Friday, December 14, 2012

Today Must Be That Day

This is a long post today... You may want to come back if you don't have enough time to read and/or take this all in. I know... I still need time ;)

Quite a bit of you follow us on Facebook. From time to time I'll post some random things that probably throws some people off a bit. For instance, back in November I posted about "new changes in our lives" and "great happiness" and a lot of other things that my Mom has dubbed "vague-booking" (you know, those annoying status updates where you have not a clue in the world what that person means...vague-booking. catchy, huh?).

I was wondering when I was going to tell everyone or even if I was going to tell this story at all. But, apparently, today is that day.

As, many of our family and close friends know we had some very difficult times after Alex was born. Again, it was not the pregnancy and it was not anything to do with his birth. We are very blessed to have him (and Andrew) in our lives. However, there were too many people in our family that got a little more involved than we would have liked them to be, only we either didn't do anything about it or we didn't even realize it until it was too late.

When Alex turned about 17 months old, things began to change. For the better.

I had been pestering Jason to be more passionate about our faith - the Catholic faith. Little did I know that was already brewing in his mind. See, we had a speaker come to our Church back in September about Queen of Heaven Radio, EWTN, and such. Well, my nerdy hubby was excited about their new app and thought it would be good for him to learn a little bit more about his faith. Well, he ended up learning A LOT. So much, in fact, that he began to embrace it more than I did - in one specific area.


You know what I am talking about. Catholics... we are the anti-birth control types. Except for us modern thinkers. We know everything, right? Not so much. At least not me.

Jason came in from working on my car one afternoon and, with no introduction or anything, "Honey, I want us to be Catholic." Um, we arrreee? Nope...not 100% anyway. We just pick and choose what we want. Either you are Catholic...or you aren't.

Of course, I was all "NO way" and "Yeah, right." and everything else under the moon that said NOT HAPPENING. Yeah, well, we are NFP now. (see here)

Many things happened to me that month of September that changed my mind. Here are the top 2 that made a big difference:

1. A very good friend of mine - who has come to mean so much to me these past few months - woke me up, too. Everyone who knew us knew something wasn't right with us anymore. There just were no sparks - it wasn't there. Well, Jason said that he thought that this would help us and he had been praying about it.  Well, I was telling her all about this and being the amazing friend she is asked me the most simple question in the world that had a scary answer: Why not? If he thinks this is going to help our marriage, then why not? God won't give you anything He knows you can't handle. Thanks, Kristi. :)

2. Father W at our Church - 2 Masses in a row that month,  he might as well have been talking to me... He might as well have called out my name and "lectured" me in front of everyone in the congregation. I realize now that those were the Mass times God wanted me to be at (For one of them I wasn't going to go and for another one I was scheduled to be a Eucharistic Minister for a different time so I called for a sub to go to another one). Those were the Masses that I needed to hear. Those were the words I needed to hear. Father W. spoke of faith. I'll tell you I have never been so alert and into the Homilies ever before. I was almost to the point of crying right there. In the church. I knew it was God speaking to me. To us. Father W. basically said that we do not need to have evidence or proof of something if we have faith.Then he said at Mass the following weekend that basically if you are Catholic then be Catholic. Quit pretending. Just do it. Embrace it.

Crazy, huh?

So, here we are. Coming to the end of 4 months of doing this "Catholic thing" I and must say this:

Yes, it is scary.
Yes, it is one MEGA leap of faith.
Yes, it works (and I can see how it wouldn'

Has it changed us? YES!!

I LOVE hearing the garage door open - He's home! And, no not home to save me from the kids. Home with me. With us. I love that we are the way we acted with each other when we were dating. I love all his goofy jokes again. I love the way he looks at me. I love that he is a better husband and a better father. I love that he loves our Church as much as I do (even though this did make me question it a bit...). I LOVE HIM!!

We decided to open our hearts to God and He closed that gap between us.

Are you wondering why I decided to share this today?

I was almost not going to go to my mommy group at Church today. I ended up going and guess who our speaker was....

Father W.

Please note this is about our lives and these are our beliefs. We are not pushing them on anyone nor do we judge other faiths. We are simply sharing the wonderful things that have happened (and are still happening!) to us over the past few months.  Negative comments are not welcome and will be removed.

If you are a bit more curious about this journey of ours, I will be glad to answer an questions. Leave a comment with you email address (or email me at heatherwoyak {at} gmail {dot} com) and I will send you one back :)

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