Monday, January 7, 2013

Botanical Gardens

What gorgeous weather we are having this week (minus the rain that claims to be coming later this week...)!! A few week ago we had some great weather, too. It was a perfect day to get out those pre-Christmas sillies. What better place than running around at the Botanical Gardens?!

 We grabbed lunch and brought it to the gardens. When Andy was done he got up to play in the columns. He collected as many acorns as possible while Alex was finishing up.

 We walked along a lot of paths and found some new things along the way, like this iron scrap sculpture. 

 Andy said this was the biggest Christmas in the world :)

 Looking out from the bridge at all the rocks. 

 Another "Christmas tree" - Andy said it needed those "sprinkle balls" (he calls the glittered ornaments sprinkle balls)

 We walked over a few bridges in the Japanese Gardens. Alex like the red one - it's my favorite, too. 

 They loved that there were "secret paths" all over the place!

 The King of the Gardens!

 Clockwise from top left: 1) Alex found a helicopter, 2) Taking a wagon ride down another path, 3) Andy thought this rock was cool because it has a face, and 4) Collecting acorns. 

 Walking down the bridge again. We walked ALL over this place...twice!!

"Land 'ho!!" yells Capt. Andrew Sillypants :)

Such a fabulous day. We are definitely heading out here again very soon!!

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