Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost 3 Weeks Old {Happy Thanksgiving!}

Hello again! Just a quick update from the house!

We are all doing great here! Yay! Austin is sleeping pretty well during the night - getting up around anywhere between 2:30-3:30 in the morning. I know, it sounds rough... But, my amazing husband takes care of the first night-time feeding, usually between 10-11ish. I go to bed around 9 so I can actually function the next day. It is working out wonderfully!

I am back to making dinner again for our family. It has been absolutely wonderful to not have to worry about how or what Jason and I were going to make for dinner during those first 2 weeks home. The ladies at our church were FABULOUS! We had an amazing home cooked meal every night - and just finished the left overs this past Sunday night. We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing church family!

If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen these pictures. But, here is a look back at the past few weeks as a family of FIVE (!!!) for those that have not had a chance to check those out. We can't believe that he will be THREE weeks old on Thanksgiving - crazy!!

{WEEK 1}

 TOP ROW: Home Sweet Home / Reading to our new brother / Saying goodnight / Tummy time / Swirly baby hair
MIDDLE ROW: Alex loves holding his baby / Andrew is so happy to have another brother / Thinking how to keep mommy up at night / Sweet baby face / Going for a car ride
BOTTOM ROW: Alex says it's super cold weather / Playdoh fun / Train track building / Andrew keeping watch over Austin / Tiny snuggle bug

{WEEK 2}

TOP ROW: 3 kids = coffee drinker / 1st Mass / cozy / Alex talking to Austin
MIDDLE ROW: Baby voice / my 3 boys / big vs little / Moby wrap fun
BOTTOM ROW: 3 turkeys / Thanksgiving feast at school / sweet Alex / Alex loves his baby 


My family came for a visit to meet their newest grand baby this past weekend! YAY! And, all of my brothers are now taller than me. They are younger. But, they are taller. All of them. Ugh. I knew that day was coming... We had a lot of fun talking and playing and passing Austin around. :)

 Happy Grandma! 

Somehow a bunch of men just happened to be at my house... WHAT in the world?! Where are my LITTLE brothers?! Crazy!! 


Well, that is all for now. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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