Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces from Last Week

NOTE: If you haven't heard the news yet... We found out if we are having a boy or a girl! Click here to see who we will be welcoming in the fall!!


Well, something bad happened to my laptop last week...

Oh, the agony... And, really, Geek Squad? Actually a throwing star would have worked better than these lame backup discs...

So, please bear with me and this blog as these posts are going to be a bit more here and there. In the meantime, please make sure you are following us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up with our madness! ;)

Check out my little architect!! Andrew built this during quiet time! Is that just the coolest?!

We headed to the zoo with Amanda and her little boy last week. And, I'm telling you. These animals were truly wild. The birds were going crazy, the monkeys were singing, the elephants were playing together, it really was wild! And check out that goat!! Cracks. Me. Up.

First, I know..I have GOT to get a better picture of our new ride.
Second - Hello, SPACE! How on EARTH we fit ALL of what you see into either my old Saturn or Jason's Accord...the world may never know. I LOVE OUR ODYSSEY!! 
And, yes, the boys INSISTED on being in the VERY back of the van. At first, we were worried, but wow... I think that was the quietest drive to family in a LONG time. We have NO issues at all on our way there. They were as happy as anything. Except in this pic where Alex is beyond ready to get going. Haha!

Nana and Papa's house!! After a long ride and a good night's sleep, Andrew and Alex helped Nana make breakfast for everyone. 

The boys had a fun trip to Costco with Papa. 
And, ok...why are these carts ONLY at Costco?! Those things are AWESOME! 

My birthday cup! I know...it's just a cup. But it is an INSULATED MASON JAR cup. Hello! Awesome.

Alex chillin' in the grass with Papa talking about golf and things. 

Yep, he Andrew even gets his "railroad on" while on vacay. :)

On the road again... Poor Alex was sooo tired (from not taking a nap at all on Saturday) that he fell asleep with his little hand in his gold fish bag! Too cute. 


Wow! I am actually up-to-date on posting pictures! Score!!

Up next: Our adventures with my brother-in-law, Justin. He is here this week loving the life of an uncle to two very silly boys. :)

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