Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Time Flies When You Have No Real Internet

What Month Is This??  Holy moly, people. We have Internet. FINALLY. So without further ado let us...


Somehow I have a 10 week old (as of tomorrow anyway). I know, right? Say whaaaaa??? Let's back it up a tad, shall we?

We welcome Aria Elizabeth into the world on August 26th!! And, you will never believe it...but she was our smallest baby! Our petite little princess only weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces. She is just beautiful and we are super in love with our little doll baby!


And, being that she is child number 4...time is FLYING by!!

Aria is ALL smiles for pretty much most of the time. She is AMAZING sleeper and loves to eat. Also, she (and mama) are VERY excited that she can wear all of her pretty things now that she can fit into stuff now. Seriously, for the four weeks her life her wardobe was only what you see in those first four photos right here. No joke. The Petite Princess had that curse of womanhood -- a closet full of nothing to wear -- at such a young age. Haha! She is quite happy now! You can totally see that from here (almost) 10 week old photo - the start of giggles!!

How about an Austin update?? Austin is going to be 2 on Friday, people!! WHAT?! Mr. Austin is the little mischief maker these days. He loves the words "mine" and "no" and "firetruck" - oh, dear. Speaking of fire trucks, he loves them so much that we are getting him a real firetruck for his birthday! No way. Yes way. We are going to have some firefighters and their massive firetruck come hang out with us and party. Oh, yeah. SO excited! Pictures will be posted this weekend! 

Austin and I stopped by to see Linda the Pink Fire Truck for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

How is our Alex doing? He is fantastic!! He is starting to read! He is my big helper while Andrew is at school. He is pretty awesome most days. You know how it is... 4.5 years old is hard. But, if I get him in the kitchen helping me cook up something yummy, then he'll be alright. He is my chef in training and he is rocking it. 

Alex making peanut butter cookies

Speaking of Andrew...he can read! WHAT?! Oh, yes. He is reading books to me while I'm cleaning up the kitchen and/or getting dinner started. It is pretty amazing. He is turning into suck a big kid... He was actually sitting at the kitchen counter and telling me all kinds of things. It was awesome and weird all at once...he wasn't little all of a sudden...  

Birthday boy - 6 years old!!
Well, there you have it. A quick recap of what's been happening around the new house, new school, and new normal we are trying to figure out as each day comes and goes. 

As for the amount of blog posts that I want to share from September and October will be inserted here and there. New posts will appear quicker, though. Thank goodness for the Internet finally being installed. That wait was just ridiculous. 

Welcome back to the House of Woyaks!! 


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