Thursday, December 3, 2015

Elf Fun Run 2015

Another day, another race!! And this one was a bit colder!

Before the race & getting excited!

Alex is pretty pumped! LOL

Aria and Austin ready to cheer for their brothers

The Elf (Alex on the far right ready to go) Just4Running photo

Listen up! Just4Running Photo

And, they are off! Just4Running Photo

Just4Running Photo

1st lap, 2nd long straight

Ending the first lap Just4Running Photo

Start of the 2nd (and last) lap. I love how they are sticking together through this! So cute!! Just4Running Photo

Final turn to the finish line! Just4Running Photo

The finish line!! Yay!! (I don't know who the runner guy is, but he is awesome for helping this mama out!) Just4Running Photo

End of the race treat - chocolate milk! Yum!!

Me and my little racers!! Next race, we are all going now that Aria is big enough and loves the jogging stroller :) Just4Running Photo

Tiny Race Trainee #1 Just4Running Photo
Tiny Race Trainee #2

We can't wait for the next one!! Wanna run with us!?

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