Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Austin!!

Can you believe he is already 2?! It seems just like yesterday he was this small:

Austin 7 months old :)
He may be just a little bit bigger, but he still seems to have a thing for fire trucks!

So, of course, we had to pull off an awesome fire truck themed birthday party with our favorite little friends!

FYI - Target cakes are awesome. I just told the baker what I wanted. Done.
But, wait... You can't have a fire truck party without some special guests? How about some firemen? And....a fire truck??? Um, yes, please!

That's right. There is a massive fire truck coming up our driveway!

The kids absolutely loved this!! I mean, who wouldn't?! This was awesome! Austin, of course, was decked out in his own fireman's jacket and hat.

Checking out the awesomeness!

Had to show y'all the 9/11 plaque <3 - Yes, we will ALWAYS remember.

Austin and Andrew
Ok, y'all. These next photos crack. me. up. Austin was SO into this. You'll see. 


He copied this firemen almost the whole party. It was SO cute!!

A HUGE thank you these firemen! They were awesome!! The whole crew hung out the entire time and it was just amazing! These guys put their lives on the line whenever those sired go off, so we were thrilled to have them here to party it up with Austin! Y'all made this little guy of ours have the best day of his life! :)

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