Monday, October 28, 2013

Week in My Life: Sunday

I must admit...after yesterday's extravaganza I didn't do a thing.

I am soooo happy to have Jason back home. He takes much better care of me than I do. He took the boys to Mass this morning and I had the house to myself. I technically only did one thing...right after they left, I started a load of dishes. But, then I went straight back to bed and slept until about almost noon. It was so nice.

I finally got up and got everyone a late lunch. And, apparently, the little ones were cranky about yesterday's extravaganza so they skipped out on lunch and went down for naps. Well, actually Andrew is the one who got into bed for a nap. Alex was still in his car seat sleeping soundly. Don't worry. We left the door open so we could hear when he decided to wake up. he is such a cutie.

After naps, lots of smiles and some playing around, I got dinner reheated and everyone fed. It was really one of those wonderfully relaxing days - thankfully. We really don't need any more unplanned trips to labor and delivery...ugh.

The boys got to watch the Packers kickoff and then it was time for bed. And, once they were in bed and quickly asleep (I supposed labor and delivery wears them out, too!), I got out a yummy treat that kept calling my name from the checkout line at Aldi:

Oh, yes. A cheesecake sampler. Yes, please. And it is very, very good! Jason was teasing me for grabbing this, but he ended up loving it just as much. Besides, I can't have this after November 6. So, there. It is mine for now. Haha!

I had to share this pic, too. This is Max. He is almost 13 now (we think, anyway...). My sweet little mini-schnauzer is going blind and has more than a few ear infections, but he's my little snuggler after the mini humans are in bed. Love him!


Well, what a week this has been. Thanks to Adventuroo for hosting this event! Really, it could not have been a better week to document. Well, ok, Austin could have been born and that would have been fun to share. But, he has 9 more days...or does he??

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week in My Life: Saturday

Oh, Baby Austin...what are we going to do with you? Honestly, I don't have a clue at this point in this pregnancy. But, every time is yeah...

Today started of fine. I got a menu plan and grocery list done. I got the boys fed and headed out to the grocery store. The men were left at home to get some things done around the house. I wasn't gone all that long and, hey, this is my 3rd pregnancy so, you know, whatever goes, right? I have things to get done. And, once again, I wasn't really paying attention to those "tummy aches" again.


I got home and suddenly felt like not moving at all. No matter what. So, I chilled for a bit before getting lunch together and a few things taken care of before headed out to Kristi's baby shower. Jason asked, like every 20 minutes, if I was timing the contractions during all of this, too. What? Why? I'm a repeat c-section. I'm good. Oh, wait this is the third baby...I've been told by numerous mamas that number 3 comes much faster/earlier.

Yeah...I started timing them. I had to look up how to do this, by the way. I know. I know. But, I never really had this issue before. I had them with Andrew (baby #1) and went back and forth every weekend to L&D and never dilated until my water broke at the doc's office. And, it still didn't happen until I got the pitocin. So, I had no idea. Alex (baby #2) was a c-section and, again, nothing ever happened with him. I just went in and had a baby. You can see my issue. Oh, and I never did any birthing classes either. Sorry, but some things are just left to mystery. I can barely watch an episode of "Friends" when Rachel is having a baby. No. Thank. You.

So, I found a fun app that helped me time them. I found out that these were happening about 6-7 minutes apart. Huh. Interesting. Well, it's time to head over to Kristi's shower. I mean, I can still walk and talk, so why not? I don't feel like dying just yet...

Kristi's shower was a lot of fun! They had painted pumpkins pink and grey - so pretty! The cake and cupcakes were fantastic. And, I probably drank a gallon of the punch they served - super yummy! But about 1/2 way though the presents I started to feel things more so than earlier. Once, she opened all her fantastic gifts - this little girl has a FULL wardrobe, people! - I had to make my way out. Wish I could have stayed longer, but I was crying in the car the closer I got back home. That's when I decided that I should call the doctor. And, of course, I got sent in to L&D...

Jason could even see how much pain I was in...I am NOT a fan of crying in front of people. Not even him. Lame, I know. But, true. So, we get there and guess what happened next...?

Checked and double checked - fun....

Monitored for 2 hours...

Sent home...

