to the clock...

That thing is awesome. It glows green when it is time to get up. It glows a soft yellow to be a night light. It even has a nap time setting for Alex! They were getting up way to, 5am too early. Um, no... I do NOT think so, little people. So, now they have this clock that "tells" them at 7am they are allowed to come out/wake up/etc. They still are up early, but they now know to stay in bed and NOT wake up mommy or daddy. That was getting old...

And speaking of getting up early, call me crazy, but I'm getting back into it. I know, I know. Pregnant and all getting up early. But, you know...I need that morning quiet time to myself before I have to get on with the dad. I am back to enjoying that glorious cup of coffee without microwaving it 40 times. I actually HEAR the news instead of catching bits and pieces here and there. I love it.

Can you tell I love it?! The morning sunshine ALL to myself in the backyard. I hear the birds singing and the "babbling brook" in our neighbor's backyard. I love that they have that water feature... 

And while we are talking about birds...that sweet cardinal couple had some babies!! Here is one of their little boys who still has his fuzzy head, but that wonderful red coloring. He comes around all the time and his parents are usually sitting on the fence just watching him close by. Sweetest thing ever. 

I have a few more bird stories...

Gotta love a good macaw picture! Yep, we headed to the zoo - again! 

While we were there, look what we found!! A mama Guinea hen with her eggs. A LOT of eggs!! When we were back earlier this week, she and the eggs were gone and placed safely somewhere else. We are hoping to see some sweet little chicks in the future! 

Last weekend...

I read a post somewhere from a mom who took here little guys to Lowe's for the Build and Grow Clinics. Her kids were about Andrew and Alex's ages. The website says "recommended for 5 years or older." She was talking about how hers love building and such just like mine do. I read on to see that her kids loved it and said that really any age can do it. So, I signed up Andrew for last weekend's project - the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story! Perfect! I begged Jason to take some pictures for me and just look at my little builder man!

He loved it!! Jason said that there were other kids there that were even younger and thinks that Alex will definitely be able to do it, too! So, Alex is signed up for the next project - RC from Toy Story! YAY! 

SUCH a cutie in his Lowe's apron - complete with his Toy Story badge for completing his project!

Look how cool that is!! Thanks, Lowe's!

Are you wondering where Alex was during all of this?

He and I ran a few errands and squeezed in a goodie...

At Dunkin Donuts!! He, of course, chose to sit at the donut table that matched his donut! Love it :)

A lot of fun went on last weekend. We made s'mores!!! YUM! 

This summer we have been working on their workbooks in between the fun and games. Alex is working on his cutting skills and tracing/easy mazes. Andrew is doing the same, just the next level up. Kumon workbooks are the best!!

We have been going on our morning/evening walks, too.At the beginning of the summer they only wanted to do our street plus a few more steps down another. Now, we do the our street, the next one, and a few more steps. 

Puzzles are great, too! This is a gift from one of our friends who got to visit us while on a trip up here! Thanks, Jessi!!

We have had so much fun these past two weeks, can you tell? After parking in the garage and getting things out, they were STILL sleeping. And this isn't just one day...this has been happening for much more than that. Cracks. Me. Up. Especially, when I get closer to having two "Mr. I'm Not Tireds" in the House. 

I hope your summer is going great, too!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Shared Bedroom Adventures {Bunk Bed Time!}

Well, we knew the day would come when we would have to put the two monkeys back in the same room. Austin is well on his way (24 weeks down, 16 to go!) and his room is making progress. But, before I share anything about his room, let's take a look at the two big boys of the House.

A quick thank you before sharing the pics - Thanks to our friends, Kristi and Brandon for (1) telling their family we were in the market for one and (2) bringing it to the house! We got it for a great deal!! These beds are fabulous! We don't know who made them, but it is built very well! Love them!! So, thanks, guys!!

 Top: Changing Alex's toddler bed back into a crib - gotta love those convertible cribs!!
Bottom: Andrew's toddler bed (also a convertible crib) gets one last picture before heading to the attic.

At Lowe's getting a few things needed to get the bunks set up. Andrew and Alex weren't fans of the saw...

 Alex's bottom bunk done!

 Andrew's top bunk done!

Left: Andrew learning how to climb up. The first night/morning was hard. But, funny story. We got these built on a Sunday. The next day - ALL DAY - Andrew worked and worked at being not afraid to climb up. A few hours into the day, I hear him calling me. And, he's on the top and SO proud of himself for doing it! Getting down was a new issue, but, again, he worked hard at that, too. By the time Jason got home from work, Andrew got over his fear and is now quite the climber (which he always was...but a playground is clearly different from being rather close to a ceiling, I guess).

Finally, Austin's nursery is beginning to take shape. The crib is back together and all of Alex's things are all out and in the new BIG boys' room. Next on the list...paint. I swear it better stop raining... We keep having to put it off because of the rain. Quit it already! 

