Thursday, June 13, 2013

Half of done??


This month is just flying by, isn't it? So, far we've been to the zoo a few times, rode a train with our besties, had a few parties, enjoyed the hot sunshine, and been busy working at Vacation Bible School.

I know, right? Aren't you ready for a nap just reading that?!

The great thing about being this busy is that the day we find out is Baby #3 is a boy or a girl is coming up very soon. We find out next week!!!! Any guesses???

While you think about it, here is a look back at the first part of the month :)

Wii would like to stay up all night!! Andrew has really figured out how to work to wii now. And, he has passed his old "controller" down to Alex. It was really a candy dispenser made to look like the real wii controller. Do you need to appease a younger player without risking any damage to anyone or anything? My friend, Rachel, found ours at Toys R Us, but here's one on Amazon if you don't want to go on a wild wii chase.

 Railroading :) 

 Jason's parents came into town for his birthday earlier this month to head out to the Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek! We got to go out on a date night to celebrate both of our birthdays for this month, too! OH! And, this baby seems to like Star Trek - he or she started kicking (finally!) during the movie!! Too funny :)

 Play ball!

 Birthday party time!

 Just keep swimming...just keep swimming LOL

 Jason's birthday dinner! Andrew, Alex and I made Daddy a birthday cake decked out with super hero "booms" and lightning bolts. These guys crack me up! they picked out everything for Jason's birthday - even a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. They are pretty amazing little dudes. 

 SO NOT a fun morning... Alex is out little motion-sickniess prone guy...which by the way is all random. I get no warning of any kind. Nothing. Awesome. I had to get my laptop out to figure out how to take all the belts/buckles out. UGH!! He is fine, of course, but, yeah... Thank you to some friends that gave some great tips on taming this little tummy of his. If anyone has any tips/suggestions, please leave a comment. Thanks!

 This is how we watch "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" - which is the best way to do so!

 Working hard on our writing skills! I'm so proud of him!! 

 Impromptu math lesson at Chuy's! Andrew was telling us the math stuff he knew then asked how to get the answers for other numbers. I will take what I can! :) 

 Finding bugs on our morning walk after a rainy night.

 This is how an engineer puts away confiscated legos...strategically placed in a box

 Riding the Rails Day at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum! Our friends, Kristi and Braxton picked us up and away we went for a fabulous day at the tracks! (From left - Andrew, Braxton, and Alex)

 You silly boys...I asked them to smile. Got one pick, but they blinked... I asked them to smile again because they blinked. So what did they do? A very exaggerated blink. Nice, guys. LOL

The boys have a new show that they LOVE...and you will never guess... 
River Monsters on Animal Planet! That show is a little intense...but they LOVE IT! Andrew now wants to go fishing (like Jeremy Wade, of course) and catch a catfish. Love these boys!

Well, I have one more day of VBS this week and then it is minivan shopping!!!!

Make sure you check back next weekend -- we find out if we will be having a boy or girl!! Make your guess!! What do you think this baby is?? 

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