Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gallery Wall - Part 1

Isn't is great when nap time means craft time :) I finally got to some of the wall art for our super outdated gallery wall in the hallway...

Um, yeah. My wall has major seasonal issues...

Top row: 1st pic is going to stay on this wall - it's my grandmother's wedding day :) 2nd - FALL subway art 3rd: EASTER (Alex was 2 or 3 weeks old...)

Middle row: Andrew's b-day, Christmas pic when I was prego with Alex, JOY to the WORLD (what is wrong with my wall LOL)

Bottom row: Birth pics (going to re-do those - so they are staying), Max (he's staying up there, too), and MORE FALL! WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

So, see...? I finally got to doing some art work. Knocked out 2 canvases :) Here we go:

 The top row is the BEFORE and AFTER (in the drying stage). Don't you love re-purposing stuff? While wine is awesome (and I am currently out - sad day), this theme has died out. But these canvases were pretty good quality for Target. So, I couldn't part with them (I have another one similar to this- that's why I'm saying "them"). So, I grabbed my paints, had no plan, and just went to town. I used brown, espresso, and silver. The silver is barely there. Just enough to give it some sparkle here and there. Here is the finished project -those 2 white spots is where the mod podge is almost dry. You get the idea. I got the print from Shutterfly with a gift credit (normally this 5x7 is 99 cents).

Now for my favorite of the 2!!

I got a mega-sized pic! I had an 16x20 canvas laying around waiting to be painted and I ordered the print from Shutterfly (Free due to that credit I had. Normally, this is $17.99). I used olive green and coffee - kinda funny that most of my paints are some coffee name. I saw one in my tote that was called latte. LOL On the left side is the BEFORE with my supplies. The right side is an almost AFTER. The mod podge isn't added just yet. The paint on the edges are drying.

Nap time came to an end and so did the crafting :) But, it's ok! I got both of these done and dry!

I LOVE IT! I love how both of these turned out! I can't wait to finish the rest of the pics and such for the updated gallery wall. YAY! Do you have a gallery wall in your home?

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  1. I love the pose, too. How ingenious is that?


    1. Thanks! That was our photographer's idea :) It was so much fun to get those pics done finally!

  2. I love the post too!

  3. I love the canvas photos! Your family is so lovely, and I'm especially impressed by the coordinating outfits in the photos:)

  4. I am going totally going to try this. Just became a new blog follower. Would love it if you'd check my blog out too!

  5. Very cute! That's a good idea!

    Thanks for linking up at Creatively Living!



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