Friday, September 30, 2011

$20 Lego Table!

I love Pinterest. I think I am extremely obsessed with it, actually. I have made so many things for our home, me, and the boys in the past two weeks. It is crazy! But, so much fun! If you are not on it, first...why not? And second, leave your email in a comment below and I will send you an invite. 

Now then! The lego table! WOOT! I saw this on Pinterest and about died over how cute it was.

So, I had to make this. Sadly, we do not have an Ikea anywhere nearby. And apparently you cannot buy anything online either... Lame. That's fine. I don't mind shopping at Target and Amazon :) I did and this is the end product!

REstyle (Target Brand) End Table - $14.99 (I used a $5 gift card I got last week)
Lego Duplo Base Plate #2304 - $9.99 (Amazon)
Elmer's Spray Adhesive - I got this at Hobby Lobby last year. Not expensive at all. Maybe $2? 
Anyhoo, ok fine. With tax, I guess it is over $20...and if you didn't have a gift card then $25 plus tax. Whatever. Still cheap and awesome! YAY! Andrew loves it! He was building all sorts of things and was showing me what he made. So cute. I will get more pic of that later. 

Well, what do you think? If you have a little builder (or an older one - just use the normal base plates), you should have a Lego table in your house.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing Around

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Lunch & Drawing

 A fun sandwich cutter found at Publix :)

The "labradoodle!"

Ok, I know...say whaaa?
Andrew's friends, Zack and Grace picked this out for his b-day present and they called it a "labradoodle" instead of an aquadoodle! It was really cute!

Going on a Trip

During our days of being sick last week, we had to come up with MANY ideas to keep certain people entertained. Andrew found my stash of boxes waiting to be taken to the recycling drop-off and was very excited. So, we grabbed one he wanted and it turned into an amazing adventure!

Convo with my little traveler:

Me: What are we going to make?
A: Zoom!
Me: Fun! Where are you going?
A: Chip (aka "trip")
Me: Where?
A: Bees (aka "beach")
Me: I love the beach! Can I come, too?
A: No. Tusk go. 
Me: Ok... (with a sad face)
A: Mama pack pack? (aka backpack)
Me: Oh! Yes, you need your bag! Let's go pack for your trip.

He filled his bag with his cup, Tusker, and a few books about airplanes. He's so cute! Still...I wish I could have gone to the beach instead of being home sick...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Simple Things

After being stuck inside with a case of a bad virus, an afternoon in the gorgeous weather was the perfect cure.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

If I cough just one more time...

Friendly Note: If you are a parent, most of the content will not bother you. Otherwise, read with caution. 

Honestly, it would be fine. BUT! Only if that means that my 2 year old will stop getting sick in the middle of the night, my husband would get better, and my baby would continue being just fine. I am a mom and, obviously, that means that I can sleep when my kids are grown and have kids of their own, right?

I really don't mind the coughing. However, it is extremely obnoxious at night when I am finally able to go to bed. But it is nothing compared to the feeling of wondering when the next time someone is going either throw up or have the nastiest diaper in the history of nasty diapers explode all over you, the floors, the bed, the bathtub, the wall... I mean REALLY?!

Tuesday night, I was PRAYING that I had food poisoning. Nope. I guess this is one of God's ways of throwing another curve ball at me... I've had a pretty easy time with the boys. I have 2 amazing children who sleep through the night, eat well, and have never been sick...horribly sick...until now. Well, Alex is fine (fingers crossed!). But Andrew, poor guy, he got it bad Wednesday. Thursday we thought it was gone, and Friday was fine until night came. It was everywhere...oh, the horror... And, all I could do was laugh (on the inside - didnt want to make him feel bad) What else could I do? I was and still am completely annoyed that 3 out of 4 of us are sick. But, hopefully, it will be fine. Andrew has been doing better today (fingers crossed here too!) and they have both been asleep since about 730. So good...

Except what our water bill may look like LOL. Just in the last 4 days, we have done - no joke - 9 or 10 loads of laundry. Um, I only do one a day. Maybe. Sometimes I skip a day. But it is still only 1 load a day usually. And I dont know how many baths that little guy had to take, but we are now out of bubble bath...that I bought LAST WEEK. And it is a big bottle, too!

I am so over this.

Where my sick little guy slept last night... :(

This isn't even half of it...the rest is on the floor. At this point, there were 2 more loads going - 1 washing, 1 drying. UGH!

