Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome July!

I was thinking that July was going to bring out those horrible days of summer where you just want to enjoy the sweet tea and A/C. But, Mr. Weather Man had a better idea. Excessive amount of rain. WHAT?! I has been raining for a week. And, those percentages just won't quit...

Luckily, we did get in some play time and we even enjoyed OUR backyard. Yep, that is right, y'all. I do believe...I am - gasp! - an official Alabamian. Oh. My. Word (I can say that now. Ha!). Though, I guess I have lived here the longest now and it is just time to let it go... I am no longer - sigh - a Floridian.   ::enter tears::

Eh, I'll get over it. While I figure out a way, want to see our super cool 4th of July fun?! Yeah, you do!!


 Library time! And, wow! This was the QUIETEST they have ever been at this place. I'm going to hijack these one day... Kidding. I do need to get to this store though and get a few of these magnetic maze boards. Very cool.

 We ran over to the mall for lunch (Yes, Kristi, we ate Chinese Mall Food!!!!! And, it was awesome!). But even better was finding these super cute football pajamas for my boys!!! Now, they will be ready for the NFL football season (Hey, just because I'm an Alabamian now does NOT mean I will become a college football fan. I'll do that when a college pays for my kid(s) to attend their fine establishment. But, not today...)

 Rock painting - why not? We have a million back here. Might as well make them pretty :)
Only, if you have preschoolers...they tend to use ALL of the colors. Which, if you mix all of the colors... Well, then, you get brown. Hmm...We need to work on our coloring mixing a bit more.
The best of brothers and the best of friends.

 Crazy hair after a great nap

 Mama's afternoon pick-me-up - a wonderfully good iced coffee :)

 I hate this book... (though it is not NEAR as evil as Fox in Socks) "Where's Waldo? Hollywood" something book. Andrew is AMAZING at this book. How he finds ALL of the people (Waldo, Wenda, the Wizard, Woof's tail - just the tail...ugh - and Odlaw) I have no idea. He is awesome at these books. Can you find Odlaw in this picture? HINT: You will only see his face. Who the heck is Odlaw (black and yellow)? Click here for a reminder.  Good luck. I keep losing him...


Cake time! It is that time of the year again to get my cake on. This is now my 3rd year helping our church's Cake Walk at the 4th of July Festival. I make a cake "for" each of my boys. They like to help out with the cake making and they get to choose which one to make. The top one is Alex's - it is a "Lemon-Poppy Seed Doughnut Cake" YUM! The bottom one is Andrew's - a Captain {Chocolate} America! Love it!


 Ready for today's festivities!!

 4th of July Festival

 Heading home after a fun rest-of-the-day at Kristi's - I didn't get ANY pictures is beyond me. We had so much fun, I guess I never thought of it :/ But, getting fireworks for the 1st time (for me and the boys was illegal everywhere else I lived) was something to take a pic of, apparently... LOL!!

As you can see, Jason had so much fun show us newbs the firework fun! He LOVED it!! He turned into quite the pyro within a few moments of the first sparkler! 

 Some pics of our backyard fireworks - we had a blast!! Har-dee-har-har!! :)


 Love Craigslist!! I got this BRAND NEW (with manuals and everything) Graco SnugRide Travel System for $75!!! HELLO! Awesome. They boys love that both of their favorite colors are on Baby Austin's stroller and car seat!

 Make me so happy... Andrew just LOVES Austin already. He kisses my tummy more times than I can count. They both do, but Alex is much to quick to get a good picture...stinker. ;)

Well, that is all for tonight's updates! Tomorrow, I hope to share with you the 2nd portion of "The Shared Bedroom Adventures."  Have a great evening, everyone!

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