Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exlore the Shore - Nick Jr. July Lesson Plan

We have started up again with Nick Jr's Lesson Plans. We had a break due to Alex being born and getting him situated with a routine that is more in sync with Andy's. Now that everyone is on the same "clock" around here, we can get back to doing some "homework." Luckily, he hasn't forgotten anything that he has learned from before! He knows half of the alphabet, just not in any order. He knows their sounds for most of those. So, yay! And he has become such a fan of Super Why! on PBS, too. So that has really been a big help with learning letters and their sounds when I wasn't able to get on that with him like I wanted to do.

But anyhoo! This month we are "Exploring the Shore" with the fabulous Moose and Zee! Andy has been learning all about animals that live in or near the water. We have been coloring page after page of sea creatures, matching the puzzle pieces to the pictures in books, and learning the animal names. So far, he likes the whale. LOL! He grabs the whale and say, "Wwwhhhhhaaaaalllleeee!" I got him the Melissa and Doug puzzles for this month - the Fish Colors and the Chunky Sea Creatures. He loves them!! I really love the Fish Colors one. The pieces are all the same size and shape so you can make the fish all different colors or match them up. Plus, underneath each piece is the word to go with the color. He was surprised with that. He saw some of the letters he knew and said, "Mama! O! E!"

I hope to make us some sea creature sugar cookies this weekend to go with our theme for this month. I am sure to have some little hands helping me out, too. :) We might even have a fish fry! That would be kinda odd though, huh? Learn about these cute fish and then eat it. But it is SOOOO good!!

We are also learning about the beach. I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to get him a sand box... Maybe if the summer stuff is on sale, then it will be an end of the month thing. I don't know. But, I am thinking that this weekend we will head out to Oak Mountain to play at the "beach" since we cant get down to Florida any time soon. Gosh, I miss living there. I WAS 20 minutes from the, sadly, I am 4 1/2 hours. UGH! LAME!! One day we will get back. I know it! Luckily, I do have some seashells. I think we will do some little crafty thing. Hmmm.... We will see.

If you are interested in the Nick Jr. Lesson Plans, click here for this month's activities! In the meantime, check out our fun we have had with puzzles and books!

My little guy cheesin' it up!

Pointing out the different sea creatures. 

He mixed up all the fish. Then said, "Uh-oh, Mama." LOL

Matching them together again :)

Our book we are reading this week (among a lot more - he loves books!).

Matching up the pieces to pictures in the book. "Whhhhhaaaalllle!!!!"

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