Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tennessee - Day 6

Note: Did you miss our first few days on vacay? Click a day! DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4 & 5 (part 1), and Day 5 (part 2)

Thursday was another day of lounging around, taking walks on the trails, playing in a tree house, and talking to a deer that came up to the balcony. Wait, what? I know right. That all sounded pretty crazy, huh? You'll see.

Terrie and I headed out for a walk in the morning. The little guys wanted to stay with Daddy and go to the playground. It was a MUCH easier walk without that stroller! Terrie took me on the path that she and Patrick, her hubby (Jason's uncle), rode their bikes on the day before.

 Andrew looks upset here - sorta - because, well,he is upset. The first day we were here Andrew found a lady bug in that dirt spot and he was sure he was going to find it again. He said it was the lady bug's house. He was really annoyed that it was not there. Luckily, we told him he was going to walk to the playground and all was well again. :)

On our morning walk, Terrie showed me this one pond where all these fish KNEW that they were going to get fed when someone showed up. There was nothing there when we first walked up, then all of a sudden this massive amount of fish came waiting for treats. LOL Sorry, fish. No food here.

After meeting up with everyone at the playground, we headed back and hung out for a while before having lunch. And, someone came to visit us on the back porch balcony!

"Mommy, look! What's that?"

 Alex was ALL ABOUT this deer

 He was talking to her and giggling the whole time.

 "You talkin' to me?"

 Coming in for a closer look at my 2 blonde wild animals ;)

 She's really pretty, huh?

 Got a great close up of her! Terrie said that she looked like she was posing for me :)

Once Mrs. Doe Deer left, we all headed out on an excursion to The Minister's Tree House. It is the world's largest tree house built after a vision from God. It is an amazing sight - it is GIGANTIC!It was built in the early 1990s, but since then new construction has stopped due to people being absolutely rude with graffiti and what not. The owner does speak of beginning the new construction sometime in the near future - which will include power and water. If you need a place to stop while driving around Crossville, TN, this is a pretty cool thing to see. 

 A view of the tree house from the road

The bell tower complete with bells, but you have to really brave, or stupid, to climb up the rickety outdoor ladder to ring them.

 Entering the tree house - the graffiti begins. Much of it was praising God, but, honestly, if God told you to go and build something would you want people screwing it up by drawing all over it,regardless of what it said? Why do people do that? Anyway, the right picture is another view from the ground up. Pretty cool.

Having a seat in the chapel - which in the middle of the tree house a couple floors up a bit.
Patrick, Terrie's hubby, chillin' out in the one of the pews

Typically, I wouldn't share a photo that seems to show nothing... But, it was kinda interesting that by taking a picture of these stairs there was a little bit of a cross showing up. See how the light comes through that window? Kinda looks like a Celtic cross, huh?

The view from a part of the bell tower that isn't so dangerous. The flyer said you can see Jesus from the top and it is true! You can also see a cross, and an American flag. I would love to see that garden in full bloom.

Isn't this a cool door? I would love to get one similar to it to use as a headboard in our bedroom. Love it!

After heading home and grabbing a late lunch, the little guys got to skip their nap to go play putt-putt back at the resort.

Hmm, ok so one of the guys got to skip their nap lol

Andrew LOVED putt-putt! He played every hole and even got Alex to join in once he woke up. I didn't get pics of Alex playing, but I am sure Dave may have. ;)

We did some more cooking out and then ended our last night in Crossville, TN. We headed to Chattanooga for another day of fun on our way back home to Alabama. Those pictures are coming up shortly!

**This post has been linked up with Pay it Forward @ A Life-Size Catholic Blog to share the Minister's Tree House**


  1. What fun! I've never heard of this tree house you visited and I love it. Seeing Jesus, oh my! That was pretty nifty. What a wonderful vacation ... you are such a deer (dear) for sharing it with us!

  2. Thanks for putting up your great pictures. I'm here from Holly's Pay It Forward. That treehouse is so nifty, but I agree with you on the graffiti. Even if we're praising God, will God consider He's being praised when we disrespect somebody else's property?

  3. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is that deer!


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