Really? Dear, sweet Baby Austin...stop it or get out. That is all.

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Week in My Life: Friday

Friday was a much better day in the beginning. We hosted a little Halloween play date at church and played a lot the rest of the day.

Somehow I didn't even think to take any pictures of the Halloween play date...oops! But the boys had a lot of fun playing with the other kids and the mamas got to talk with each other. It was fun!

After lunch and naps, we watched the rest of our Halloween movies from the library and made some more Halloween crafts.

The masks were the leftovers from our play date this morning. They already made 2, but needed some more. Just in case. I suppose all superheros need a backup mask for those rough encounters, right? 

Thankfully, it is Friday. Fridays are one of our favorite days of the week. Why? Because it is pizza-popcorn-movie night!! And, once again, tonight's feature film: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

I seriously LOVE that they love that show. 

But as much fun as we were having...I was starting to not feel all that fantastic. Again. 

I guess we will see what happens...

Week in My Life: Thursday

Well, Thursday turned out to be rather interesting.

It is great morning. The boys are up and ready for the day with smiling faces. Jason is on his way home. We are having breakfast and talking about the day ahead. Andrew is going to wear another orange shirt to school for orange week. Alex is telling us about the friends he wants to play with today. Lunches are packed, errand list and things ready to go by the back door. We are on a roll!

After dropping the boys off at school, I return some things to the library, pic up some stamps at CVS, mail a few things and, then head over to my doc appointment (which...let's keep in mind that I was just complaining to a friend that while I love hearing Austin's heartbeat these appts were getting boring and semi-pointless. I'm a repeat c-section so getting "checked" was nixed - and fine by me haha). I get called back right after I take a seat... I swear they do that to the very prego just to see how long it takes us to get back up again.

So, I'm in the exam room and my doc is doing his typical measuring and heartbeat check. He asks how the baby is kicking and such. Well, ok, I'm FIVE FOOT NOTHING and I am pretty sure he running out of room at almost 38 weeks, ya know. But, silly me, I say something about him not "going crazy as much" but he's probably fine. Well, at this point of any pregnancy, it's better to be safe then sorry so I am now headed to the monitor room just down the hall. Ugh. Ok. So, his nurse is hooking me up and Austin is just not having it. She couldn't find him. Then, when she did, he would kick the little monitor off my tummy and move away. He really is a Mr. Stinker Pants...

Super exciting times

Once I am hooked up and he's worn himself out trying to get away from the monitors, I'm just laying there checking Facebook, some blogs and texting Kristi while listening to his little heart just beating away. I figure I'm headed home soon so just enjoy the quiet, right? Anyway, I decide to grab a little bit of a video since I don't actually have either of the boys' heartbeats on a DVD or anything so why not?

 Note: If you are viewing this via email or mobile device, you will need to click through to the actual blog. Otherwise, you can't see the video or hear a little heartbeat. 

So, while I am grabbing about 30 seconds of Austin's heartbeat and random kicks, I notice that maybe those little "tummy aches" aren't actually "tummy aches" at all. I;m not sure if you can zoom in on the video or not, but look closely at the bottom (or right side) of that paper. Yep, those are real and very regular contractions. Interesting. Very intersting. 

After about a half hour, my doc comes back in and says, "Hmm. You are contracting. Guess we have to check you after all." YAY! Because that's exactly what I want to do... Not. Once he's through, he said, "Well, we are going to have to send you down to Labor and Delivery for a little bit. You might get to go home, but we just want to make sure. These are pretty regular and you are dilated. Only 1cm. But you weren't anything before."

Oh. Happy. Day. 

Yes, I argued with him. Dr. F loves that though. Haha! If you know me personally, you know the stories I have about my visits with my doc. He is fabulous and I just love him! But, I do not like hearing that I have to be stuck somewhere until further notice. Not cool. But, really. I have things to get done before Austin come!

Anyway, of course, as any pregnant woman knows...once you get to L&D, your contractions stop and you are haunted with a false sense of hope for the next couple of days that your little stinker is going to make his appearance. Obviously, I was sent home. And right after Kristi (who is 4 weeks behind me) unhooked and dragged out 2 giant car seats from my van in the parking deck to throw into her truck. We may have "jumped the gun" but this is the only pregnancy out of the 3 in which I actually dilated. Andrew was late by a day. Alex was C-section. And, Austin is going to be a C-section. So, what in the world?!

