Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tiny Closet for 2 Tiny Boys

It's done. It is FINALLY done. After MONTHS of insanity lurking behind a closed is done.

Before I found out what we were having this time, I started with this... (please don't scream)

Everything is thrown in there. 
Boxes from diapers are being used to hold toys and clothes for Andy's new baby. 
Andy's stuff is SO not organized. 
Extra bedding...good luck. That's lost in the depths of that monster's home...

Then, we found out what we were blessed with another boy (YAY!). So, that became this:

I mean...really?
This is such a crappy try. Seriously. Yes, clothes are organized on the top shelf by size (since we knew we were having another boy it was easier to go through this stuff). Toys for Alex from and Andy are bagged below and toys are Andy to use later are there, too. But, really? UGH!

So, last night, on our (me and my bff Rachel!) outing to Target/Lowes (oh that should be a post all on it's own...Lowes...hahahaha!), I finally got all the things needed to tame the monster. And those 2 horrible pictures above turned into this:

Can you hear the angels singing?! I even turned on the closet light to make it look like Heaven finally gave this closet some peace. LOL! The closet opening is obviously smaller than the actual closet (there's about a foot of space on each side of the door frame). I'm definitely at peace with with closet now. 
The top shelf has extra diapers/wipes for Andy in one, Alex in another (yes, I've begun stocking up there was a sale and I got a few Target gift cards from those purchases!), and seasonal/holiday items in the bins which were only $3 each :)
The next shelf holds all the extra creams/powders/meds/etc in those bins. With some extra diapers for Andy on standby - haha!
Then the bottom is the toy organization. There are 2 of those 3 drawer towers. The other is hiding in that foot of space. Anyway, one is for Alex and the other is for Andy. He makes me laugh. I kept telling him that those were baby toys for Alex and he laughed and put them back...only to pull out a different rattle of some sort and giggle about it. He is such a Mr. Sillypants!

There are a few things missing, though. I am adding labels with pictures on the drawers for Andrew later this week. And for the clothes - yes, all of the clothes are hanging up. Pants and shorts are in the dresser (another day for that post) by size, too. Everything is out and put in it's place. But, I ordered these to help me see what is what size. Aren't they fabulous?!

They are from a great shop on Etsy called His Glory. I got them customized for the sizes I needed, but the colors are perfectly coordinated with their room (oh, i meant to post about how I changed the plan of their room - I had to...) So much that I am doing this Safari look on that top left circle. Cute, huh?
Ok, see what happened was, I checked out the bedding (see this post if you want to) and it was always a different color in pictures. It was weird. And it wasn't like I could go to the store to see it for myself - online only. I didn't want to go through buying it and then sending it back either. So, I went with the fabulous Dwell Studio for Target Dot Fun Blue:

See, fab, right? I know :) The colors really aren't that bold as they show in the pic.

Anyhoo! I think this post got a bit longer than intended! But, I'm just so happy that it is all finally coming together! I only have 10 weeks left! :)


  1. Looks FABULOUS!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see the whole room put together!

  2. thank you thank you! me neither lol

  3. I found you through Mom of 6. I love how you actually have small closets and made them work so well. Many places I looked, their ideas of small for far bigger than what I wished I had for my kids. You did an awesome job making it work and have given me inspiration, thank you!

  4. Bit late in commenting; but found you whilst surfing for wardrobe organisation ideas. We have one little one, and are expecting our second in Summer so need to get organised and your blog entry helped a lot =)

    1. Glad to be of help! Good luck, Alliyah!!


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