Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday {#31days}

Sick N Stuck {#31days}

Sick and stuck... Not exactly a fun combination, you know?

Unfortunately that's what it was for us Tuesday. But, thankfully, today (Wednesday) everyone is MUCH better. Not more fevers and no more yuck. Everyone is just now down for naps and I'm going down, too. Mama needs a siesta (and a margarita).

While we rest up to 100%, here are some pics from yesterday plague.
Not a fan of the boys being quarantined... He wanted his brothers so bad!

From Instagram: Military Vs. Monsters - who will win this epic battle?!

Cool army guys - we found these at Target in the "Toy Spot" next to the toy department. Very cool!

Cannot believe that he is almost 1!!! Look how big he thinks he is! So cute!! He loves those superheroes :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Even Dinosaurs Need a Fresh Start {#31days}

Last week was rough. Though I'm still not sure if that is the best word for last week.

Jason worked like crazy all last week, plus most of Saturday. He left before the boys woke up and was home as we were half-way through dinner (sometimes after dinner). It was not fun.

Jason usually takes care of the bedtime routine while I clean up the kitchen and have a moment to myself. He does the showers, the pajamas, the stories, and the prayers. I come say goodnight and that is that.

But, nope. Last week it seemed as if each day was a disaster when that time was approaching. That "witching hour" - HA! More like HOURS. I mean, wow. Is that how it is when he's doing this? I wouldn't really know. Maybe he has all the patience because he didn't have to deal with little dictators all day long (Yes, dictators. You mamas know exactly what I mean...)

They are totally plotting something in that picture... You know you can see it, too. What? I haven't a clue. The bigs were all whispers and the tiny one was giggling while eating a book. We don't eat books, mister!

Anyway, the next Monday came as the calendar had promised. And this week is supposed to be better than the last (work-wise). Only he is all over the state this time. So the dinner/bedtime routine will be just as fun as last week, I'm sure.

Except this week started off much better... It started with a bunch of giggles in the kitchen. The boys were doing something in there while I was getting Austin ready for the day. And, even I had to laugh at it!

I guess even dinosaurs need a fresh start, too! It can be rough out there, Mr. Dinosaur. Make sure you have a full tank of that stuff.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sweets {#31days}

These two...

Have you heard that song by Katy Perry, Hot N Cold?

Well that's like these two, in a way...

Only it's that one's hot, the other's cold. One says yes and the other no (louder and many times). He's wrong and he's right. One goes up and the next one goes down.

It's exhausting really.

But then most of the time, they are the sweetest boys in the world. The best 2 big brothers that a little brother could ask for. Austin wants to do EVERYTHING that his big brothers do.

And, they let him (sometimes). Though, only a little.

Like, the boys said that Austin was fussy because he didn't want to play in the stroller. He wanted to play on the playground. Only, they wanted him to be safe so he needed to be in the swing.

Then, the boys wanted to play in the Army Jeep (we were at the Veterens' Park) and they needed Austin to be the trailer.

Not exactly what he had in mind...

But there are times when the bigger ones are acting all wild and crazy:

These are the times that I see that look in his eyes... When he is watching closely and learning about these things:

Now that he is walking...he knows. He knows that  he will be leaping and running and joining this wild life soon enough.

He's just giving mommy a break.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday's Duties {#31days}

There isn't much going on today excited a whole lot of getting this house just right. We have such a long list to get our home prepped for the market this Spring (which is why we started so early).

The boys raked the front yard, while I got the mailbox repainted (and realized that the replacement numbers I got are too small..grrr...).

Aren't they adorable!? Those rakes are the real deal just in kid-size. And, yes, they raked most of that pile themselves just so they could do this:

Man, I love these guys. Austin was napping while this was going on. So, he will just have to come out and play in the piles they made in the backyard.

Good times!

Next up: Staining the front door...again. Anyone know of a good UV protection stain? Also, The bushes are getting a trim. And the yard, too. Also, some sort of edging situation to the beds. Any cheap ideas on that, guys?


Friday's Funny {#31days}

So, I promised a funny story yesterday...and that didn't happen exactly as planned. But, I hear that this story of mine did get told at a certain Bunco Party last night.

Clearly, everyone is well aware of this Ebola scare.. And, while we don't (yet) have a bunch of cases (only 8 at the moment...and I didn't even know it was that many. I thought it was, like, 2 or something) here in the US, hearing the news is just NOT FUN.