Insanity is Thursday's nickname. I tried to change next week's appointment to a different day just because of the madness, but darn it. I'll be headed back there Thursday. So we shall see what fun happens then. 

Note to self: don't complain! HAHAHA!!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Week in My Life: Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week! I love it! This means Jason is almost home (well, tomorrow anyway) and the weekend is almost here. YAY!

Today was a very exciting, fun-filled day!

The pre-K program at the boys' school hosted a community assembly for the children in the 3K and 4K classes. This isn't typically a school day for either of them but, we were able to attend and very glad we did!

If you didn't know, October is Fire Safety Month around the country. So, naturally who else is better to teach the children about fires and such? The firemen!!

Cool, huh? I really liked this presentation they did for the kids. The fireman on the left explained all the parts of the fireman's outfit/equipment on the right AS he was putting it all on. This is really great for the kids to see this in case there were such an emergency. Let's face it, they look pretty scary in a dark, smoky room, right? Especially if you are a 3-5 year old! You can't really see the guy's face once he has on that mask and helmet... He turned on his oxygen tank to so you could hear him breathing and talking through it - which sounds even stranger. But they were HILARIOUS and made everyone from the parents to the teacher and kids laugh. There was even a part when they had shut off the lights so the children could see what a fireman might look like in the dark with the different pieces that gave a reflection. Very cool. Alex and Andrew were quite impressed with the whole thing!

Note: I was going to add this picture to one of these collages, but just look at those autumn leaves behind the truck. It was just too pretty to put with the other pictures!
We headed outside a few moments later to learn about the firetruck and what is inside other than just the firefighters and hoses and such. Honestly, I had no idea that they carried around so much stuff in there. Things I didn't realize they even used - like a giant balloon type of thing that inflates to lift a car that could possibly catch fire and they need to get someone out a bit quicker.

Top left: Andrew standing next to his buddy listening to the firemen (And, ugh...I know the pink shirt. It is his class shirt color). 
Top right:  Aren't these kids so cute?! This is Andrew's class - the youngest group. They are just the sweetest kids, too!
Bottom left: One of the "silly firemen" that Alex pointed out. 
Bottom right: The firemen showing all the stuff inside the truck in the "hidden doors"

After each class got their picture with the fire truck, we waved goodbye and thank you to the guys that came out. The kids LOVED watching the firetruck drive off blaring it's siren, horns, and bells! Very cool!

Once back inside, the kids had a snack while some of us moms chatted. It was nice to get a little "grown up talk" in, you know? Alex felt like such a big boy. He got to do everything with his brother while we were there. He sat with him and his friends. He talked to his teacher. He even got to take home a fire hat, too! Then he told me as we were leaving that he needed to be in Andrew's class. Oh, goodness. Next year, buddy. 

Once back to the car, we headed to Target to grab party supplies for Friday morning. I'm the Moms and Tots coordinator for our mommy group at church and we are having a little Halloween party Friday morning. 

When we got back home, it was time for lunch. And, thankfully, right after that it was nap/quiet time! I told the boys earlier today that we were going to go somewhere afterwards but, that it was a surprise. So, Alex didn't fight me this time when I told him it was time for his nap. Yes! 

During this wonderfully quiet point of the day, I got a few things done around the house - like putting away the laundry finally and posting some pictures to the blog about our adventures this week so far.

After nap/quiet time was over and snacks were eaten, it was time to get Batman and Spiderman ready to go on a mini-adventure. 

Aren't they the cutest superheroes?! Love 'em!!

Grabbing a bite to eat for the car, we headed out to Bass Pro Shop (by this point I was giving them clues along the way - this was one of them). If you don't know about the different events put on by Bass Pro Shop, you have to try them out!! We go to the Christmas event every year and I just found out about the one last night! Remember me telling you the other day about how they are LOVING "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" - well, hello! This is EXACTLY what was going on there this month for Halloween!! Are you kidding me?! So, yes, we were headed there!! It is free and Jason is still gone until tomorrow. This mama needed something extra to help get through one last day!

