Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday {Bouncer Edition}

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Welcome back to Five on Friday! This edition is all about Mr. Austin! He is growing so FAST! He is 16 weeks old and is all about that bouncy seat. He absolutely loves it. He is grabbing at everything and teething like a little puppy dog.

In other news, he is sleeping through the night and is starting to eat rice cereal and yummy fruits. He thinks that he is a big boy like the other two.

Speaking of the other two, when Andrew and Alex are close by to Austin he watches every single thing that they do. He loves his brothers so much. He just lights up whenever they play with him, laugh at anything, or just anything really having to do with them. Ahhh-dorable!

I sadi to Austin, "Look at that cool flower!" 
He made that face LOL

Then, I was informed that that was NOT a flower. It was, in fact, a windmill.
Alex shows that this is the truth by blowing on that doohickey and making it spin with his hand. 
Thus...a windmill. :)

Austin LOVES the spinning monkey toy!

He also loves keeping mommy company in the kitchen - love him!

And, of course, when you are in the kitchen...that is where you have a snack. Isn't that the cutest? You won't believe what is in there... Strawberries. He LOVES them. And, now if he see something red, he starts smacking his lips. Too adorable! If you have a teetherinyour home, I highly reccomend that super cool contraption. I had these with all 3 of my boys. They rock!

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