There is one thing about Andrew being sick though...he wants to snuggle with me all the time! I miss that. He is always on the go. He gotta build something, drive cars, play in tents, run through the house, and wipe off my kisses. So, I do enjoy this tiny positive, but I really want him to get better, too. And, fast! He's only 2. He hasn't even gone to "big school" yet - the Realm of Disgusting Germs... I'll get some more snuggle time then.

Friday, September 23, 2011

$10 Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad covers are ridiculously overpriced. And, I actually quit putting one on the pad a few months ago. But, the awesome room the boys have (here and here) was looking a bit icky with that uncovered vinyl thing on the dresser. So, I made one out of a towel. I was looking all over Pinterest and Target and everywhere else to find something new and nothing said "awesome boy room." It all screamed "hey, there's a baby in here! see my smiling animals and pastel colors!" Bleh. Lame. I am so over the cutesy baby stuff. They gotta grow into this room and once this is done. It's done. Until our new house ;)

Anyway, I found a fun towel that tied the whole room together - the blue/green/brown from the beds and the reds/oranges/yellows in the rug YAY!

Circo ABC Bath Towel - $9.99 (stores only, out of stock online)

So that above turned into this below!

Soft and snugly :) Slips on like a pillowcase, too. Easy thing to make - took about 15 mins (with all the cutting and pinning).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Work in Progress - Boys' Room

If you have been keeping up, the boys' room has been an ongoing thing. This week, I got two things crossed off the list - yay! And even added an extra item to the room :)

Our list so far:

  1. Get bedding
  2. Set up big boy bed for Andy
  3. Get play rug
  4. Art work for over changing area
  5. Plane decals/wall art
  6. Growth chart
  7. World map or map of USA 
  8. Globes or planes hanging above beds
  9. Clock area for times around the world - have 1, want 3 more
  10. Chalkboard or bulletin board for their little memories
 Here is the plane mobile I made with some silver cording I found on clearance, an embroidery hoop, silver paint, and some travel themed scrapbook papers.


Finished - and realized that I need to turn it around to hide the hoop's hardware and cut off one of the strings I missed. LOL Oh, well.

I finished a painting today that was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids:

I just loved this so much. I love PB Kids, too. But, well, ya know. It's PB Kids. So, instead of $54.99...

This version free...sorta. I had all the supplies from paintings I did waiting for Andrew to be born 2 years ago. The canvas is $5 and the paints were like $2 each (all at Hobby Lobby) and I may have used one of their nifty 40% off coupons for the canvas... Who knows? It wasn't $54.99 that's for sure! And, yes I realizes that mine says "serviceS" not "service." It wasn't centered and it bugged me. It's still not actually...

I also got a map of the US that is on the wall next to Alex's bed, but of pic of that. I'll get one added this week. :)

Now, I am down to the "World times" clock area and bulletin board or something for their little memories and what not. We will see what I end up doing :) But, I am almost done!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tummy Time with Infantino

Welcome to Tummy Time on a whole new level! Andrew was a big fan of tummy time when he was a baby. Alex on the other hand...well, it was all out war in the beginning. He likes it, but still is not a big fan. But, the Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle does help him enjoy it more (and make him want to crawl - eek!)

Features include:

 1. A unique angle that uses gravity to help your baby enjoy tummy time.
2. Machine washable fabric cover (awesome for Mr. Droolypants who is teething!)

3. Adjustable toy bar with 3 different positions

 4. High contrast colors for visual stimulation

 5. Musical timer with 3 settings (1, 5, or 10 minutes)
6. Helps your baby reach future developmental milestones :)
7. Great for ages newborn to crawlers (product packaging states 0+months)
8. Product developed with Pediatric Occupational Therapists (added this note in my review for my OT girl!!)

Alex and I had a fun time playing together while Andrew was at school. He was really into the little Crinkle Bumble Bee and doing "push ups." Oh, goodness...I know I have only 1 more month and then he will be crawling. Until then, we will be working out on the nifty Right Angle Tummy Triangle!

The Right Angle Tummy Triangle can be purchased at Toys R Us for $34.99.

While you are online, follow Infantino on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclaimer: As a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino, I have received this product as part of my participation. These views and opinions are my own and were not influenced by compensation. I am encouraged and expected to write honestly about my experience.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Toddler Travel Neck Pillow

Make It And Love It
We might not have gone far this summer, but this toddler neck pillow would have come in handy had I made it earlier. Luckily my little guy will have this when we go visit grandparents! No more sleepy heads being propped up with jackets or anything else that we can find in the car. :)

I am not even close to an intermediate sewing girl by any means... This curvy thing was sooo hard to sew together. Good thing it was a small project.  

Almost done!

Now it's flipped and ready to be stuffed. 


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