So, what do you think? We are going to add some things to Andrew and Alex's room to personalize it a tad more to their liking, but for now they are quite happy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome July!

I was thinking that July was going to bring out those horrible days of summer where you just want to enjoy the sweet tea and A/C. But, Mr. Weather Man had a better idea. Excessive amount of rain. WHAT?! I has been raining for a week. And, those percentages just won't quit...

Luckily, we did get in some play time and we even enjoyed OUR backyard. Yep, that is right, y'all. I do believe...I am - gasp! - an official Alabamian. Oh. My. Word (I can say that now. Ha!). Though, I guess I have lived here the longest now and it is just time to let it go... I am no longer - sigh - a Floridian.   ::enter tears::

Eh, I'll get over it. While I figure out a way, want to see our super cool 4th of July fun?! Yeah, you do!!


 Library time! And, wow! This was the QUIETEST they have ever been at this place. I'm going to hijack these one day... Kidding. I do need to get to this store though and get a few of these magnetic maze boards. Very cool.

 We ran over to the mall for lunch (Yes, Kristi, we ate Chinese Mall Food!!!!! And, it was awesome!). But even better was finding these super cute football pajamas for my boys!!! Now, they will be ready for the NFL football season (Hey, just because I'm an Alabamian now does NOT mean I will become a college football fan. I'll do that when a college pays for my kid(s) to attend their fine establishment. But, not today...)

 Rock painting - why not? We have a million back here. Might as well make them pretty :)
Only, if you have preschoolers...they tend to use ALL of the colors. Which, if you mix all of the colors... Well, then, you get brown. Hmm...We need to work on our coloring mixing a bit more.
The best of brothers and the best of friends.

 Crazy hair after a great nap

 Mama's afternoon pick-me-up - a wonderfully good iced coffee :)

 I hate this book... (though it is not NEAR as evil as Fox in Socks) "Where's Waldo? Hollywood" something book. Andrew is AMAZING at this book. How he finds ALL of the people (Waldo, Wenda, the Wizard, Woof's tail - just the tail...ugh - and Odlaw) I have no idea. He is awesome at these books. Can you find Odlaw in this picture? HINT: You will only see his face. Who the heck is Odlaw (black and yellow)? Click here for a reminder.  Good luck. I keep losing him...


Cake time! It is that time of the year again to get my cake on. This is now my 3rd year helping our church's Cake Walk at the 4th of July Festival. I make a cake "for" each of my boys. They like to help out with the cake making and they get to choose which one to make. The top one is Alex's - it is a "Lemon-Poppy Seed Doughnut Cake" YUM! The bottom one is Andrew's - a Captain {Chocolate} America! Love it!


 Ready for today's festivities!!

 4th of July Festival

 Heading home after a fun rest-of-the-day at Kristi's - I didn't get ANY pictures is beyond me. We had so much fun, I guess I never thought of it :/ But, getting fireworks for the 1st time (for me and the boys was illegal everywhere else I lived) was something to take a pic of, apparently... LOL!!

As you can see, Jason had so much fun show us newbs the firework fun! He LOVED it!! He turned into quite the pyro within a few moments of the first sparkler! 

 Some pics of our backyard fireworks - we had a blast!! Har-dee-har-har!! :)


 Love Craigslist!! I got this BRAND NEW (with manuals and everything) Graco SnugRide Travel System for $75!!! HELLO! Awesome. They boys love that both of their favorite colors are on Baby Austin's stroller and car seat!

 Make me so happy... Andrew just LOVES Austin already. He kisses my tummy more times than I can count. They both do, but Alex is much to quick to get a good picture...stinker. ;)

Well, that is all for tonight's updates! Tomorrow, I hope to share with you the 2nd portion of "The Shared Bedroom Adventures."  Have a great evening, everyone!

Middle of the Summer {End of June}

Can you believe that June is gone?! Just like that! We had quite a lot of fun as June came to an end. Here is a look back at what we have been up to!


 Getting our morning coloring on :)

 Chillin' - we do a lot of that these days

 Rollin' - we do a lot of that, too. Well, ok. The boys do... I only seem to be able to roll out of bed and such LOL 

 Runnin' - I sure do wish that these guys would pass along some of their energy to me. Then, I would be an amazing runner... I swear, they NEVER seem to be out of breath. Wow.

 Walkin' - We are LOVING our early morning walks after breakfast. We can't wait for this rain to GO AWAY so we can get back at it. 


 Railroader hard at work. 

 Just watching him build a track is one of the coolest things. I love seeing his little mind work!


Only the BEST pizza in the world - Mellow Mushroom!!!

There you have it! A great ending for June. But, just you wait! July is going to be CRRRAZZZY! There are changes coming to the House! Though, I bet you probably guess that since a baby is on the way, huh? Hang on - next post is coming right up!


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