Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wprdless Wednesday {The Peanut Gang}

Friday, December 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Catan Obsession, St. Nick, Tree Trimming, and more!

1. A Tad Obsessed with a Board Game

I just LOVE that our boys are loving their newest game - Catan Junior! Andrew asks to play it every day, I think. He loves that there are pirate ships and a ghost captain. Alex thinks it's awesome to get stuff when his numbers are rolled. Andrew is all about those Coco Cards (Development cards to us grown ups).

If that wasn't enough...check out what Saint Nicholas dropped off in Jason's stocking! The Catan Dice Game! HA! Now Jason and I can play Catan without a 3rd person... Finally!

2. Speaking of St. Nick... 

He stopped by the other night. This is how we take care of "Santa Business" around here. See, "Santa" IS a real guy. No, he doesn't have 8 tiny reindeer or elves or the magic of stopping time to deliver millions of presents. But, he does have the gift of giving. He gives "birthday" presents to remind us of what Christmas is all about - a very special birthday. Jesus' birthday. Of course, for sake of keeping the magic... We do believe in Santa Claus. We just want our boys to remember the point of all this one day with their own children. (To learn more about Saint Nicholas, click here!)

The boys each got "gold coins" to remember St. Nicholas by, along with a super cool chocolate bar that had Waldo on it!! Sweet. Austin had the "gold coins" - which he LOVES - and another Little People Wheelies car.

3. Time to put up the tree!

We finally got around to putting up the tree!! And, once again the boys picked out new ornaments this year!

Yes, every year they get to pick out a new ornament. When it is time to pack up the tree, their ornaments go in their own special boxes. One day, when they have a tree of their own, these ornaments will be given to them to share with their families. At least, that is my hope! I have a few of my old ones, as does Jason, on our tree that we get to tell them about.

4. Christmas stories!

I love bringing out all the Christmas books! We have some great ones that we decided to add to our collection and some others we picked up from the library.

So far, the favorites are The Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I have a favorite one, but I hope to share it with you the coming weeks!

5. Rocket launches are awesome. 

The boys still talk about the Delta rocket that went up for the Orion mission last week! I already put on the calendar the launch happening next week for Space X (next friday!). Can't wait to watch that one with them!

6. Winter is approaching

The boys had a few great days outside, but it's been COLD mostly. You can see it in the clouds...Let's just hope there is no snow at all at any point in time found in those clouds (or any other ones). I've said it before... I LIVE IN THE SOUTH FOR A REASON!!

7. Treasure in the sky

Andrew and I found an "X" in the sky that some airplanes made. He said, "That looks like a treasure map, mama." I agreed and asked what kind of treasure he thought we would find..

I love that kid.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

What is the North Pole Really Like?

Note: This is what my boys told me about Christmastown the other day while playing. It was hilarious! I wanted to save this story for later. 

I'm sure you have wondered what the North Pole is really like, especially this time of year. So, my boys, Andrew (5) and Alex (3) are going to take you on a little tour of Christmastown.

It is quite nice, really. The big people are the rulers of the land, as you can see. The tell the Little People where they should go, what they should do, and what they need to say.

 Christmastown has a bustling train station with four main stops: Santa's Store, The Car Wash and Fixer Place, The Nativity, and Gotham City Jail.

Train Station

Santa's Store where Mary can buy some baby toys for the Baby Jesus because those 3 Kings didn't bring any.

The Natvity

The Car Wash and Fixer Place (left) and Gotham City Jail (right)
Now, I know... why would Christmastown - of all places - need a jail? Well, there are two Santas at this North Pole. One is good and drives the sleigh. The other...? Well, he has been on the bad boy list for quite a while now. But, Batman decided to put an end to it the other day. He capture Bad Santa and put him in jail! Christmastown is saved from mayhem!

You will never guess what he did to get in there...

Bad Santa was stealing Baby Jesus' gold!! Shame on you, Bad Santa...

Friday, December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Thanskgiving Rewind, Quote of the Weeks, & Space!


We headed down to my parents' house for a couple of days for celebrate "Merry Thanksmas" - a mix of Thanksgiving yummies with a ton of Christmas cheer! We play LOTS of games - Catan, Catan Junior, Poker... And, 2 little boys got my dad (who says he is not a big fan of games, but really is...) to play Sorry with them!! I love it!! Us bigger kids got my mom to join us in a round of Cranium (she loved it!)...TOASTER! Good times.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our fun short, as 2 out of 3 of my littles were not doing so well. Austin started a fever about 2 hours into our drive to Pensacola. We stopped for dinner, grabbed some more meds, and kept on going. The next 2 days, he was better. Still a fever, but was a pretty happy guy. We've run into this kind of thing before, so we thought we were ok. Then Andrew got a fever Friday at some point... And come one slept well that night. So we made the decision to end out festivities and head home Saturday after lunch.


