Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Current Happenings

1. The Tiny One - Take 2

12 Weeks, 2 Days

So, this wee one of ours MUST be a girl. Only because this one is already causing drama. But, I could be wrong still. I won't know until either next appointment or the one after (I haven't decided yet).

I go into my what was supposed to be regular 10 minute prenatal check-up. And, suddenly it turns into an hour. Little Bit didn't want anyone hearing his or her heartbeat. Nice. Mommy appreciates that... Let me back up a tad. I'm slightly worried (every pregnancy) that something bad will happen. This one more than the others. I know... Lame. And, I will be 14 weeks tomorrow - still not one bit of movement felt (though...we have been extremely busy so I could have missed it).

Anyway, Dr. F. has a shadowing doctor right now and she had an issue with finding the heartbeat. But, it was fine... Dr. F. will find it. Only, he came in and 20 minutes later he STILL couldn't find it. UGH!

They both left and got the ultrasound tech to take me next. Seriously?! But, it was interesting how I felt all of a sudden... I knew that it was going to be fine. And, whatever the would still be fine. With everything that has happened lately, I was honestly ok. I just said a quick prayer and waited until my U/S.

Thankfully, Little Bit is perfectly healthy and (even though I can't feel anything yet) was rolling around like crazy in there! So, all is well and we should know very soon which "A" name will be announced! YAY!!

2. Baby Bump Photo Yet??

Sorry! I don't have much of a bump just yet. But, someone did say that I was starting to look pregnant! So maybe next week you can have a pic. Maybe.

3. Train 'Em Young!

Austin's new favorite thing to do is push the laundry basket around the house. As long as he has Baby Fox helping and gets to keep the basket when he is done, he loves helping Mommy!

4. A New Cousin is Coming Soon!!

Those two boys... They crack me up! So we walk into Belk the other day to just get out and put and end to cabin fever. And, of course, they say, "Oooooohhhh....not a mommy store!!!! Where is the Lego store!?" As soon as I explain that Silly Mommy just wants to find something extra to put into Aunt Kate and Uncle Justin's box (I swear...I will send it out tomorrow, guys!!), they were ALL OVER THAT. They each were grabbing this outfit and that outfit. Asking what number we should get. In the photo, Alex (front) is trying to figure out where the pants are to those onesies. Andrew is trying to figure out why that girly outfit is blue when it should be pink in his head. All the questions and comments about items for Baby Keira were so funny!

Note: Just so Kate and Just know...those are NOT the items I chose. There is no pink only because I'm assuming that you have way too much of it from the baby shower (saw that happen at another shower I went to). Also, I realized that girl clothes are overwhelming. So, if this is a boy again... I will be TOTALLY fine with that!! Haha!

5. Snow Actually Happened. 

After an ENTIRE day of waiting and waiting for the mysterious snow storm to come, the snow finally decided to fall. At bedtime. Stupid snow. Anyway, the boys were SO happy when they woke the next morning and gobbled up their breakfast as fast as anything, Austin included, to get their gear on and go out in the slushy mess. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of that white stuff?

6. Snow Explorers

Really. That's what Andrew decided their name should be where there is snow. Austin walks in the snow like a champ, by the way. Alex and Andrew's first times in the snow...they looked like little cats with tape on their paws. This guy? He was born for walks in the snow... Hope he knows down the road that the South is the only place one should live though. I can't do the North. I just wont survive. Like, for real. Still not sure how I survived our Minnesota trip! ;)

7. The Great Thaw

Around these parts, if the boys have been playing outside and it is under...maybe 50 degrees? They request hot chocolate to be ready where they are almost done playing outside. Lately they have been requesting hot chocolate in a "real mug" and are just so excited when I deliver. I may have to let them pick out their own special mugs once we can move to the new house!

Good times once again!


Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Quiet Mornings, Wacky Weather, and the Fresh Princes

1. Sweet Brothers

It pleases this mama when there are days like this... Austin, by the way, has found a new snuggle buddy.

