Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

The oldest and the youngest. Andrew has always been an awesome helper. He is such a great big brother!

Mommy Saturdays - 
This is our new thing and it is quite wonderful. Each Saturday morning, I take either Andrew or Alex with me while Jason stays home with the other 2. We go do our errands and such, like groceries or whatever, but our first stop is breakfast. We usually go to Dunkin Donuts. This is our time just me and just 1 of the 3. We talk and stuff. It is great! One time, Andrew brought along a book and we got all cozy in one of the "fancy" lounge chairs and read it together while enjoying our muffin/donuts. Good times. :)


FINALLY. I finally got some of Austin's wall art and such hung up!


Enjoyed the weather over the weekend while we could! Some one is getting big much too fast!



He really wants to run outside with them. When they do run past the window, he will move those little legs in that bouncer as fast as he can. So funny!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday {How Mama Works Out}

Wedding Wednesday!

Check it out! Here is Alex trying on his ring bearer threads for Justin's (Jason's brother) wedding!!  Andrew's shirt and tie (also a ring bearer) pictured top right. 
Austin's wedding attire just because it is too stinkin' cute not to share is picture bottom left.

Here are the books we checked out from the library to get ready for Uncle Justin and {almost} Aunt Kate's wedding!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday {Game Night Edition}

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We have quite a few game nights since the 1st of the year! We have play a lot of great games with the boys. And many of them are actually played more and more - by just Andrew and Alex - during the week! Here are some great ones to add to your collection:


This game is still a work in progress with the boys and is currently the hardest. For now, we play in teams - Team Alex vs. Team Andrew. And, they have learned quickly that whoever had Daddy on their team always wins. I'm just not good at that one! But, even though it is a bite hard for them, these guys still love it!


This game is a LOT of fun! Overall, the boys love it. They think the pictures are cool, too. Andrew doesn't like to pick the wrong ones though... Alex doesn't seem to mind all that much until someone gets a match letting that person go again. But, it's a great game for them. They actually take this one out after school to play it while I get dinner going. 

  This game is the best of all for them. They are playing it right now actually while I get these few posts scheduled before our trip. They are really great at this game. It is perfect for their ages (4 and 2.5 yr old), too - teaches them how to take turns, numbers, colors, and memory skills (who had that card again?). We love it!!


These I have got to get a hold of... They seem to be doing well holding the cards in the pictures above. And, they are...until they have to add another card or take one out of their hand. Then it is chaos.

We do not have this one just yet. But, we have an upcoming reader in the house so this would be great to add to our game closet!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zoo Day!

I wish that we could say that we are back to going to the zoo each week again. But, sadly, the weather just wants to be stinky.

Last Friday we were able to get out though. We all needed that break from being indoors. All of us. Here are some pictures for last week's adventures!

We had the whole reptile house to ourselves for a good while. Pretty nice. Especially, since we were fooled by the weather and it was a tad cooler than expected. Good thing we dressed in layers. It did warm up by the time we left.

Some tidbit: 

Austin's first time to the zoo! 
First time to the zoo with 3 kiddos...eek! ;)

Alex checking out the copperhead...ugh...I hate snakes. So gross. He does, too. The whole time he was telling the snake, "No! You are bad!" LOL

 The boys had to stop at every single one of these :put your head in the hole" things (Andrew is the top collage' Alex on the bottom).

 Weird dinosaur bird. 

 King Julius just chillin'

My little rhinos..

 If that road in the back weren't there, then it would almost be believable. They are amazing animal though. Love them!

 "Playing" with the tiger

This little guy had a great time!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


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