As we drove up to the place, the boys saw a huge banner displaying what fun is going on right now. When they saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown, there were many loud, excited squeals in the back of the van!

I'm not a hunter or into fishing or anything, but this is a pretty cool place. Uh-oh...Alabama is starting to grow on me even more. EEK! ;)

First stop - pictures with the Peanuts gang! And, I have to say the staff here is just AWESOME! We were the only ones there for a little bit, so they made sure to get a great picture for me! How cute are they?! So, thanks, BPS!

While we were waiting for the trick-or-treating to start, they boys colored some pictures and made a few Halloween crafts.

And, then they saw this nifty little ride. A Fisher-Price Dune Racer - oh my... Thankfully it was bolted down...they wanted to leave with this thing. No joke.

No worries...they did leave with quite a few Halloween treats and prizes though! The got special pins and bracelets for being the first 100 kids to show up. How they got these Halloween treats is pretty cool, too! All over the store there are a handful of different departments - fishing, hunting, apparel, etc - and you go trick-or-treating to each place. Some spots gave out candies and other gave out toys or crafts to do. It was really cool. And the best part - it was free! Gotta love that!

But, honestly, this was the best part: Spending time with my little superheroes, getting a great picture of them in their costumes, and listening to their endless giggles!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week in My Life: Tuesday

Hello there, Tuesday. The good thing about today was that it is a school day meaning that even though Jason was out of town for a bit, I got a break. I actually took a nap. Saaa-weeet!

On school days, I get before the crack of dawn (530-ish). It's still dark, quiet, and the world around is just beginning to wake up. It really is a magical time. I wonder how this is all going to pan out once this little mister #3 makes his appearance. Eh, it will still be a magical time. But, I am sure that the coffee will once again find it's 2nd home in the microwave. Haha.

Around 645 on these days, the boys get up and get their day going. Actually, they are up before then, but can't come out and wake up the world until the green light goes off. Luckily, they have learned to be a tad quieter in the mornings. The coffee gets sad if there is noise, right?

By, the time breakfast is over and clothes are on, it is time to grab backpacks, jackets (yep! it is FINALLY cold enough for jackets! 40-something that morning!), shoes, and head out for school.

While in the car we talk about the day ahead of us, work on/say our prayers (we are learning the "Our Father" right now), and listen to a silly and spooky Halloween tale in the car while looking at the Halloween books. They are just so cute to listen to on the way to school! I love hearing their conversations about what they will be doing in their classes. Andrew told Alex about how he was wearing an orange shirt because they were leaning about orange and all the things that go with it. Alex told Andrew about his friends and what kind of snack he wanted to have. He likes to emphasize the important things, you know. Love them!

While they are learning about all kinds of things, I ran out and took care of a few errands - baby shower gift, birthday gifts, stamps - the regular things. Then headed home to just chill.

Eventually the clock tells me to get going. So I grab snacks and fresh ice water (must have the ice!) for the boys. I catch up on some of my podcasts on the way and wondering how their day went.

When I making my way to Alex, I can hear him saying, "My mommy here!!" He has the BIGGEST smile, gives me the BEST hug, and says bye to all his friends and teachers. It is the cutest, sweetest thing ever. After we get to the car and make our way to the car line for Andrew, we chat it up for about 20 minutes waiting for the big boy to come out with his class. Andrew LOVES that I'm usually the 2nd or 3rd car in line. His face lights up and he gives me cutest "I'm a big 4 year old, but I can still wave to you" wave. Once he's in the car and buckled up, I try to get a few questions in about his day, but usually I hear about it through the conversation between the two from the back. Andrew wants to tell Alex all about his day and Alex wants to tell Andrew things, too. It is so sweet. They ask each other stuff and just talk, talk, talk all the way home - or until Alex drifts off to sleep for a bit.

After getting home, the rest of the day begins to wind down as it is now close to 330. Bags are unpacks, lunch stuff in the dishwasher, papers and projects filed or added to the fridge and numerous calendars - you know. All that "mom stuff" you have to do after school. Then there is a chunk of time where we find things on the windows like this guy:

Or we snuggle up on the sofa to watch some more old school Halloween cartoons, like Tom & Jerry:

It was a great day. We missed having Daddy at home with us, but we made it through another day and soon enough he will be home.