2. Morning Reading Time

I've slowly re-introduced morning reading/quiet time. Currently, this is Austin's favorite book - Richard Scarry's Just Right Word Book. So cute.

3. "Hotel Place"

Welcome to the "Hotel Place" built by Alexander Industries. You give the guy at the door your card, and you can go sleep for a little bit or a long time, according to Alex. Are mommies able to themselves??

4. Zoo...on a Saturday??

Yep. It's true. We went on a Saturday (one of the dreaded days...). Luckily, it was kinda cold and most people didn't come out until around the time we were leaving. We had someone come by to see the house, so off we went. Good times, too! There was a birdwatching event going on. Andrew found a pretty cool bird and Alex had found a nest. Fun!

5. Sometimes the weather isn't frightful. And, it's delightful. #wintergoaway

Same day as the zoo pictures above. See? It DID warm up. This was just this past Saturday, people. Right now? 30. Ew. Tomorrow's high 35. Double ew. I hate winter. Hopefully this is the last artic blast...

6. Another Quiet Morning

Puzzles are the best. Especially when there are MULTIPLE puzzles in one box. Awesome. They probably worked on those all morning. I know I had them clean up for lunch anyway.

7. So this is the story...

...all about how my life got flip-turned upside down. I'd like to take a minute; just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the "Fresh Mom of B'ham!" Hahahaha! What sillies. Love it!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Men See Fire. Need More Wood.

Last week we got our fireplace going after years of not using it due to the little people that run wildly about. Also, we wanted to make sure everything was in proper condition for the Open House and for whoever may move in next.

Little did I know that having a fire roaring once again, meant that these little people (and their fearless leader) would revert back to primitive times...

Sure, we have the Duraflames and some extra wood from our awesome neighbor. But that was not near enough for what they were going for. Not at all.

Cave Man Daddy takes the bigger offspring, Dino Boy and Runs Wild, to Big Hill.

You have to look REALLY hard. But they are up there. There is an orange bucket off to the left and they are over on the right. Hunting. And gathering.

You can maybe see them better here... The Boys have blue jackets on and Jason's white tee in hanging out the back of his hoodie. They were out there for like 45 mins. Maybe longer.

But they came back bearing gifts for Cave Mama and Little Squealer

Also, they loved showing off how strong and powerful they both are.

My cave men did a great job at finding the finest firewood in all the land! Look at that fire!

Cave Mama happy. Cave Mama make dinner now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sometimes Wii Win - Sometimes Wii Lose

It is entirely TOO COLD outside. We seriously cannot wait for the amazing weather to return...

In the meantime, we are running out of things to do, games to place, and places to go. So, it is time. Time for the Wii.

Note: There are 2 videos at the end. If you cannot see them you may need to click through to the blog post. Enjoy!

Andrew LOVES playing Frisbee Dog! He's getting better at it!!

No. Austin is not actually playing the Wii. He has a Wii Candy Dispenser Remote that Rachel and I found at Toys R Us ages ago. Need one for your little Wii player so they don't feel left out? Click here. He is pretty cute "playing" along, though! Andrew would make his guy do something and Austin thought it was him LOL So cute and so funny! He's very serious about it!

Andrew's Victory Dance Celebration

Alex's Quiet Win

So, how are y'all fighting the never-ending Cabin Fever?? I need some more ideas... Or a new Wii game for preschoolers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mardi Gras Fun! {In Pictures}


King CAKE!!!!

Andrew found the Mardi Gras coin! He gets good luck for a year!! (Because Publix didn't have the BABY...ugh. Bakery fail. Going back to making my own King Cakes next year!
Now that we are all in a sugar coma....


Happy Mardi Gras!!

Menu Changes, Giving Up, and Taking On

Yes! It is Mardi Gras!! This means, of course, that Taco Tuesday will be replaced with PANCAKES!! And King Cake for dessert! YUM...


But, Taco Tuesday will return. However, other days will have to be changed around and all. Because after Mardi Gras, the Season of Lent begins. Are you ready?

