Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday {Game Night Edition}

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We have quite a few game nights since the 1st of the year! We have play a lot of great games with the boys. And many of them are actually played more and more - by just Andrew and Alex - during the week! Here are some great ones to add to your collection:


This game is still a work in progress with the boys and is currently the hardest. For now, we play in teams - Team Alex vs. Team Andrew. And, they have learned quickly that whoever had Daddy on their team always wins. I'm just not good at that one! But, even though it is a bite hard for them, these guys still love it!


This game is a LOT of fun! Overall, the boys love it. They think the pictures are cool, too. Andrew doesn't like to pick the wrong ones though... Alex doesn't seem to mind all that much until someone gets a match letting that person go again. But, it's a great game for them. They actually take this one out after school to play it while I get dinner going. 

  This game is the best of all for them. They are playing it right now actually while I get these few posts scheduled before our trip. They are really great at this game. It is perfect for their ages (4 and 2.5 yr old), too - teaches them how to take turns, numbers, colors, and memory skills (who had that card again?). We love it!!


These I have got to get a hold of... They seem to be doing well holding the cards in the pictures above. And, they are...until they have to add another card or take one out of their hand. Then it is chaos.

We do not have this one just yet. But, we have an upcoming reader in the house so this would be great to add to our game closet!


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