After dinner, it was time to get the house back into order, grab our pajamas, and snuggle up some more for story time. And, yes - Halloween story time! We read "Room on the Broom" tonight. SUCH a cute book! We can't wait to watch it on Sprout this coming Monday!

Once the boys were in bed, I cleaned up the kitchen and snuggled up in my bed with my newest book from the library:

Oh, yes! We are big Jim Gaffigan fans in this house - even more so now that we learned he was Catholic, too (and, proud of it)! Score. Gotta love a great comedian!! And, yes - this book is HILARIOUS!! I was dying laughing on just the first few pages. Awesome.

Once I had been able to say goodnight to Jason (and find out that he was going to be home Thursday instead of tomorrow - grrrr) , I was able to get to sleep slowly. I'm a terrible sleeper anyway, but when he's gone it is even more rare... Not. A. Fan. Oh, and being 37 weeks pregnant with your husband out of town isn't all that cool either. Just sayin'

Not that anything is going to happen...or will it?

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Week in My Life 2013: Monday

Hello, hello! Welcome to a fun little documentation of a week in my life. It's pretty interesting that this little blogging adventure just so happens to run this week - Jason was out of town for the past few days. So, our lives have been a little interesting these past few days.

Taking it easy the first day without Daddy at home. LOTS of playdoh fun! Alex and Andrew are getting so good at making faces on things now. I just love it!!

I got a lot done around the house like cleaning up, laundry and what I had thought was "last-minute" stuff for Austin's arrival. More on that soon...

There really wasn't much more to get done other than making lunches and planning out the rest of the week without my other half. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Rewind: October 13-19

Last week was filled with Autumn Goodness! Here's what we were up to:


The boys and I made some of these yummy pumpkin treats! Wanna make them? Just grab some candy corn pumpkins, Hershey's hugs, and butter snap pretzels. Super easy to make - promise! (For some direction - go here)

 Of course, you can't have Halloween treats without some Halloween movie/show! I took back old school and put in my Bugs Bunny Halloween dvd. The boys laughed at it quite a bit which made this mama super happy! It is one of the best things to be able to share something I did as a little kid with them AND they enjoy it just as much! 

 Later that day, we ran out of dishwasher detergent. Bummer. But, I had this little pin tucked away and thought I'd try it out. Yep, I made some dishwasher detergent. And, let me just say that the dishes really are cleaner than with the store bought stuff. Plus, that LemiShine makes my dishwasher smell pretty fabulous, too. If you want to make this or read more about it, click here to check out this recipe and more.

Of course, finding these ingredients took a couple of trips into a couple of stores. See, I was trying to avoid WalMart at all costs. And, well, they were the only ones with the Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda. I hated that I had to go in there... I have not physically been into WalMart - no joke -  in 4 years.  WalMart is always so gross when I's never clean, the customers are "interesting" and not in a good way, there are a thousand checkout lane but only 2 are actually open, it is just....ew. I hate it. Not going back. So, I got myself a prize for not wanting to scream in the store. Seriously. I know, I know...some of you like it. And, more power to ya. But, nope. I'm sending Jason next time (if I have to...). Otherwise, I'm going through Amazon... Besides, WalMart is NOT the cheapest. We are Aldi/Farmers Market shoppers :)


 Monday is cleaning day at the house. Where I go all out and get the whole place in order for the week so I don't have a ton to do later. Apparently the boys wanted to clean their kitchen up, too. What cuties.

 After I was pretty much done, they wanted to make another fort with their chairs and blankets. 

 Good times!

 And, of course, since the weather was amazing, we headed outside for some snack and some reading! Gotta love some spooky fun!!

 Speaking of spooky fun, check out their lunches for this day! HA! Awesome. 


 These two are going to make the BEST big brothers!! They kept some of the baby bottle party favors from the diaper shindig last Saturday for their babies. Andrew told Alex that he needed to teach him how to feed the baby because he fed him a bottle when he was a baby. Super cute!! Andrew is one amazing helper and big brother trainer!!

