Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Week

I'm catching up! I'm almost there! Just a few more photos...

Last week was CRAZY busy! But it was fun, for sure!

We did a little bit of painting with Duplo blocks and Q-Tips. 

We did a little end-of-the Halloween candy snacking.


We did a little playing outside no matter how cold it is... We have these things call jackets and hats and extra layers! (Hey, it was 40-something one day. Another day, I think, it was only 30...). By the way, I have no idea what they are talking about. But they were laughing up a storm about something hilarious! After a while they went off to play some soccer. Love those guys!

We did a little hot chocolate drinking to warm up those little tummies. Also, sprinkles make everything better.

We made some crayons. That's all the rage on Pinterest anyway. Maybe that was last year.... Well, we did it last week anyway!

And while all that was going on, Mama baked some cakes! A 6-layer chocolate and red velvet Cat in the Hat cake. Complete with Thing 1 & 2 "smash cakes" for our sweet little twin friends! It was so much fun baking and decorating those cakes. I'll have another cake to share soon. It gets delivered today! Woot!


Thanks Lori for the photo!!
We even did a little fox trotting! Ha! Don't you love that hat?!  

It was a great week at the House! Now, off to take an awesome cake to a little princess!!

Veteran's Day Parade {in pictures}

Veteran's Day in Downtown Birmingham.

Where it all began back in 1945...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Current Happenings

Welcome back, y'all! It's been a while, huh?

Where have we been? What have we been up to? What will we do next?!

To catch you up a tad, here are some photos since Austin's 1st birthday:

The Halloween stuff was packed up and the Thanksgiving stuff all came out. And this is how it shall be until Advent (November 30th), people. Because, why? Thanksgiving is in fact a holiday... These stores, radio stations, ans TV things are trying to fool you. Thanksgiving still exists. Advent is when the Christmas stuff will begin to come out. #oneholidayatatime

Andrew is READING!!!! He did his first word search a few weeks ago!! YAY!! So proud of him! He will definitely be ready for Kindergarten next fall (GASP!!!). Alex isn't too far behind either. He is starting to sound out things he see and - almost - getting the words right. Great job, boys!!

Enjoying the last few days of warmth... Apparently Jack Frost wanted to mess it all up. Grr... I mean, brrr!!

Getting some reading done myself this month.

Just finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy. AWESOME book. It was killing me that I had to put it down to sleep... So, so good. If you loved Jane Eyre, you will love this one. Next in line: The 5 Love Languages of Children, No Longer a Slum Dog, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, and Still Alice.

Lots of brotherly love in the house has been going on these days, too!

Cuteness and an awesome dump truck!

I can have ice cream once again!!! Look!!! Dairy-free and soy-free...made with coconut milk. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Found at Target. Thanks Andrea for telling me about this!!)

Alex found the next number and is QUITE thrilled about it!

Andrew is working on a color by number sheet using addition skills. Sweet. Also, he says these are his favorite pages because it's a "mystery answer and color" - love it!

Planning, planning....

And more planning! I think I have all of Advent covered now (Thanks Pat and Terri for this awesome book, again! They sent it to us a few Christmases ago. We love it!)

Gorgeous fall colors from my neighbor's tree. WHO!!!!! Who by the HOME!!! My sweet elderly neighbors were in a terrible car accident back in MARCH - St. Patrick's Day. Well, Mrs. M came home back in June, I believe. She is doing great now. I even saw her driving again the other day! Yay! And, Mr. J...he finally came back home on Halloween! We are so very happy to see them again. I'm sure they are thrilled as well to be back together again and getting better and better each day. Our whole street has missed them so much (that is the thing we will miss when we move - the hospitality and generosity of our street is just amazing).

Next up: Veteran's Day Parade in the city who started it all!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Recap

Better late than never!

 He's a teeny little super guy! Oh, yeah! (You know you remember where that is from!)

Our annual Bass Pro Shop Halloween picture. Awesome. Austin got his own picture as this was his First Halloween! (click here)

 Headed out to Trick or Treat at the Library
They were so awesome that they made it onto the Homewood Library website. Cool :) 

Homewood Library
Homewood Library

I promised my brothers this photo from Costco. Yes, that is a huge bear! No, we do not want it. I mean, where would you even put that?! It would need it's own room... Why is it SO big?? Oh, wait, that's right. Costco. Everything is big there. Haha! What a crazy bear!

