Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Andy!

This weekend, Andy had a wonderful party with his family and friends! He is such a big boy now!! He loves the playground and the water so his favorite playground was the perfect venue! Check out his birthday bash! :D

He had so much fun! But he got tired out and was ready for a the cake was kept for a bit later :)


If you would like to see more pictures, head over here and here! 

A few updates would be nice, eh?

9 weeks down and 30 to go!! WOOT! Yes, I am counting down. I get to this time...and actually be able to do it with confidence! LOL! So 30 left. HA! And, I scared myself but quickly go over it... Yeah, I read about how a C-Section is performed...yuck... I was squirming in my chair... Ewww... But... BRING IT ON!

Anyhoo! Nothing else really... But I will be a better blogger - promise!

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