 We were the "cool parents" Wednesday night and let the boys stay up a bit later than bedtime so they could watch a new Halloween show on TV. Toy Story of Terror!! It was so cute and pretty funny. We were all giggling at it, even Jason. Did y'all watch it?? 


 Our little tree is finally ready for Autumn!!

We had another Halloween movie checked out from the library that was super cute!! Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie. We are big Winnie the Pooh fans. Such a cute little movie!!


 Super awesome helpers!!! These boys crack. me. up. 
Austin really wont be able to use this until he is 4 months old, so I was just going to keep it in the box until it was time. But, Andrew insisted that we put it together right now. He said, "that way it will be ready for him when it is time, mommy/" Such a smarty... Ok... So, we opened it up, busted out the directions, and got to work. The 2 pics on the right of the collage is where there are "testing it out" to make sure that all the toys work properly. LOL So funny. I am telling you...these boys are going to be AMAZING big brothers! I can't wait!

 Pizza-Popcorn-Movie Night!! Tonight's feature: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
And, just like the Bug Bunny show pictured on Sunday, the boys LOVED this show. They loved it so much that 1) I really have to buy it now because this is the library's copy and 2) they watched it every day since Friday to least twice a day! The uncontrollable giggles were the greatest thing to hear. Want to know which part they were laughing so hard at??

Snoopy vs. the Red Baron - they LOVE this part!!
(if you are viewing this in an email or on your mobile phone - please click through and view via the actual website to see the video)


YUMMMM.... I made a lasagna in the crock pot and it was awesome!!! If you have never made a lasagna in the crock pot, you have to try it. Here's the recipe I used --> click here!


Well, that is that! It was a great week! See you back here soon for a new post (some top 10 humor and things) and our menu!

Have a great day!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Rewind: October 6-12

Here's a look back at the fun that was had this week! Enjoy!!



 Working on some Lego Quests! Here they are working on building their own cars. Alex made one with wings and Andrew made one with a door, crane, and some sort of bulldozing contraption. Cool!

 More lego quests! This one was building anything you want using just one color. Monochromatic! Andrew thought that was a fun word to say.Alex built towers and benches. Andrew built a pyramid with a pool - he even put 1/2 a guy in the pool to make him look like he was swimming. LOL!! 


I got Andrew's school birthday pictures back today and OH, MY GOSH! How cute is he?!?! I love that his teacher uses a little cake for the kids to make a wish and blow out the candles. Very cool!


Just hanging out being a cool kid playing a game on his Leapster :)


My fabulous friend, Kristi, threw me a little "stock the diaper" (baby shower) party yesterday. It was SO much fun!! The food was awesome - I mean, just look at that fruit tray complete with probably the best chicken salad on the planet. No joke. And the cupcakes were amazing. In fact, I am going to get one after I hit the "publish" button on this post! Don't you love those little baby bottles filled with the blue M&Ms? Cuteness! Andrew and Alex are using those little bottles for their babies, Tusker and Roary. Too cute. The diaper cake with the little fox blanket was made by another fabulous friend, Amanda. It may have been a smaller get-together, but I seriously do not think that we all laughed THAT much in a while! The stories that we had were hilarious, touching, and the best ones that I hope to remember forever. Good times!! Thank you for coming ladies!! Love you all!!


If you happened to notice that I did not include any goals for last week... Well, that was done on purpose. I have 24 days to go!!

Instead, I do have a few things on the baby to-do list that are left that I plan to share as November 6th gets closer.

Things like the artwork for Austin's nursery, freezer meals that I hope to get done, Halloween festivities, and a few days here and there where it will just be either Andrew/Mommy days or Alex/Mommy days. And, of course, a date night will be thrown in the mix, too.

This week's menu plan:

Sunday: Black Bean and Chicken Tostadas, Salad, Sliced Apples
Monday: Marmalade Chicken, Rolls, Green Beans
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, Fruit
Wednesday: Spaghetti, Rolls, Salad
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Pizza, Popcorn, Movie Night
 Austin update: Went to the doctor Thursday (10/10) and he is doing well. Right on track and everything. No signs of going early so phew! I don't have time for surprises! Haha! 

24 DAYS TO GO!! 
We can't wait to meet you, Austin!


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