Monday, July 8, 2013

Middle of the Summer {End of June}

Can you believe that June is gone?! Just like that! We had quite a lot of fun as June came to an end. Here is a look back at what we have been up to!


 Getting our morning coloring on :)

 Chillin' - we do a lot of that these days

 Rollin' - we do a lot of that, too. Well, ok. The boys do... I only seem to be able to roll out of bed and such LOL 

 Runnin' - I sure do wish that these guys would pass along some of their energy to me. Then, I would be an amazing runner... I swear, they NEVER seem to be out of breath. Wow.

 Walkin' - We are LOVING our early morning walks after breakfast. We can't wait for this rain to GO AWAY so we can get back at it. 


 Railroader hard at work. 

 Just watching him build a track is one of the coolest things. I love seeing his little mind work!


Only the BEST pizza in the world - Mellow Mushroom!!!

There you have it! A great ending for June. But, just you wait! July is going to be CRRRAZZZY! There are changes coming to the House! Though, I bet you probably guess that since a baby is on the way, huh? Hang on - next post is coming right up!

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