Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 2015 - Part 1 {Video}

Here is a look back at what we did in October! Well, just a part of it. There was a very special event that happened in the middle of the month that I will share next post

  • Alex knows almost all the sight words and is starting to spell, too!
  • Austin's favorite phrases are "fire truck" and "help you" - He LOVES those fire trucks (which you will see very soon how much!) and he loves to help mommy and daddy do things. So cute!
  • Aria can FINALLY wear a lot of her outfits now!! It is SO MUCH FUN to dress her up!! Love it!!
  • Andrew read to ME for the first time!! He read ALL of Go Dog Go to me. It was the most wonderful thing to hear him read with big smiles!
  • We started walking around our area. Alex is riding Andrew's bike while he is at school (shh! he has one coming for him very soon!) and loves to see how far we can go. Austin and Aria are really enjoying the double jogger, too.
  • Austin and I found a pink fire truck one day and just had to stop. We also asked the firemen for a little favor... You'll see what in the next 2 posts maybe!!
  • The boys went on a candy hunt at the baseball field!! So cool!!
  • Halloween Morning, Andrew and Alex ran in the Maple Leaf Fun Run! AND, signed up for the next race!
  • Halloween night was yucky and rainy... So Bass Pro Shop came to the rescue with our annual Charlie Brown photo, parade, and trick or treating indoors. 
 Again, this is only Part 1... Up next, our visit to Fort Benning!!

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