Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rewind: First Day of Kindergarten

Another major life change to check off: The first day of kindergarten for my first...gasp!

Really, Andrew has been ready for this day since finding out the date that school was scheduled to start. Once the week of the big event came, we watched about 30 YouTube videos of kindergarten kids riding the school bus - wait what?! Yep, my baby is riding the big yellow school bus. Ahhh!! He loves it though!! He was definitely nervous to get on once it showed up at our driveway, but by the end of the day he was so happy he did it!

Quote of the day: I, of course, asked Andrew how his first day was and wanted to know everything... He tells me all about his new friends and his teacher, all the things they did, and how cool the gym and lunchroom were. Then he says, "I do have one bad thing to tell you, Mama." (Enter me thinking, what kid do I have to punch?! Or, what did YOU do?! Just kidding!) "Mama, that bus does NOT have air conditioning!!" LOL I love him!!

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