Friday, September 24, 2010

10 Down 29 to Go

So...FUN! I found out that we will find out what we are going to have the week before Christmas! What a great gift, huh? It is quite fun! With it being Christmas, we are not sure if we are just going to come out and say what the baby is, or if we are going to do something cute. We will see :D

I'm starting to show a little bit already, too. Dr. Foster said that it is true that with the 2nd, you show quicker. And, he said that since I lost all the weight and more, that I will show even quicker. So, the next appointment, I guess we will start the measuring of the baby bump. Here's me at 10 weeks:

 The pic on the left, I had to add because it still shows my cute figure that I worked so hard for with a hint of a baby bump. The one of the right, though, shows where "Baby A" is a little better. Oh, the "A" is the first letter of Baby's name. We have a few picked'll just have to see which name we have picked come December!

And, yes, sorry for being such a bad blogger! But, now that the party if over and I am slowly getting out of the 1st trimester, my energy will return and you will get to hear all of our stories soon enough!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Andy!

This weekend, Andy had a wonderful party with his family and friends! He is such a big boy now!! He loves the playground and the water so his favorite playground was the perfect venue! Check out his birthday bash! :D

He had so much fun! But he got tired out and was ready for a the cake was kept for a bit later :)


If you would like to see more pictures, head over here and here! 

A few updates would be nice, eh?

9 weeks down and 30 to go!! WOOT! Yes, I am counting down. I get to this time...and actually be able to do it with confidence! LOL! So 30 left. HA! And, I scared myself but quickly go over it... Yeah, I read about how a C-Section is performed...yuck... I was squirming in my chair... Ewww... But... BRING IT ON!

Anyhoo! Nothing else really... But I will be a better blogger - promise!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Boys Are Such Stinkers

Watch VERY closely...

Did you see the train move?

Did you see Max?

Did you see what Andy did?


If you it again! You will laugh!


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