Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Welcome to Friday!!In an attempt to keep this blog as updated as much as possible for family and friends who wanna sneak a peek into our new lives as a family of FIVE (!!!), I thought I'd share five (ha, that's kinda coincidental...perhaps) things with you from this past week. So, let's get this thing going!


You know I have to start with the tiny one... And, guess what?! He is a month old today! A MONTH OLD ALREADY! What?!

Yep. He is one month old already. Crazy how time flies, right? We have an awesome routine and going strong with it. Oh, and this morning he totally woke up at 5am. That's right. Jason did his night time feeding (he always does that midnight-ish one and I do the 3-ish in the morning one) and BAM! A month old and he slept for his mama. Keeping my fingers crossed for tonight! He is quite awake during the day now, too! He love checking out the Christmas tree and he likes his brothers talking to him. He has even smiled at Andrew a few times now. So sweet.

Also, side note: Today my bestie is going to have her baby girl! Please say a prayer for a quick, easy, and safe delivery!! We can't wait to meet our new little friend!


This was the first week the boys got to wear their Christmas gear! So stinkin' cute! I am dying over the reindeer booty. Sorry, I just love it. So cute! 

Ok, and, just so we are clear...Andrew DOES have on a Christmas shirt, but he had to wear his class shirt. You will see why in number three. ;)

See? Cute little Christmas train! And, yes. He LOVES to feed Austin. He did this for Alex, too. Love it! He is one awesome big brother!


The boys wore their Christmas gear for a special presentation at school. The Singing Santa came for a very special visit. It was pretty cool. This is THE Santa, by the way. If you are local, you may have heard of his visits to the malls and such. Very cool.  

The boys even got a chance to talk to him to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. And, yes, the orders have already been put in - phew! That's definitely checked of the list...


This is also the first week of Advent that we are celebrating. So, we have been working our way though "The ADVENTure of Christmas" this week (Thanks, Pat and Terri!). 

 This is a great book for this time of the year! SO much information!

 We learned about the Star - Read a story, put the star on our tree, and made star cookies. Yum!

 We also learned about the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree. Here are the ornaments that have been made this season (so far):
Austin's baby hat and bracelet from the hospital.
Andrew's blue guy and Alex's green guy (painted the inside and added googly eyes)
Alex's ornament from school - Mary and Baby Jesus
Andrew's Start ornament from school.
Andrew and Alex colored some gingerbread men that we will add their pictures to once I get to that.

 Last night, we read the story of St. Nicholas... 

 And, this morning we celebrated his feast day! The boys each got their "gold" coins and a Hot Wheels car. Jason got his special holiday Nerds candy :) 


Ok this is more of a "What the what?!" thing...

I mean...really? DIET Hot Chocolate... "Sensitive Sweets" with just 25 calories... Really? It's the Holiday Season, people. Just stop it. Get your sensitive sweets on January 1st like everyone else - and then drop it by the 3rd week since resolutions never actually seem to work out. LOL Come on... Diet hot chocolate... I mean, puh-leease... 


Well, there you have it! Updates for this week's adventures! I am hoping that we will get to go out this weekend. Maybe go see the ZooLights or Christmas Parade...? We'll see. Have a great weekend, y'all!!

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