Hmm. Maybe you aren't entirely sure what Lent is... This may help explain it better than I could -

"Lent is a time to stop and reflect. It is a time to grow closer to Christ, through prayer and fasting, through abstinence and almsgiving. The different ways to do this are as unique and varied as the individuals who make the practice. Let’s chat about the ways we hope to draw closer to the Lord as we enter the 40 days leading up to Easter." from Blessed Is She

Ok, now that is taken care of, let's get down to business. I know... There is just already SO MUCH going on at the House (this one and the new one!) that maybe we don't want to add anything else to our long list. But, that's not what this is about...what we it? And, looking back at the past month and a half of all the amazing things that have been happening within our family, I'd say we owe MUCH more than just a change in the menu plans.

For the Mama

The "commercial" side of giving something up:
This is going to sound insane... But, I have done this before... I am giving up - GASP! - Target. Yep. The big red store of amazing goodies in every aisle and on every end cap. But, it could be easier this time... I don't currently need/want anything because we are moving (that will change once we move LOL I'm kidding, honey! Maybe.). But, still. I love that place. So, it will be hard. But, our wallet will look better.

And, since this goes hand-in-hand... I'm also giving up the specialty coffee drinks. I can drink coffee at home. I don't need that "special" cuppa while I'm out. I have an awesome travel mug. Hello?

Personal/Spiritual Renewal:
I have GOT to stop worrying so much. About everything. This Baby #4 is going to be fine. We ARE going to move before Andrew starts Kindergarten. We ARE getting that amazing house. I know all of these things. But, still. Apparently, I like to worry. But, technically technically I need to not do that. And,'s in Matthew anyway. So there. Not allowed. This will be VERY hard for me...

On the flip side... During our Madonna and Child meeting last week, it was said that when you have a hard time with whatever it is that you are giving up/improving/etc, give it up to God. So, instead of my obnoxious worrying, I plan to counteract it with a prayer of thanks instead. Ann Voskamp has that down for sure! 

For the Husbands:
I'm not entirely sure what his plans are this Lenten Season. But here are some ideas for those men out there. Last year (maybe the year before, too), Jason did an awesome job (way better than me) at praying the Rosary every night before bed. Maybe you could pray for your wife everyday? Or your kids? Maybe give up that plate of meat one extra night (not just on Fridays)? Maybe even give up your lunch and go to a Daily Mass instead? 

There are a TON of things that your husband can do for Lent. Maybe he just needs a prayer of guidance?

For the Boys:

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure - I JUST signed up for this while looking for something for them to try. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will get an email for the activity of the day: a video, activity page, daily prayer, etc. It is for 5-12 year-olds. Andrew can definitely do this. Alex may need some help, but he can join in on the fun. And, Austin...he can have a few crayons and some paper. He has to be in EVERYTHING these days.

We are also going to try to read a bible story every night from the Jesus Calling Storybook Bible. The boys love the pictures and Jason and I love the prayer/questions that are at the end of each story. Win-win for all.

Ah, Lent. It is a good time of the year, isn't it? A time for change and growing closer to the One that is making it all happen (whether or not you see it just yet).


Do you need some help with ideas? Try this flow chart out! Oh, it is great. If that was too goofy, check out what others have planned over at Blessed Is She.

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Hair Trend: Bedhead Mohawk

Note: As with all hair trends, please understand that not everyone can pull this off. Style at your own risk.

Start sleeping with partially dry hair, people. It's not just the bedhead look that is's the bedhead Mohawk! Watch it, now! That's right - the Mohawk is cooler (and cuter) than ever.

Good morning!

Why all the photos?

You're making me shy...

Seriously. You can stop now.

This is an all day look that needs no products or styling at all. Especially is you have baby-fine hair. 

Playing around while rocking that Mohawk

Even during school, the Mohawk is still great look!
What a cutie I have, right?! He's napping now. I wonder what it will look like when he wakes. I kind of hope it is still around...