But it is funny (afterwards) for those that freak out in Target.

I'm in the checkout line at Target the other night. By myself. And, free to think whatever without the interruption of little voices. Y'all. Do you EVEN know how wonderful that is? Mamas know. Others? Not so sure they quite get it. Maybe one day. But, it is awesome.

Only my thoughts were interrupted by the conversation in front of me...

The cashier was asking where this girl was from because of the 1) non-Alabama accent and 2) the non-American accent. She says, "Sweeden. I'm here for school." The guy with her said he was showing her around. Now, why he would bring her to a Target in a suburb NORTH of Birmingham, I haven't the slightest idea... But, that's not the point.

Remember I said, I was by myself and free to think whatever. Yeah... This is what I started thinking:


I'm sure the security camera guys were laughing because my eyes got really big really fast.

All of a sudden I just started thinking, "Oh my gosh, when did she get here?" "How long has she been here?" "Did she fly through Dallas?" "Probably Atlanta." "Dumb airpot...wait...what about the people on the airplane??" "Where were they from?" "Did she touch anything that I could have touched?" "Stupid Target!" "Stupid Ebola." "I'm never watching the news again!"

Yes, I went insane...for about an hour.

I sanitized my hands as soon as I got to the van. Because we all know that hand-sanitizer cures everything, dork.

I got home and washed my hands about 80x and ran to Jason, who was on the phone with his Dad. Sweet.

He took one look at me and my "I just saw death" face and as, "What's the matter with you? Are you ok?"

I say, "E. E. E. Ebola! How do you get it?!" He rolls his eyes and hands me the phone, "Here. Talk to my Dad."

Y'all. This was my greatest moment.


Maybe this is why I need these little people in my keep me from actually going completely insane.

Oh, dear.

Where's the wine? Is it 5 o'clock yet?


Friday, October 17, 2014

Making Up Thursday - Zoo {#31days}

I was almost going to title this just Thursday until I realized that these pictures were from Wednesday. And, then that clued me into the fact that Tuesday's post actually had pictures from Wednesday, too. Oh, dear... So much for being uber-organized, right? Oh, well.

Also, so much for having my 2.5 hour time frame to work with. Austin is starting to wake up and I still have to get dinner started. Maybe we will just do leftovers or order pizza tonight. I don't know. But, there will be a post for Friday today. It will be later, but still today. And I think I may even share a rather hilarious story. It will show my insane side. Oh, wait, you've already seen that side. Well, it's pretty funny. You'll see.

Anyway, here are some pics of our zoo fun from Wednesday, not Thursday. I know the grandparents will enjoy these. Austin is looking more and more like a big boy!

You can totally see the two birds on the lower right hand corner saying, "Look at that guy. Poor, Fred, thinks he can fly." And the other one in the way back, "Simmer down, Fred. This is a no-fly zone." No? The boys thought it was funny. This is our new thing now at the make the animals "talk." Haha - good times!

Love this guy. Alex is pretty awesome, too. Kidding... Alex has been the poster child for "Torrential Threes" lately...

Tuesday - Like "Old Times" {#31days}

Y'all we have like the best friends. Ever since our sad decision of leaving our amazing school to homeschool preschool (to save some money for a new house...), we have had to work at keeping in touch with everyone. It has been great in some ways; chaotic in others. But, these friends have just been absolutely amazing and just so supportive of our decision. (And, yes, I know I can see some of y'all rolling your eyes.. it's just preschool, I know. But, it is what it is for us.)

Last year around this time, Andrew's class had a Community Helpers Assembly. Well, this year, I was planning on just doing a fire safety day or something here at home. Until I got a phone call...

After a few conversations and some emails, Amanda got us invited to join what would have been Andrew's class AND what would have been Alex's class for their Fire Safety Day! How cool is that?! See? We have some awesome people in our lives!


FYI - This guy? Not a fan of the fireman crawling on the ground... But, I am glad they do this to show kids to NOT be afraid of the ones who are coming to save us.  

Afterwards, we said our miss yous, thank yous and goodbyes to our friends (and, in my head, wondering why on earth we left such a great place...but knowing the answer just the same)

Such a great day!! Thanks for having us!!



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