Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zoo Day!

I wish that we could say that we are back to going to the zoo each week again. But, sadly, the weather just wants to be stinky.

Last Friday we were able to get out though. We all needed that break from being indoors. All of us. Here are some pictures for last week's adventures!

We had the whole reptile house to ourselves for a good while. Pretty nice. Especially, since we were fooled by the weather and it was a tad cooler than expected. Good thing we dressed in layers. It did warm up by the time we left.

Some tidbit: 

Austin's first time to the zoo! 
First time to the zoo with 3 kiddos...eek! ;)

Alex checking out the copperhead...ugh...I hate snakes. So gross. He does, too. The whole time he was telling the snake, "No! You are bad!" LOL

 The boys had to stop at every single one of these :put your head in the hole" things (Andrew is the top collage' Alex on the bottom).

 Weird dinosaur bird. 

 King Julius just chillin'

My little rhinos..

 If that road in the back weren't there, then it would almost be believable. They are amazing animal though. Love them!

 "Playing" with the tiger

This little guy had a great time!

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