Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Christmas Toys and Books

Every Christmas we bring out all the toys and books for the season. These books are read over and over and over again. And the toys are loved more and more with each Christmas as these two get a little bigger.

I thought I'd share with you these items that have become loved over the years.

 Books galore!  How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Gingerbread Man, Santa's House, Away in a Manger, etc. Lots of great ones!

 Now the train tracks stay out of course, but we add to it. Clearly, they added ALL of Christmas toys to the trains to make a "Christmas Town." We have my little brothers' Little People Christmas Train Set (which they only make different pieces of this now, but not this exact set anymore). We also have the Brio Polar Express Christmas Tree (and I'm told that they have the present car and Santa somewhere in their closets lol). This is so magical. It lights up when you either push a button or when a train passes through. So cool.

 And, we, of course, have the Little People Nativity (which is different from our that we got LAST year. How do toys change that fast?!). I love how they put all of these things together. They make the little kids ride the train to see Baby Jesus, and then they go see Santa. There have even been a few time when either Santa visits Baby Jesus or the stable animals visit Santa. I love their little imaginations. So sweet.  

As for Christmas books, we have LOTS! I even found some awesome deals at 2nd & Charles - which if you have one near you...GO!! It's used book store and it is so awesome. Most of the books we have gotten for this Christmas were free since I traded in some other books we were done with for store credit. Love that. 
Tonight You Are My Baby This is a library book. It is such a sweet story about Mary's first moments with her baby - for tomorrow He will be King. It's a board book, too. So Alex pretty much carried this one everywhere until it was time to turn it in. I need to add this to our books for next year.

 Little Master Dicken' A Christmas Carol  This was one of my 2nd & Charles scores. $2!! Awesome, I know. This is the picture board book version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It is TOO COOL!!

 The Last Straw Another library book, but was too long for my boys' to sit through, but I read it and it was another wonderful story. A cranky old camel is sort of annoyed that he was chosen to take those heavy gifts to the newborn king. Along his journey he is handed more and more things to take to this baby. It is a cute story. You just have to read it. I can't tell you more or I will give it away.
 You Are My Miracle  Another 2nd & Charles score - that made me cry. I love this book. We have read this one a few times now. Andrew loves that there is a toy elephant on almost all of the pages, so he listens to the story. Alex like the baby bear. And I love the snuggles I get while we read it.

 The ADVENTure of Christmas - This one we got in the mail from Jason's Uncle Pat and Aunt Terri!! Thanks!!! I love reading through it :) Jason has flipped through the pages, too. Next year we are DEFINITELY going to work our way through this book!! There is SO much information in it. Like, saying "Merry Christmas" in different languages, why we decorate the tree, tales behind some of the carols, the REAL 12 days of Christmas (which the 1st day of Christmas is...Christmas Day. Another reason why our tree stays up until January 6th - the 12th day of Christmas...the Epiphany...when the Wise Men came, etc.). I LOVE THIS BOOK!!

This is the last one I will share. This book was a free gift when I spent $25+ at Books-A-Million. And, Andrew LOVES that we picked this one. It's filled with a lot of different puzzle pages, but the mazes are his favorite. Jason showed him how to do the word searches. No, he can't read just yet, but he knows his letters and is starting to recognize smaller words. So this has been a fun thing for him.

Other books we have added this year:

If you have any favorite Christmas toys, books, or traditions to share, leave us a comment :) I would love to hear about what your family does at Christmas.

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