Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Week Recap

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter Sunday with their family and friends! We had a great time with our friends last night. Having a fun, simple Easter is perfect for us. No fussing with travels, no need to bother with packing, no worries about anything - except the menu, of course.  Jason and I are so glad that we chose to keep Easter ours. Another one of our "Best Ideas Ever." I should have a post on those things. They may come in handy for some of you out there. Anyway, we had a wonderful week and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Obnoxious weather strikes again. In the word of Sally's brother, from the Cat in the Hat book:
"Too cold to go out. Too wet to play ball.
So we sat in the house and did nothing at all."
Seriously. Quite annoying that the weather was just not cooperating....

No rain, but too cold... What is going on here... ? I LIVE IN THE SOUTH!!!
Alex and I did have an adventure after taking Andy to school, though. We went to the Target of ALL Targets. It was amazing. Parking deck! It was nice and clean (since it is brand new) - it held that "new store smell" LOL! And - escalators that don't just carry people.... Oh, no. Escalators that carry YOUR CART full of goodies from Target. Oh, my... Oh my. Oh my.
 And, hello?! A cup holder for my Starbucks?! This should be required at ALL Targets. Why is it not? NO other Target in the area has these. What is going on in the world? 

We really did go to the new Target for a few reasons. Alex and I got all the grocery shopping done for Easter. And, look! I have a fabulous deviled egg plate! YAY! Sad. We have had - what? Four Easters at our home and this is the first time I have had this specific plate... Always made deviled eggs, but never had the plate until now. By the way, best plate ever. The little spots for the eggs are deep enough that they don't roll out. Nice. 

After getting home with the groceries and Andy, it was time for some quite. Alex went down for a nap and Andy worked on his railroad. I was reading a book on the sofa and just happened to look up at him while he was working away.

I love watching his little mid work. I don't know what his future holds, but this kid is going to be amazing at whatever he does when he grows up.

 Another day of cold, but it will get better the next few days we hear... 

 The boys finished up their Lenten crafts. We have been decorating springtime shapes with stickers to count the weeks of Lent leading up to Easter. The frame is covered with their creations and palms from Palm Sunday Mass. 

 This is their new favorite spot to hang out. They get to watch all the birds come out to our feeder. The even let me know when I need to fill it up again. This is a quiet spot, too. You don't want to scare the birds, do you? ;)

 The weather is finally cooperating with the calendar!! It was gorgeous outside!!

 Alex woke up before Andy did and got breakfast going for everyone. Such a cutie. 

 Since it was Holy Thursday, there was no school for Andy. Awesome. Love Catholic school. 

Andy picked a flower for me. So sweet. 

 Snack time. My goodness... 

 Um, when did he start looking like a big kid...??

My silly monkey, Alex.
After coming in (so we could get dinner started), the boys got cleaned up and suddenly there were some strong men in the house. What funny guys! They crack me up!

Another beautiful day!!

 While in the living room listening to some news bits and sipping my coffee, I was watching something so sweet. Two brothers that are best friends having some sort of breakfast conversation. It was so sweet to listen to them talk with each other - even if it was about how cool their cereal straw bowls are... 

The boys played outside for a good while. And, then Jason came home early! I love that his company let everyone off 1/2 day for Good Friday. I love when he comes home early - especially when I didn't even know it! I had forgotten that they do that for their employees. Awesome. 

 Watching the boys dig for gold. Maybe they will find some one day ;)

 After a little while more, I got everyone a snack and we sat on the picnic table to read through the Stations of the Cross. This book is great for little ones if you are looking for something like this. Anyway, I'm so proud of Andy. He knows most of the stations now and what the different holy days mean. We talked about it all week. So, by this day, he was telling Alex what was going on in the pictures. Love it!

Stay tuned!! Our Easter celebration will be coming up later today. Until then, check out what this German farmer came up with when he was denied permission to build a barn for his horses. Awesome. 

focusNjoy #116: Go out of the box


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