Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's a... {Baby Reveal!!}


That is right! Please welcome our THIRD boy!! 

My doctor teased that my husband maybe needed to be checked to see if he really carries any of those X chromosomes! LOL Gotta love my doc! 

We were wondering (though we kinda figured this little one would be a boy) if we were maybe going to have a girl this time since I was feeling icky a few times. But, nope, must have been just "one of those days" that us preggos have every now and then. 

Are you wondering what his name might be?

Are we sticking with an "A" to keep the theme that somehow started? 

Well, those that guessed we would...you are right! 

This little guy is now...


And, he is just the cutest! Look at those chubby cheeks!! And he is waving, too! Ha!

Wondering about that orange color? Well, we are thinking that orange goes pretty well with blue and green. But, who knows...that part could change. 

For now, Andrew and Alex and VERY excited about meeting their little brother, Austin, this fall. 

And, so are we!!

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