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big Cats, News, and Cool Backstory to a Favorite Song

Zoo day!! It was one of the warmer days of the week, so we had to GET. OUT. OF. THE. HOUSE. 
Alex AKA African Story Teller
ROAR!!! For real. This guy and his buddies were sounding off most of the afternoon. Cool.

This guy wasn't planning on making any sounds. But, wow! He is SO gorgeous!
Not mad or anything. Just serious. Very serious about being the kings of the rocks. And also the leaders of the secret path.
Another favorite animal. Callee was getting his check-up and training taken care of today.

What do you see, monkey?

Oh! Another monkey!!

Beautiful day. Can't wait for another one. We need the warm weather to return. This is just ridiculous! We live in the South, for crying out loud! We should be enjoying sweet tea and swatting at mosquitoes (ok, them not so much...).


BABY NEWS: 11.5 weeks and I just started to show (to the point of  "Oh, you're pregnant!" Not, " those mochas..."

HOUSE NEWS: We have some interested people! YAY! Also, we are hosting our Open House this weekend. Wish us luck and send us prayers! We need to MOVE!! 

ETC NEWS: I just realized I now have 6 MONTHS until I have not just a newborn baby, but also - gasp! - a KINDERGARTNER!!! Whoa... 

RANDOM NEWS: Have y'all seen this?? This just may be this new baby's song <3 If you are a parent or will be one soon, I really recommend you hear this. I loved this song and was too young to "get it" but was one of the many who actually didn't "get it" like he said. Such a cool and very sweet story! 

Article HERE - a good read!

(Note - can't see the video? Click here!!)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Today is a Good Day!

It is really amazing what a full, for-real night of sleep will do for someone!

We are officially done with the house cleaning, decluttering, and staging. Yesterday, around noon, we had the house pictures done by our friend and best photographer ever, Jennifer. She has work with us in the past for our family photos, so using her skills for this project was the perfect idea! And, of course, she did a fabulous job! But, sorry! I cannot show those photos just yet. I'll have to keep you in suspense just a tad bit longer. I will say this though...our house looks amazing! The way the light was coming just made it that hard work for the past 3 weeks so worth it. Now, perfect person looking for a house, come and see what we have to offer you this weekend! Yes, we will officially be on the market tomorrow!!!! AHHHH!!!!

From Instagram - I did add the welcome mat and stuck with no wreath. Pretty door.
From Instagram - "Last photo from us!! Next photos of the house will be found on our listing by the end of the week!!!!"
It was really a wonderful day yesterday! And to make everything even better, Jennifer took some pictures of the boys in front of their first home. I think I got a tad emotional. That could be the pregnancy hormonal junk though. I am SO ready to move! But, maybe not. I mean, this house is where is all started back in the summer of 2007...

Can't wait to see what the next 7.5 years will bring!!

House Showing Time {Trial Run}

Now, come on. Y'all know that I'm all about having things in perfect order (though sometimes it may not look like it...). So, of course, I had to make sure we could get our act together should someone want to see the house in about a half hour.

Photography by Jennifer Branham

This means:

Toys picked up
Everything put back in it's place
Dirty clothes in washer
Bathrooms freshened
Kitchen back to photo set up and freshened
Pretty items for showings out
Candles lit
If time, vacuum once more (or Jason does this while I get the boys in the car
Boys in car
Bag ready and in car - this is my backpack for all of these munchkins (snacks, diapers, drinks, etc)
Lights on
Get out!

The boys and I got this all done in about 25 minutes on the day we tried this out. On the day of a showing (who ended up changing the day - but that's fine. We knew what needed to be changed up!), the boys were already in the car from a birthday party/Costco. Also, the house was picked up and ready to go before we left. Jason vacuumed and put away the fridge/freezer stuff (the rest stayed in the car). I ran through the house putting out the pretty things, lighting candles, and turning on all the lights. Easy peasy.

Back to our trial run day...

As soon as I had everything ready to go and the boys were in the car, we headed over to one of the nearby playgrounds. And, apparently, this one got a makeover!

Good times and a good trial run!!

We are definitely ready! Let's sell this house!!!


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