Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Simple Things

It's amazing what a $6 Halloween costume will do. Rachel and I were digging in the clearance section at Target looking for things for our kids (for playing dress up and whatnot) and us (fun things for the next year or even everyday items). Well, Andrew was LOVING this costume after naptime. He even got a little bit serious about being a fireman. LOL Smokey would be proud. 

"Gotta make sure I look good before heading out to fight the fires."

"I think I see a troublemaker."

"Well, aren't you silly!"

"This fire business ain't a laughing matter, son." 

"That little guy is going to go to fire school!"

"Time to learn about being safe!"

 "My big brother is so funny!" 

"Hmm...he is just to silly for fire school...." 

Good times!


  1. Absolutely precious pictures of your boys! They look like they get along wonderfully!

  2. Thanks :) Yes, most of the time! But that's boys for you!


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