My poor little guys... Andrew and Alex have sinus infections. Austin has a mild ear infection (but on the bright side - we are past the point of ever needing tubes and he is doing just fine!! Best decision we made with our doctor. Love him!)


Happy Advent!!


Quote of the Week:

While reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the boys, we got to the part about the Grinch's heart and how Christmas is more than packages and things.

Me: Isn't that wonderful, guys? Christmas is SO much more than presents and packages. As long as we have each other, we can have a great time, right?

Alex: Yeah, or we can do what that guy did and just take it all.

Proud mama moment...

Um, no, dear. That is the point. Stealing isn't nice. And we don't need stuff to have Christmas. Ugh.


Feeling better is always awesome! Especially when it is warm outside and you have secrets to share.



Gotta love a good rainbow in the early morning!!


Oh, ready for a nerd moment? I love space. Maybe you have caught onto that with all my going ons about the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. I love that place! Anyway, December 4th, Orion was supposed to take off. Yes, I got the boys out of bed for this. And, no. It got scrubbed for the day due to winds and some valve issues. Well, today it went up. That Delta rocket took off at 7:05 eastern. I had it pulled up on the ipad for the boys to watch after breakfast. They loved it! Even Austin!

Then, around 10:15, I got the boys in the living room and turned on the NASA channel to watch history. Yes, if this unmanned rocket makes it back in one piece, successfully, no issues, etc... The next time it may be manned. And, shortly, we can get to Mars (or back to the Moon!! I'll go!). So, we watched as the module made its way back home. The boys got to see some cool things, too!

I know... But, it is awesome! Because in just moments, we saw this:

 And then, the guy at Mission Control in Houston said, "And, there's your new spacecraft, America!"

It. Was. Awesome.

Best thing since watching the very last shuttle launch with Andrew.

Woot! Go USA!!


This 7 Quick Takes is brought to you by: This Ain't the Lyceum :) 

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

McWane Science Center {In Pictures}

Sharing photos in the middle of packing...why not? Take a break from packing for the holiday, too, and enjoy the pictures!

The trains are back in town!
So we rode one (sorry for the sad attempt at getting a pic of all of us crammed in the tiny engine)
Ice fishing...for sharks. And, whales. You can't really do that, right? I'm Southern. I don't do ice... Unless it is in my in Coca-Cola or my sweet tea, of course
Said he was skateboarding...oh, dear. LOL
Time for another fort!

Then off to find some bugs. By the way, the scorpion was visible this time (behind the glass). Ew. He looked like he'd been stepped on (not by me).

Moon Jellies are awesome

Finding Nemo...we could only find Dory, Gill and the "Bubbles!!" fish

Catfish are way cooler than Moon Jellies

Declaring that he has found the lost catfish and he needs a fishing pole right now!

Monday, November 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Book and cakes, and dirt - oh, my!

 1. A slight change to my mornings...

The little stinker. He calls for me around 6:30-ish some mornings. I get him his drink ( of 2 days ago, we have now gotten rid of the bottles!! WOOT!) while he yanks a book out of his basket. We snuggle on the sofa, for what seems like just moments, before the boys come out after waving goodbye to the school bus.

After everyone has breakfast and their clothes on for the day, they get their reading time out of the way. And, I swear... Andrew could point at Woof's Tail all day long... I will never be able to find it again. Those Waldo books are HARD. But he finds EVERYTHING. Every character, every missing item, every note to get to the next page. I have no idea how he does it... It's amazing.

 2. McWane Center

We have once again entered this crazy members. But, it is so much fun now that Austin can play with the boys. And, super fun since we have some pretty awesome friends we talked into becoming members, as well!

3. Presents

Austin (and the bigger ones) got 2 surprise boxes in the mail the other day from Nana and Papa! Austin now has his own Batman/Gotham City and a Knight! Which meant, that Mama got a BUNCH of stuff done that day. I didn't care how messy the living room got... We had the castles, Pizza Planet, and Batman stuff all over the place, along with every person and accessory thrown all over the floor by the end of the day. Good times! 

4. Oh, the weather outside is frightful (and sometimes delightful)!

This may have been our coldest day of the week - around the 38-degree mark, I think.
 While this day - just a few days later - was much nicer at around the 65 zone.

5. Silly weather...and boys!

They just love rolling down this hill! I can't wait to watch Austin do it one day!



This guy thinks he's one of the big boys now... I refuse to believe such nonsense. Dat's my baby boy... Sigh... 


 6. The Art Museum is awesome - if you ONLY stay in the kids zone. I don't have money to pay for a gazillion antique chair they just place out in the open because preschoolers would never touch such a thing... 

 7.  My Cake is the "coolest" cake around! 

So, I made this one last week for a friend's daughter's Frozen-themed birthday! How awesome, right?! I wish I had gotten a picture of the inside!! It had 2 layers - one purple and the other a brighter blue than the frosting. Fun!!

 So much fun! What another great week!



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