Monday, October 28, 2013

Week in My Life: Sunday

I must admit...after yesterday's extravaganza I didn't do a thing.

I am soooo happy to have Jason back home. He takes much better care of me than I do. He took the boys to Mass this morning and I had the house to myself. I technically only did one thing...right after they left, I started a load of dishes. But, then I went straight back to bed and slept until about almost noon. It was so nice.

I finally got up and got everyone a late lunch. And, apparently, the little ones were cranky about yesterday's extravaganza so they skipped out on lunch and went down for naps. Well, actually Andrew is the one who got into bed for a nap. Alex was still in his car seat sleeping soundly. Don't worry. We left the door open so we could hear when he decided to wake up. he is such a cutie.

After naps, lots of smiles and some playing around, I got dinner reheated and everyone fed. It was really one of those wonderfully relaxing days - thankfully. We really don't need any more unplanned trips to labor and delivery...ugh.

The boys got to watch the Packers kickoff and then it was time for bed. And, once they were in bed and quickly asleep (I supposed labor and delivery wears them out, too!), I got out a yummy treat that kept calling my name from the checkout line at Aldi:

Oh, yes. A cheesecake sampler. Yes, please. And it is very, very good! Jason was teasing me for grabbing this, but he ended up loving it just as much. Besides, I can't have this after November 6. So, there. It is mine for now. Haha!

I had to share this pic, too. This is Max. He is almost 13 now (we think, anyway...). My sweet little mini-schnauzer is going blind and has more than a few ear infections, but he's my little snuggler after the mini humans are in bed. Love him!


Well, what a week this has been. Thanks to Adventuroo for hosting this event! Really, it could not have been a better week to document. Well, ok, Austin could have been born and that would have been fun to share. But, he has 9 more days...or does he??

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  1. Ooh you got to go BACK to sleep? That's bliss! Aww, Max looks sweet. Our dog Trajan is 10 and his eyes look the same. He went blind from diabetes. I enjoyed seeing your daily posts from this week-- thanks so much for linking up and best wishes with the upcoming baby!


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