Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

Welcome back Friday! We are ready for the weekend here...are you? My family is coming to town and Austin is getting Baptized on Sunday! Lots of good things happening here this weekend. But, first, here's five things to share from this week:


Alex is LOVING every minute of being a big brother! He still, of course, has the little brother moments when he does EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Andrew tells him to do. But, he is awesome at being a big brother, too. He has gotten much better at shoving gently placing Austin's binky back into his mouth at the moment he hears him fuss even just a tiny bit. He ALWAYS wants to hold him, kiss him, hug him, and squeeze him. It is just too cute. We are still working on the squeezing him part, but is so sweet.


 Of course, Alex does have his big brother, Andrew to teach him how to take care of a baby. Andrew has been pretty awesome at helping me out, too. He has become quite the multi-tasker! He's having some cheerios, watching Polar Express (I least that seems to be the ONLY thing on our TV right now), and performing binky duty. 


No worries, though - Austin doesn't always have a binky. He is starting to smile SO MUCH these days! It is adorable! But, of course, Mr. Man somehow knows what a camera is and it is a tad difficult to get a pic of him smiling.

But, I managed to get some great ones on Tuesday! YAY! You can't hide from my phone, sir!


Austin is 5 weeks old now and starting to sleep pretty well most nights. We had four nights this week where he slept from about midnight til 5-ish. So, guess who will be moving into their room next week!? YAY! Such a big guy. Don't worry...Mr. Fox won't be staying that close to him. Don't you just love his little baby, though? Thanks, Nana! Mr. Fox is super cute!


These two just ADORE each other. Austin just woke up from a nap and Alex was still resting. So, Andrew figured this would be the perfect time to teach his baby brother all about his mad math skills on the Leapster. Really. Andrew said, "Austin, do you know what plus two and what plus three and what plus one? Six! It's another way to get six." Oh, my... Cuteness.

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