Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiny Town Christmas Parade

Tonight, Andrew and I met up with Rachel and her twins to check out the Christmas Parade. It was really cold outside! But, everyone was bundled up in scarves, hat, gloves, puffy marshmallow jackets, etc! It was like 40-something...probably closer to 50. But, it felt like 20. Ha! Us Southerners - we'd never make it up north.

I was messing with my functions at the time... This was the best pic of Andrew that I could get. He's all bundled up in a hat, his 3-in-1 jacket, fleece pants - nope, no mittens. I tried. He hates every pair we try one at the stores. One day...

The coolest twins, Grace & Zach! They were a big help with keeping Andrew entertained while waiting for the parade to begin.

So, since I just bought my new camera back in August, I have not had any reason to use some of the functions. Like the super-awesome-why-did-I-not-have-this-before Fireworks function?! OMG! I NEVER get good pictures of fireworks. EVER. But, tonight I did! GO ME!

Let the parade begin!!

See? How awesome is the fireworks function on  my camera?

Andrew loved the fireworks! He was just amazed by them! At first, he squeezed his eyes shut at if they were getting in his face, but then he smiled at them once he realized they were going to stay in the sky. 

Love it!! Rachel and I are wondering though...why is it we are all amazed by fireworks?

This is for Andrew. He saw the school bus and pointed to it. He said something, too. I think he was wondering where the kids were. He watches them get off the bus everyday. 

I cannot believe I got this picture. Ms. Santa is turned around, waving, and everything. That is pure luck! 

The Grinch is getting his hair done on this float - cute!

This picture is for Andrew, too! He loves Chick-Fil-A and he really liked this cow. Does the CFA cow have a name?

It may be a tiny town Christmas Parade, but look at the turnout! I think everyone in town showed up!

There were some other things that Andrew really enjoyed seeing, but I wasn't able to grab a good enough picture. He LOVED he marching band. As soon as he heard the drums, he started dancing in my arms and saying stuff. He even got to see them up close since they stopped right in front of us. Maybe he will be on the drum line one day? That would be awesome! He also enjoyed seeing the fire trucks and police cars with their lights on and sirens going every now and then. I'm glad he enjoyed his 1st Christmas parade! Thanks for the invite, Rachel!! 
What else is on our list of holiday fun? Zoolights!! The convo with Jason about this event was too funny to not post:

Me: Wanna go to Zoolights next weekend?
Jason: [grumbles] noooo...
Me: Members are free [adds smile]
Jason: [much more enthusiastic] Oh! Ok! Yeah, we should do that!
Me: Oh we have to get train tokens, though...
Jason: [loses enthusiasm noted by turning back towards computer]
Me: No! Wait! I have 2 extras from last time we went to the Zoo. See no money spent!
Jason: Awesome.

Seriously. That is how it went. Those of you who know Jason, I'm sure are laughing at this conversation. I was!

What are y'all doing for holiday fun?


  1. Hahaha this is too awesome! Was he playing StarCraft 2?!

  2. haha yeah it was funny! um that nite it was LEague of Legends. He's grown tired of SC2. You should txt him to see if wants to play when you are done studying :)


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