Once we were home, we go the rest of everything done because of friends were coming to town!!My husband's childhood friend, Sean, and his family came up for the weekend. It was SO much fun! Here are some pics before we headed out for the night. (note...clearly I forgot to turn OFF the flash....)

And, oh my.... It was FREEZING cold!! About 40 by the time we got home. It was so cold that this year someone had one of those fancy propane heaters in the driveway! 

We got back and checked all the candies and took out things that were "not good for kids" like Reece's and Snickers. Haha. Joking. Sort of. But, hey, when you have all that candy, what do you need to do??

Hahahaha! Inside joke. Gotta love those!

Anyway, the next days we just hung out and had a great time. The big boys loved that they had a camp out in their room. And, the little boys loved just sitting around and playing. Adorable! 

Just chillin'

Breakfast stop before Mass

Austin sharing the coolest stacker toy known to kids. Seriously. This is our second one. It is awesome.

Austin laughing and Wyatt trying it out as a hat. Love it!

"We just want to chew on things."
It was such a great weekend! We were so glad that y'all came!! 

Come back soon! ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Austin is 1!!!! {Birthdays}

 Yes, it is that magical time of year where you remember when you were all like this:

Sometime around 4 am before heading to the hospital on Nov 6th
And, then after a while, you get to see this:

But then a year passes by rather quickly...

Crazy, huh? He is such big boy now!

This was right after he woke up, as you can see in the top left picture. Not fully awake, but ready to party!

That guy is one special little dude. His brothers may be stinkers at times, but they love their Baby Austin so much. Ahem. They love their Austin so much. I was informed by Alex that we cannot call him "Baby Austin" as he is no longer 0 years old. "He is 1, mama. And that mean a little boy. When he is 3, like me, or maybe 5 (like Andrew), then he is a big boy. But, he not a baby." Sigh... 

We had quite the party day for this guy! First, birthday breakfast and presents from his brothers. They picked out a bunch of those Little People Wheelies cars. He loved them, of course (and the bigger ones, too, apparently). While he played, the boys got a bit of some school in while I cleaned the kitchen and got ready for Austin's day of fun.

We had an impromptu mini birthday party at the ice cream shop (which, silly me...I didn't get pictures of that. oops #momfail). I did get a picture of the party-goers though!

I just love that photo! It totally shows all their little personalities. Adorable!! :)

Afterwards, we met up with some more friends at the zoo ( is NOT a picture from the same day. Same friends, different time. Yet another #momfail)

By this point everyone was sick of the party hats and had entirely too much energy. So, even if I had thought to take a darn picture, I'm sure not one of mine would have chilled out for 2 seconds. Yeah.... Still, the zoo was fun and they were most definitely worn out by the end of the day! Especially, since I took them to Toys R Us afterwards.

Yes, I know. Insane is the word you are looking for. But, it all worked out. The boys knew that 1) Austin was the one picking out a toy and 2) Christmas is coming. Of course, with fact #2, all I heard was, "OOO! Look at this!! We want this on the list!" or "Let's tell Santa!" and "Let's take a picture and send it to Grandma!" Oh, my.

Austin did pick out a toy after we wandered a few toddler aisles. And it was super cute, too! He saw a dump truck and said, "CA!!!" (for car, but basically everything with wheels). I asked his if that's what he would like and gave me the biggest grin. Then we turn the corner to walk to the register. And, wow. I thought he was going to actually jump out of the cart to grab the BIGGER dump truck (which also happened to be orange). He saw that one and threw the smaller one down and reached with his grabby hands for this truck. It was so cute! So, of course, he got that one. And while I was glad it was super expensive (tag said $27 something), I was even happier when I went to pay! It got that thing for $17. Score. Everyone wins.

Jason came home for just a bit to give him his present before having to head back out. But there were smiles all around. He just loves that truck!

"Thank you, Daddy!"

After dinner we did celebration #1 (we had cupcakes for the next few days since Jason missed out), and, oh my.... He's not a big fan of the birthday candle. But LOVES the cupcake!


Oh, Austin... You are such a funny, sweet, amazing little boy! You make all of us smile and your little laugh just warms our hearts. We love you so very much!!

Happy 1st birthday to our little super guy!!


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