Monday, February 3, 2014

Menu Plan

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Isn't that the perfect design for the month of love? Total cuteness!

I have been making extras of most of my dinner to keep in the freezer. However, before I can get them to the freezer they are used up for lunches for Jason and/or the boys. I am going to be making some more apple-zucchini muffins this week - it's been requested by a certain 4 year old. How can you say "no" to that? Especially when he calls them "sneaky muffins" since the zucchini is in the muffin but can't be tasted? Too funny. I'm also going to make some pizza dough! Fun times! 

Here's the recipes I will be using this week:

Santa Fe Chicken Tortellini Casserole (from Betty Crocker Cookbook (Bridal Edition) (Betty Crocker Books))

Have a great week!!

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